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Former Student
Jun 2, 2023

idk what

do not send your children to this skl bc it is not a good skl teachers always talk down on you especially this one scioence teaher mrs bosh who is really rasist to everyone in the class and makes us do the work of year 10 when your not in year 10 she yells at you for no reason at all she is a ugly person and does not care about who you are and what you do she thinks that everyone is at the same smartness level for verything even thought we arent she expects us to know everything and we dont want to learn about being a scients or want to learn about her life stories. DP NOT GO TO PNGHS ITLL BE A MISAKE
Jun 2, 2023

Teacher of class

I hate the school and the teacher especially Mrs bosh since she is racist in class and yells at us for nothing and just breathing she teaches the most unnecessary things and gets mad at us all the time for nothing gives us a bunch of homework pages and says what is important but when it comes to the tests then nothing that was important was in the test at all she always talks about herself and try’s to be a clown
Mar 3, 2023

Girls High Review. As a still here student

It is a good school I suppose. Pretty mediocre. I guess the important thing is to not be swept up by bad influences and dedicate your time to important. The subjects and teachers here are pretty nice and as long as you keep up with the work, you would do average. The extensions and extra groups are quite fun and I think because Girl’s High is such a large school, there are plenty of interesting and inspirational people to meet.
Former Student
Feb 23, 2023

Worst school ever

The principal is awful and doesn’t care for the students education or wellbeing and instead is only focused on taking the teachers side. The entire five years I was there I only had four good teachers and the school wasn’t interested in helping at all with the bad teachers. Never send your child to this school, you’ll regret it.
Former Student
Feb 22, 2023


Hi I went to this school from year 9 to year 10. This school is not a school I would recommend unless u are wanting to be patronised by not only your teachers in class but the principals as well. Oh you have a learning disability no you don’t no not at pnghs, I have been told by the people that should of been helping me ( the learning support department ) that I was quite literally just giving up that I was throwing my life away. Even with proof that I had been diagnosed with 2 learning disabilities. Feeling like the your teachers are one are not wanting to be there two don’t care about you and your success, is not a great feeling and I know others can agree. It is 2023 and this school still has the mentality as if they are stuck in the 1900s, very archaic. I have had the the opportunity to another school and you can see that there are many ways of think not just one. PNGHS needs to rethink there process. The discrimination toward neurodiversity is appalling, if you not fit into there idea of there normal then i wish u all the best.
Apr 2, 2021

not the best

such a bad school, teachers don’t care about students at all only the education. the school tries to make the school look so so good but it’s so bad
Mar 27, 2021

The school is alright

In my experience the deans and councillors do nothing when there is a problem. One of my friends was bullied for 6 months by a chick and the deans and teachers and councillors did nothing about it. They didn’t even put a mark on her record. I ended up having a run in with the same chick and I got a mark on my record instead of her when she started everything for no reason and bullied me for a bit. The councillors are ridiculous and one of them seriously waved her hand over a students head and said abra kadabra your problems are gone go back to class. They really don’t try to help in any way. One time I went to the councillors and I was going for a couple weeks, I ended up worse off afterwards because the counsillor made me feel worse about myself. Majority of the teachers are really good. Maths department and English department have terrible teachers though! However on the whole the school is very good, it gives everyone sooo many opportunities but can be a bit biased when it comes to things which usually happens anywhere. I would recommend sending your daughters here because if they don’t need the councillors or deans they should be fine!
Feb 26, 2021

Would recommend :)

Pretty good. Soo many opportunities that are well advertised and the school does try their best to be respectable of different types of people (tho maybe not always succesfully). Eg. Using correct names. Sometimes the school does make some strange rules and decisions though, and are often bad are communicating to parents and students. Needs more shade outside and there is often a lot of work given out but it seems to pay off in results. Also, got a great art department so if you're looking into that, I'd definitely recommend for good ncea results. Personally, once I made friends and got over myself, I've had a great time.
Sep 23, 2020


its pretty good, but that comes from a place of privilege as i am NZ European and do not experience hardships faced by other students. I have found an amazing group of friends that i love and everyone i have encountered is very friendly. Some teachers are quite questionable tho, and they almost have too many opportunities that you end up missing out on stuff.
Sep 13, 2020

School revie

Enjoy the school and the subjects offered. A well funded environment that caters to all interests. Inclusive of every ethnicity
Sep 12, 2020

Worst School

worst school out. don’t send your kids here. end up coming out of school depressed.
Former Student
Sep 9, 2020

we embrace diversity...diversity from europe.

the school does not represent or embrace the diverse cultures within the school. teachers have told students to stop talking in their native tongue and does not make an effort to learn the basics of the language (hello etc.)
if you are of european descent, pnghs is the school for you:)
Aug 31, 2020

I hate it here

I have been attending this school for four years and hate it more and more every day, the teachers are terrible at their jobs and half of them don’t know what they are doing. They also don’t have subjects that actually interest me like wood work and Spanish.
Aug 29, 2020

pnghs review

the teachers don’t really help you if you need the help especially in maths they just tell you that you should already know. If there is drama or issues at the school and the principal gets involved she doesn’t really do anything about it but otherwise it’s alright I guess
Aug 26, 2020

Girls High is a Must

I definitely recommend, such great opportunities and such lovely people!
Fitzherbert Avenue, 4410, Palmerston North
Tracy Walker
06 357 9194

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