Reach for the Stars Early Learning Centre
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Oct 23, 2020

Keep your children away!

My child was mistreated and neglected here for 4 years before I was made aware of the level of abuse he suffered. I was kept in the dark by staff, while my child was left in urine-soaked clothes throughout toilet training to 'teach' him, kept in dark sleep rooms alone as 'punishment', force-fed when he didn't want to eat, not to mention being denied food when he didn't 'behave'. Documentation of injuries was forged months after serious injury occurred to cover their tracks and lack of first aid/adequate supervision of children while in their care. He and his older siblings had been through this centre for years (previously under other ownership with other issues) and they managed to keep this well-hidden from parents and family until children, and therefore parents, started speaking out. I have heard from many parents and even staff that children have experienced similar (and much worse) treatment by staff here. Multiple reports have been about the centre but there has not been any rectification or consequence as a result. Do not leave your children under the care of this centre which condones and allows abuse of our children.
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