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Jan 17, 2024

Downward Spiral

This school is on a downhill trajectory, with a significant loss of excellent teachers and outstanding students. Meanwhile, the newly recruited teachers have, on the whole, lower qualifications.
Jul 22, 2023

Nice school

I like it. The education is good, the school is nice, College 5 just opened and everyone thinks the new theater is cool. some of the teachers are really cool but some of them are kind of overbearing.
May 4, 2023



Jan 27, 2022

Student here

Just don’t send them here….
This school will literally destroy your mental health. No care for your students mental health and the teachers are really bias towards students…
Academically they are okay and it maybe a good school if you are thinking on going on the athletic side. Apart from that it isn’t really worth all the money
Jun 29, 2021

The truth about Pinehurst

The school is by itself a very great school, but some of the teachers are really stingy and overbearing. Academics is really top-notch, but care for wellbeing in the school is really low.
Pinehurst is also quite expensive, with $20k worth of tuition fees.
Uniforms are also tricky because if you are a boy, in the winter you are required to have a tie and a blazer, which both add up to $100 dollars. Overall uniform pricing can be very difficult for many families, and was very difficult for mine too.

Education is great, they do teach. But some of the teachers I've been landed with, didn't really teach, mainly just gave me something boring to do and expected me to learn.

Their handling of bullying is also quite poor, despite the school's pride in standing up for their students.
A firsthand experience of mine was when I finished changing into my uniform after gym class, and then having some boys harmonize a racial slur at me. There has also been cases where students were bullied for ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation. Pejorative terms have been blatantly quoted, and teachers nor turned an eye, nor reprimanded anyone for using these slurs. The students have to do it themselves.

The school is very strict on many rules, with students in the college not being able to use their phones at interval times to call their parents. It is not a logical rule, considering every secondary school allows mobile phone use at lunch time. Even with the phone rule, students still do use their phones. They find the most creative ways to use their phones and the school is very mediocre at doing something about it.

Parents, if you like schools with conservative rules and high academic values, this is the school for you. But if you want the best for your child, don't put them here.
Former Student
Jun 5, 2021

Pinehurst is bad

I really enjoyed year 7-8 but year 9 was so bad I leaft the school
Sep 6, 2020

Depends on student

Yeah it’s alright depending on the student some love some absolutely hate. If you want a small school that is completely focused on academics than this Is the school for you. Old teachers where great but the new ones not so good
75 Bush Road, 0632, Auckland
Alex Reed
09 414 0960

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