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Feb 13, 2021

**** Putaruru College

The environment is terrible and the students and teachers are way worse, I have had many bad experiences in my life but none as bad as this. In august last year (2020) I got sexually assaulted and you want to know how the school handled it? They didn't, they didn't lift a finger, instead they belittled me and made me feel terrible for even seeking help. In 2017 a student killed themself and in 2018 and 2019 more and more students were put at risk of suicide and the staff did nothing and the bullying increased like crazy and when the threats became more and more real and kids started moving schools because the environment was so toxic and several complaints were registered, you want to know what they did? They started referring kids to mental health centers and belittling them x1000, I was one of those kids. This school is beyond terrible, you don't learn anything because legit all the time the teachers need help teaching their classes and don't know the subject their teaching and a majority of the time when you're a bit late to classes or accidentally get the wrong answers in class, the class and teachers ridicule you. It lets fat shaming, sexism, sexual assault, rape jokes, stereotypes, suicide/depression threats and racism be normalized and because of how toxic this school is and how normal this is to everyone, people have become ignorant to it. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone, its hell on earth and it takes away every ounce of self respect you have...Any schools in the Putaruru, Tokoroa, Cambridge and Matamata district are numb to these things and let them carry on without consequences. Putaruru College is not a nice place, so save yourself the money, time and breath and look elsewhere because as soon as you step into this place, you're as good as dead and thats not an over-exaggeration.
Former Student
Sep 24, 2020

Bully ridden

School trips are good but teachers bully just as much as the students. One teacher constantly says students will be worthless and stupid for no reason. Principal doesnt do anything
Former Student
Aug 25, 2020

Putaruru college is no good...

My whole 6 years at this school were the worst years of my life. The bullying never gets handled, the teachers are unsupportive, it's so bad the school counselor is always busy because nearly the whole school is in counseling. The bus drivers are either paedophiles or just plain mean. And bullying comes from both students and teachers. If you are looking on this site for a good school to send your kids do dont send them here!!
Junction Street, 3411, Putaruru
Michael Ronke
07 883 8323

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