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Jul 17, 2023

This school is unsafe, do not recommend sending your kids here!

There is racism suicide deaths and bullying (that the school does nothing about) and the school has done nothing to ensure our safety hence the two officer patrol cars patrolling around out school each week all of our relief teachers and some of our normal teachers are foot in subjects that they don't know how to teach beer for making it harder for kids to learn there was a post dating back to 2019 was a year 12 student was trying to reach out for help from the school about bullying and there is a video that the year 12 girl posted of one of the staff members dismissing the problem and four years later still nothing has changed the only thing that happened was she was told to stay home 'for her safety' and as far as we know the bullies had no punishment as there was nothing in the staff statement that had sheared the bullies leading us to believe there was no punishments put in place hair is the website https// 112908270/student-who-complained-about-bullying-told-to-stay-home-for-safety.
This link has the video proof of the student talking to the acting principal of Rangiora high school
To use this link copy and paste
Jul 17, 2023

this school is unsafe do not recommend sending your kids there!

There is racism, suicide, deaths, and bullying (that the school does nothing about) and the school has done nothing to ensure our safety hence the two officer cars patrolling around our school each week. all of our relief teachers and some of our normal teachers are put in subjects that they don't know how to teach therefore making it harder for kids to learn. there was a post dating back to 2019 where a woman was trying to reach out for help from the school about bullying and there is a video the year 12 girl posted of one of the staff members dismissing the problem and 4 years later still nothing has changed the only thing that happened was she was told to stay home "for her safety" and as far as we know the bullies had no punishment as there was nothing in the stuff statement that had shared the Bullys leading us to believe there was no punishments put in place here is the website
Mar 10, 2023


I highly do NOT recommend this school to anyone.
Constant suicides, people trying to stab others, vaping, drugs, fights. Even half the teachers are horrible, making kids cry.
You probably won’t listen to this one bad review but God, do not send your kids to this school! It has ruined so many of my friends mental health. You want your kid to start counselling? Then go ahead and push them of the edge at this school.

The learning is ok, some teachers don’t really help and some classes were so big the teacher had a one minute timer for each student for the whole lesson.
Some of the staff and teachers are ok, but others aren’t. I suppose that’s the usually though so I’ve given it three out of five stars.
Safety and security? Well did you just read my previous comment about this? There’s none! I remember being in the office with a kid crying about someone pulling a knife on her constantly, following her home and threatening her. The schools response? “Go back to class.”
I really don’t recommend this school, I know so many others who don’t too.
Mar 7, 2023

horrible school!

horrible place ,you will find that the toilets are broken doors have holes in them ,not able to actually go bathroom,trash everywhere,nothing is clean ,teachers are extremely rude and clearly do not like their job ,not helpful at all with anything,if u are getting bullied the school will not do a single thing about what is happening,lots of fights ,no manners ,no respect,wouldn’t recommend! try to avoid going to this school ,my daughters spirt was crushed there with the bullying,lack of respect ,she says it was like prison you are locked in with all these animals and can’t escape
absolute no safety for your children,not a happy place
Feb 4, 2023

RHS Student Review

What you put in is what you get out. Teachers have your best interests in mind but you have just got to show willingness to learn and drive to further your intellectual ability. Modern Learning in the HUB is not a great idea I feel as students are encouraged to drift off task as the teacher to student ratio is not very good.
Former Student
Aug 23, 2022

relatively good but could be better

I attended RHS for all 5 years of my secondary schooling. It had its good days and it’s bad, but overall gave me a pretty good High School experience. I think the open plan learning was the most horrible idea, so it’s nice to hear that they’re keeping the older ones in the open plan building now. The arts programme could do with some serious work and funding. However I have heard through the grapevine that there is now many more options coming in if you’re not academic or sporty. Uniform rules were horrible, but I do understand those are also being changed with the new principle. I think the biggest con for this school is a) about 30% of the staff and b) the amount of students. MOE Should cut the roll in half and find another nearby school. The amount of students vs. the space is pretty appalling. Dealing with issues is also not usually done very well. There are definitely some systems that need changing!!

Had I been year 8 choosing a school, I’d opt for Kaiapoi. However, that doesn’t mean Rangiora was a total letdown either.
Jul 5, 2022

Shoulda gone to BK

I am about to be fired for eating the old ass burga
It wasnt that good anyway, not sure why they have kept it so long.

3 months 2 weeks 5 days 12 hours
17 carters road

Sponge Bob Spong Bob Patrick Patrick Mr Krabs Mr Krabs
Former Student
Apr 12, 2022

prog rock

No Prog class

no prog rock in class
Mar 22, 2022

Dude! Figure this stuff out o your own...

You see, that is your problem....there is no such thing as northern and southern hemispheres...there is only a flat plane. You keep using if that means should be saying above the equator and below the equator....on our flat plane earth....there is only one POLE and it is the NORTH MAGNETIC NORTH POLE! If the earth were a ball, you would possible be correct...but the governments of the world will never tell you the truth about the I mentioned before, sailors used to get off course sailing the seas past the is very well known that sailors who had sailed for years would get off course while sailing down there....but you don't want to kn0ow the truth, because you have be programmed to say and think what they want you to think...I've been right where you are....and I fought tooth and nail against what I am saying took years of research, but I finally came to the truth....the stars are fixed in the sky, the earth is a flat plane, the sun and the moon circle around the flat earth, and the truth, is truth. You just need to open your eyes and ears to see the truth, and hear the truth....I'll pray for you....
Mar 22, 2022

You have been duped.....hahahahaha

You are a liar....I've seen with my own eyes divers in the background of supposed space walks...bubbles coming out of astroNOT'S helmets...I saw a video of where the first Control officer in the NASA center...he said that they had gotten so good with the (tank simulations) practice tanks, that the floor controllers couldn't tell the difference between the supposed real footage, than the practice footage...they were all in a building with no windows, so all the floor controllers had to watch screens, so it was easy to fool them, and the American people....if you can get people to believe something, even with proof, people will still argue that what you are presenting is fake, or not real. I've been on this earth for 70 years and I've been around the earth and back, so I know a little. Science is your god, and anybody who disagrees with your god, you can't take don't eamine what I've presented, you just start saying I'm not telling the truth.
Former Student
Oct 19, 2021

Some things don't change - Former Student

I attended Rangiora High School over 20 years ago and reading the reviews/comments, it's sad to see it hasn't changed much.
Bias teachers, drugs, alcohol, bullying (which is probably still poorly managed) and of course, good old fashion 1st 15 favouritism!
Unfortunately if your not in a financial position to send your teen to a private school, then as a parent living within this school zone catchment, you probably have no choice.
There were a few great teachers in my time, but poor, disengaged teachers were the norm. I will give RHS marks for consistency.
May 20, 2021

Yr 9 point of view(term 2)

As a current student, I quite like this school.
80% of teachers are really nice to you and actually care how you are feeling about school and life in general.
The other 20% of them are either sexist,racist,homophobic,just dont care at all or are just not a very nice person to deal with.
So far I've had some very good teachers who genuinely care about you. I've only gave 1 bad teacher so far. (Yr 9)
The farm is very cool (sherp and beef)
And you learn heaps.
The class rooms are quite nice, most of them have heaters in for winter.
Lots of subjects to choose from!
As long as you respect your teachers, most of them will respect you back.
Although there are staff who will be happy to talk to you if you are mentally unhappy/unstable, it can be hard to approach and ask for help.
I havent encountered much bullying yet (1 time (still exists))

One thing that really sticks out in this school is how many kids have vapes...
They are confiscated if seen, and must be picked up by an adult from the office.

Overall I do like this school but would like for it to be a little safer (from bullying)
And be a little less vapey.
The subjects are really good
I often find it quite stressful and have to take day off sometimes.
I like but some people and stuff needs to be changed
May 5, 2021

Employee customer service

Ordered chips from front counter, been waiting for 7 and a half months, bad customer service. Disappointing
Apr 19, 2021

Don't send your kid here

I sent my kid to this school because it's farm program and that's it but the bullying and drung problem is worse that I got told about. The teacher don't give a shit about the students that struggle with learning disabilities and the rainbow community and give a shit about the people that played sport or we're Smart.
Mar 9, 2021


Really passionate, cool teachers who want you to do your best. Wonderfull staff members and really good diverse opportunities and groups.
Former Student
Feb 15, 2021

Uniform not learning.

School could care more about the first 15 and your uniform than you mental health and actual learning. Only got 2 stars because the Ngata house dean tried his best to do what he could but was usually stopped by anyone higher up. Only ever saw the actual principal out of her desk once in my 5 years. Associate principal and one of the deputy's made this place kinda okay. Good luck to anyone else.
Feb 13, 2021


Have had good times there, sometimes gets a bad reputation but has many good facilities and features.
Oct 4, 2020

Goon high

Alright, not the best teaching but it’s still good, punishment system is bad in terms of fairness between students and the convenience of the teacher, uniform is uncomfortable and the flexibility of the uniform is unfair
Oct 1, 2020

No fortnite class

No fortnite in class
Sep 17, 2020

Goon high for the Whanau

Good place to smoke a ciggy with the boys
Former Student
Sep 7, 2020


don't send your kid here

only send your kid here if they are into sport or they are smart if they are not any of these don't both your kid will get bullied and ignored by teachers if they ask for help.
Aug 31, 2020

If you don't do sport, it's a bad experience

Rugby players get treated like gods by staff. If you're in the first 15 you pretty much get a free pass to do whatever you want without repercussions. For internals if you miss a deadline, you'll probably fail but they'll let everyone else have an extension because staff is biased. Once I handed in an internal on time and got not achieved, someone else decided to spend an extra week on it without teacher permission and got excellence. Bullying is common here, there's fights all the time. Only positive about the school is the weekly emails from the associate principal.
Aidan Woodhouse
Aug 26, 2020

Good school but somewhat slow learning

It has been a real enjoyment being here but the learning process could be speed up alot.
Aug 23, 2020

Horrible To Queer Students

not at all lgbtq friendly. if you have a queer child do not send them here. mansfield is particularly bad, a few weeks ago some students threw a JAVELIN into our lgbtq club classroom, almost hitting someone. out of the whole group that did it, 4 people were punished. 4. the mansfield dean cares more about us not sitting on the couches then about a spear being thrown at her students. disgusting.
East Belt, 7400, Rangiora
Karen Stewart
03 311 8888

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