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Former Student
Feb 3, 2024

Remuera Intermediate

I have gone to many schools in my life. I used to like in the UK till I moved to NZ, but now I have left Remuera Intermediate, it's different. I can't quite place my finger on it but it was quite a nice school. I just recently had come out of a school called VAS, and that school was really nice, lots of my friends had also gone to RI. The teachers in year 7 were very nice, I was in a class group called the Upper Hub, and I just want to give a massive shout out to my teacher Ms Choat! She was a walking W, one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Recently I moved back to the UK and the schools are completely different, compared to the school I'm at now it was very peaceful and you weren't picked on that often.

In overall this school is quite nice, it doesn't have the best options for education, but if that is not too important to you, then this school is a nice pick. Being an above average student in terms of education, I can for certain say I was not challenged enough with the education, me and my friends would even joke about it. But this school is quite a nice school with lots of options for getting ready for the future.
Dec 16, 2023


PE: I know this isn't the teachers fault but there are many students that talk bad about you right in front of u and say how bad u are at sports and they don't want you on their team. But in reality you're classmates just don't know you and assume everything about you. Also the sports sucks cause only a few people get in and most of the time it's for competitive. You can't try out for new things you can only try out for things you are really good at.

Students: Some of them are nice, but then there are students that are racist and if you're not one of the "cool" kids you're treated badly. I had a friend and she told me that the first day she goes into her class this popular girl just goes up to her and says you're ugly.(I'm not sure but I think she said something worse). White kids and Poly kids are so rude. Most of them are so racist.

Teachers: Some of the teachers are really biased, I know you can't help but feel biased towards some people, but sometimes it's just outrageous

Tech: The special subjects they teach are so boring
Subjects: Hated the way we had to learn about treaty of Waitangi or something like that everyday. I loved it at the beginning but it just started to get so boring after learning the same thing everyday.
Oct 19, 2022

recommended for students that can handle this environment

this school was mid.

tried out for sports and over 100 other kids wanted to try out for the same sport, only 10 students got in and there was only one team. it’s pretty unfair knowing that yr 7s and 8s want to try out sports for highschool and they cant be given the opportunity to. you could try recreational sports if you tried finding some space but that will be hard because almost 80% of the time the field and courts will be full of people.

i personally didnt get bullied but i know many people who did. it’s super easy to get bullied in this school simply because of what you said, did, or even just how you look. especially online, there are many remuera intermidiate group chats online and they act very differently then in person. i have been called racial slurs and homophobic slurs but if u get called that as well, tell someone. please tell someone, you may think teachers dont care but i had a great teacher and she took my matter seriously, somewhat.

teachers are ok, some are nice and some are not. as long as you can get along with them it’s ok. they entertain as well as teach but some can be complete jerks.

didnt learn much, in fact my grades went down since primary school and now that im going to highschool unprepared it’s going to be hard. my advice is if you want to do good in school, find friends that will let you do that instead of getting in the way of your learning. and yes, there will be annoying classmates and students that will bother you but just tell them to shut up.

theres a tuck shop at our school which ive only ordered from once or twice, the food isnt that good but its pretty overpriced. although theres a good variety of food. just bring your own lunch if you can.

uniform is expensive brand new or second hand but i dont expect anything more or less. staff were ok, students can be dangerous (especially bringing weapons to school).

im about to finish my year at this school, i cant say that im happy or unhappy about it. i enjoyed my time with some of my classmates that i got along with and this school is basically like any other intermediate school. i recommend you go to this school if you are mentally and emotionally well.
Jan 23, 2021

don't go to ri.

the teachers were really biased and it was clear some of them had been there far too long, always yelling for no reason and blaming students for things they had nothing to do with. the people there were horrible, always being annoying and never shutting up. on the rare occasion that they do shut up, it's when the teacher is screaming so you honestly can't win.
the activities are good, you get lots of opportunities but that's it.
even the head students admitted that it was tiring and the teachers were demanding and selfish so if that doesn't say enough, you're delusional.
the mental health situation is tragic, the counsellor does not care one bit about you or what you're dealing with. instead, it's decided from the start that your parents know best about you and how you feel. you literally have no say in your feelings. it's always that the parents are right.
not being overdramatic, just honest and if you're offended then that's not my problem.
Oct 9, 2020

Remuera Intermediate review

It's a amazing school, love the education given and how much support the teachers give to the students.
My daughter loves this school with all the activities and opportunity's available.
My daughter was very nervous starting a new school but got welcomed generally well.
I would have rated this a 5 star review but unfortunately the students were not as kind as other school (I'm not saying all of the students) but my child had been told she would never been successful and got bullied into doing other peoples work.
That was not ok. But it built her stronger, so I actually have to thank you. As well as that some teachers were encouraging relationships, and I don't want my child to have a boy friend at the age of 12! But every school has pros and cons, and the environment is very good so Over all this school is a great school.
Ascot Avenue, Unknown, Auckland
Kyle Brewerton
09 522 9890

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