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Oct 10, 2023


The school is giving out detentions for students who are 3 minutes late in the morning to class, fair if a student is consistently late everyday each week, but as a one off rare 3 minute late situation due to ridiculous Auckland traffic mayhem, I think giving a student who is almost never late a detention for being 3 minutes late is over the top and pecuniary. The deans and school should be looking at overall patterns of lateness not one off rare instances due to traffic, I think this is over the top to be honest and puts good students off the desire to succeed when they get punished for a one-off incident that rarely happens to them just because of a bad traffic morning. I understand there will be students who are consistently late each day etc and that needs addressing but don't punish every student for some students constant tardiness...
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

Park College good

Very good school, great experience compared to previous one
Former Student
Feb 1, 2023

Student testimony

If you’re kids have Asperger’s autism or are 2E do not go to this school the teachers lack understanding and will not put in effort in the core subjects ( science English ect). However the other subjects such as languages are amazing
In all of my time at this school (2 years) none of my SAR conditions where met so all of their testing was inaccurate I even met with the principal to discuss my class work and he was plainly dismissive and rude. I was supposed to be doing self directed learning in a new classroom however I was never given a subject to learn. I was in corispondance to wich my psyche report was not sent through to tekura and I was robbed a years worth of credits because I met the requirements for excellence but not merit or achievement despite me asking for extension and being denied I was tested on a subject I had never been given a textbook for ( chem) and the teacher said I had copied my awnsers from said nonexistent textbook and then said that they coud do nothing more for me even though it is their legal obligation to cater to the needs of gifted students ( which I said ) they have downright failed by the end of the year my mental health was in tatters. They talk of student voice. And advocation but when faced with real student problems the students are left to rot. This paragraph is just what I have written in five minutes and is only the surface of this schools issues including behaviour, environment and work ethic. And I repeat if you’re child is gifted or has autism DO NOT SEND THEM TO THIS SCHOOL .
Jan 17, 2023

bad school

bad go bad teachers plus unsafe
Apr 6, 2021


This school is bad do not go to this school I regret coming here
Former Student
Feb 13, 2021

Not for me

Had to transfer to a different high school because I couldn’t learn in the environment Pakuranga College was providing. Online bullying is an issue. Science block roof has a massive hole in it and classrooms are too crowded to learn in. It’s hard to get 1 on 1 time with the teachers because of the class sizes. A positive was the outdoor pool
Former Student
Oct 1, 2020


The worst school should be shut tf down
Sep 28, 2020

New student of 2020 review

There is always a bunch of drama on the field and because of this, we only had 1 mufti day this entire year. The school bathrooms are actually gross and smelly. The teachers I have this year are really good and the P.E curriculum is awesome! Pak's pool is clean and heated (obviously) and there is a wide range of activities to get involved with.
Former Student
Aug 24, 2020

pakuranga college

smells like smelly smells idk what it smells like but it's smelly
Pigeon Mountain Road, Unknown, Auckland
Michael Williams
09 534 7159

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