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Former Student
May 17, 2023

DownHill College

You know it's bad when fights happen all the time especially when they uploaded to instagram and the school does nothing about it... the ig is called rhc_hokas do something about it Rosehill sort ur crap out before it gets worse....
Mar 12, 2023

worst school ever.

Actually not worth. this year is my 4th year at school and after having a good 24 teachers, ive only ever had 3 good teachers, genuinely. half the stalf cant so their job and the head of houses would prefer you wear the correct uniform rather than have a decent education. not to mention the kids there are atrocious behaviour wise. vaping is a massive problem, while it is in all schools, i garuntee you could walk up to someone and ask if they vape and they would. bo worth sending children to.
Former Student
Mar 9, 2023

A bully's paradise

The students target anybody who is different, many of the teachers seem to cater to the bullies as though to decrease their involvement with said students. Teachers do not consider the differences between how students learn best. Teachers generally pick and choose how they feel about you from day 1
Feb 22, 2023

Fuck Rosehill college

Bad teachers. They yell at people for no reason, I got yelled at when I did nothing at all.
Feb 12, 2023

worst school

worst school ever! horrible people, teachers and principle. barely get taught anything, miserable place where u will end up depressed!!!!!
Dec 7, 2022

No learning

Too many students disrupting my learning. I feel sorry for the teachers that really want to teach.
Sep 8, 2022

Poor attitude

The school administration tries to keep everything in house. That is they don't tell you about your child's progress or misbehaviour.
Toxic attitude by a good proportion of pupils... Many of whom use false addresses to be "in zone" thus exacerbating the situation which is bad to start with.
Former Student
Sep 7, 2022

The Truth Of Rosehill College

Do not enroll your child here they could care less about your future career I ended up leaving because Mr Stephen William's wouldn't let me do any of the subjects I wanted to do for my future absolute joke so I left got a job and have done really well for myself I ended up buying myself a house and I'm glad I proved alot of the teachers wrong that looked down on me and my friends last time I heard about this school is that it has gotten worse with suicide attempts to bullying with boys legit kicking and punching girls that is f***king disgusting plus the school will try cover it up or try hide it do not be ashamed of dropping out there a other places out there that help people for a better future and career path some people might say you're a drop out but there's no shame in it just remember you'll be earning for yourself while they're still relying on Mummy and Daddy you'll find out who your true friends are.
Feb 9, 2022

Poor teaching

Poor teaching... They also do not tell parents the truth about their children or their educational outcomes.
Oct 30, 2021

Rosehill - Crowd Control

Would not send a dog to this crowd control establishment - school would be pushing it.
They do not care at all about the children, treat them like a nuisance. They've already decided the children will fail. Don't be fooled, this school is a complete disaster.
Former Student
Nov 8, 2020

Terrible School!

Doesn’t look after students mental health, toxic student culture. Most teachers aren’t supportive. Would never recommend this school to anyone.
Sep 9, 2020

don’t go here

it’s not a good school, the kids are rude, teachers are useless, the bathrooms never have soap/toilet paper, classes are gross, no where to sit at break time, over all bad :))
Sep 7, 2020

Rosehill College...

Education is good, people are terrible. Their COVID-19 response has been minimal leaving students with no credits and no way to get them, as well as weeks behind in their knowledge for exams. Not good enough.
5 Edinburgh Avenue, 2113, Papakura
Susan Blakely
09 295 0661

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