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Former Student
Feb 4, 2023

Past student, honest review

This tends to be a school where the kids who really need help struggle to get it and the kids doing well get a lot of attention.
There are few teachers who probably need a nice long break however a lot of the teachers are absolutely lovely and need a raise.
Bullying isn't much of a problem here but when it does happen kids are often just given a warning which can feel belittling to the person being bullied.
The school grounds are very well taken care of.
Just last year 2 students, one who was currently attending and one who had left had commit suicide, whether or not this has anything to do with the school Im not sure.
The school features no suicide prevention posters besides in the nurses office.
The uniform policy is very strict and you are made to feel guilty even when the option to come in full uniform wasn't there (ie: dirty uniform, shoes broken.)
There is a lack of counselling availability.
Food is free however only at lunchtime, at morning tea you are given a fruit cup or small muesli bar which doesnt help with the morning hunger, there's a breakfast club before school however this is hard to attend for students on buses or living a distance away from school.
The lunch is filling however not always appealing or yum as at our school it needs to be a certain percentage of vegetables to be allowed to be served,, healthy macaroni.
They do cater to diets however not all of the meals are able to be catered to and therefore they provide something else or just fruit.
The moto for this school is "excellence in everything" which I personally disagree with as not every student is capable of reaching the excellence standard.
It is very hard to be recognised at this school for your best work and your best working due to the standards they believe in (NZ education standards), the unrealistic standards that are given to all children are expected to be achievable for students who find it tricky to achieve.
May 12, 2021

Paeroa College, is the place to be

The college is a inviting area where when you enter you feel relieved and not stressed about anything, you can be yourself and almost no one would judge you. The school isn't just good at sports but the academic achievements raise the roof aswell, this college is the place you would want to send your kids to. Making friends isn't that hard here, everyone has their own group. Their own personality of friends!
This college is amazing the teachers, the students and everything and everyone in and about it.
15 Te Aroha Road, 3600, Paeroa
Amy Hacker
07 862 7579

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