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Jun 22, 2023

to hard

They but you in a class depending on how smart you are and to me that is not fer for the girls and they try to hard on the web!
Former Student
Oct 21, 2022

lets just be honest :(

I have been at the school for 2 years. I had many problems with the school in my first year and the school had promised solutions. This year my classmates have been treating me horribly, me and my parents have spoken to various deputy principals about it and little to nothing has been done by the school. I have been threatened, harassed and bullied. I am a good student, I don't do drugs and I work extremely hard. The girls in my class are very loud, I understand that they are not at school to learn but I definitely am at school to learn. There is a huge lack of respect for teachers and some girls feel it is okay to treat teachers like trash. It is extremely rude and nothing is done about it. The school spent so much money on the "no princesses here" campaign rather than trying to fix the classrooms. Teachers also used open days as excuses to not mark our work that had already been handed in a long time ago. I understand that not everyone is going to have this experience at QMC but please take note of my experience.
Sep 1, 2022

Best school in New Zealand.

Best school in New Zealand. The school has changed our daughters life.
Former Student
Jun 15, 2022


Extremely expensive and highly competitive school. Hated it
Former Student
May 15, 2022

Year 7 - 10

Amazing school

This school is amazing i love it so much and it breaks my heart to hear all of these awful reviews about it. I think it really depends on your experience. I have never seen any bullying between or teacher favouritism. I am a current student and hope to spend the rest of my years here and the school is like a safe family where you can be yourself. i dont think its fair to write reviews saying "students" because it is not everyones experience and if you really have a problem with it then you should email the school yourself. The only issue is there is a lot of vaping, but that is at every school and i wouldn't say its a problem because as long as you dont get involved with it then your fine
Apr 7, 2022


I believe that QMC is a terrible school. the teachers bully their students and do not care about their mental health or mental stability. the teachers have serious social issues that they choose to take out on their students. the teachers only seem to care about the "popular" or "their favourite" student and neglect the others in the class. we give this school so much money and they can't even fix up a classroom that has a leaky roof, or a window with a very large crack running through it. instead, they choose to spend our money on buying pathetic corner fans. they think that it is okay to just pretend that they are the best school for your girls, but I warn you, they are NOT. the environment of this school has damaged my daughter's mental health greatly. students are vaping in the bathrooms daily. they say no makeup, and yet people walk around with huge fake eyelashes on, and what do they catch you out for? they choose to catch you out for having navy socks instead of them being black. I think that this school blows many things out of proportion. the amount of money that we pay this school is way too much. they lost over 40 teachers in 2018 so they had to find lots of new teachers during those school holidays meaning they wouldn't have had time to get the best they could. and I can tell that I am right. the school handles bullying terribly, especially because it is from their staff. the uniforms cost too much money and are ugly and uncomfortable. they make us pay so much too much for uniforms then on a non-uniform day, we have to pay again! they have a well-being program that makes people feel worse in the school environment. during these sessions, other students judge each other and make people feel uncomfortable to share their point of view. they try and control their student's opinions and get angry if it is not how they want it. there are students in some classes with learning disabilities such as ADHD just have to sit in the class and have no extra help or support. Students are going home in HORRIBLE mental states. then having to act like it's all okay when they are home. students are encouraged to be independent but then don't have the instructions or help that they need to be more independent. the school has no grounds for their students. they have a tennis court and no field or grass that can be used to enjoy lunchtime or be active. they say that you shouldn't be on your phone but that doesn't make students not go on their phones it just teaches them to be more secretive. the school only cares about how others view them and not how their students actually feel. the girls at QMC cant express themselves in any way. they can't wear any jewellery, I can understand no rings but a necklace is under their collar and wouldn't be seen in any way. the school tries to make Christianity superior to other religions. they say the pronunciation is wrong and the explanations for other religions are incorrect or inaccurate. I strongly believe that QMC is an absolute waste of your money and time. they put you in a maths class depending on your grades. the people with less good grades get worse teachers. I think that this school is not good at all and I DEFINITELY DON'T recommend it. this school has wasted my money. the teachers are biased and use favouritism in every lesson. the pe teachers point out unessasary things in a particular team. the pe teachers also make horrible comments to students such as "you don't know how to use your legs" and make people think that if you can't do a sport then you will never be able to do the sport. the teachers also try and get into students' business and ask about who their friends are or why they don't talk to other students. the teachers pick on specific students in their class and then try and patch up the humiliation that they caused for the student. they think that it is okay to make their students come home crying and saying that they don't want to go to school or live any longer. this really hurt me. I feel as though this school has changed my daughter for the worst. they also don't respect people's prefered names or pronouns, the Religious Education teacher doesn't use what people prefer. the educational help is not good. most teachers just sit at the front of the classroom and speak instead of getting involved with the students in their class. please don't go to QMC, it's like murdering your daughter's mental health.
Apr 7, 2022

this school can’t address real problems

a friend of mine is a student here and they came to me and a few of my friends upset because they had been accused of being a pedophile because of your lack of communication they have detention after school, let me explain a bit more. So my friend lets call them poppy they took a photo of their friend and it happened to have another student in it, now insted of this student going up to poppy they went to the principal and twisted the story to make it sound like poppy was taking photos of like under their skirt and stuff. Now your awful system makes poppy feel afraid to come to school. Completely not okay, fix your mistakses
Apr 7, 2022

Run, don't walk away

This school deserves ZERO star, I'll give a negative rating if I can. One of the worst schools in the country, agree with all the comments from the other reviewers who gave <3 stars.

This school is all about not getting on the wrong side of the teachers rather than learning, the teachers have serious personal issues. The quality of the teaching staff is seriously questionable, teachers make inappropriate remarks and treat students based on popularity. They don't seem to think there are consequences mistreating children. Yelling and punishments happen on a daily basis depending on their mood and if you are liked. People survive in this school by picking on each other and trying everything they can to become a teacher's pet. People are really mean in this school.

There are serious bullying issues, and vaping is a daily thing. Unlike their advertising, they have no clues what girls need, let alone 'Building inquisitive girls that step into the world prepared to make change'. The environment is toxic. I, very strongly, will not recommend sending your girls to this school, unless you wish them mentally broken.

Run, don't walk away.
Former Student
Apr 3, 2022

Lot of money

Very expensive school and in my opinion a total waste of money. Should have gone to a state school.
Former Student
Dec 15, 2021

Loved QMC

Best school ever have never loved years more than my time there made friends for life and teachers go above and beyond to help you. Had a teacher come into holidays for a week to help me finish my chemistry and another email my friend who was struggling everyday w the assignment she had to do to be able to pass the year. Senior management questionable but the students and teachers 373939% make up for it HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Former Student
Mar 22, 2021

Terrible school

I hated this school so much. I left in 2019 when we had lost 50+ teachers in one year. Teaching is awful (probably because they needed to find 40 teachers in the 2018 summer break). The school creates elitism. Handles bullying terribly. Worst years of my life were at this school
Nov 22, 2020

at least the students are friendly

This is from the view of a middle schooler.

A few teachers are okay, but the rest of them don't really seem into teaching. For example, one teacher takes out their "random mood-swing caused anxiety" on students. One of the deans completely called off the issue when multiple students from multiple year groups complained about a teacher being racist.

In about half of the subjects, you just sit there and don't learn anything. The streaming of math classes doesn't even work. They group people who learned topics at that level years ago with people who don't even know the basics of equations.

If you didn't have to pay around minimum wage to attend QMC, it would be somewhat tolerable.
Otherwise, it's not the greatest option.
Nov 8, 2020

not worth the money

it sucks don’t go there it’s not worth all the money
Former Student
Aug 28, 2020

Don’t recommend

Teachers all turned to s**t after we lost 40 of them in one year. There is a huge sense of elitism in the school - and a huge popularity contest. The principal is bad. The school has gone down hill massively. They r mean.
Former Student
Aug 27, 2020

Has gone downhill

The school is okay during the youngest years (primary and early middle school), but it has some questionable policies to deal with bullying, and much of the higher staff doesn’t seem to have students best interests at heart.
53 Hobson Street, 6011, Wellington
Jayne-Ann Young
04 473 7160

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