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Mar 18, 2023

Worst school in nz

Absolute shithole.
Mar 11, 2023

Worst school ever

I left this school without level 2 or 3 because I couldn’t get the help I needed. The teachers are a pack of lazy useless pricks. 90% of students in the school vape on site and nothing gets done about it I have heard of teachers smoking onsite. Some students are targeted by teachers and bullied by teachers for why they are. 0\10
Feb 8, 2023

Oxford area school

Good place but the senior leadership team (except the principal) are a bit power hungry and vary disorganised when it comes to events half of them have never had a real world conflict and it feels like they have been living in bubble wrap (punishing students for defending themselves when in life threatening Danger from another student) and totally disregarding reports of weapons and or drugs, vaping and alcohol on sight (because they are afraid of parent backlash). the student council is more of a teacher dictatorship that the students sit in on. The learning conditions aren’t the greatest with most of the teachers not actively teaching the students opting to just give them an activity to do online and leaving the classroom altogether. But for the few that do teach to the students they make a good point to make shure every student is learning and they understand that everyone learns at a different rate so therefore they challenge you no matter how far ahead or behind you are and make shure if you do need help you will get it. I have also had great experience with some teachers going out of there way to help students if they are behind eg. The English and art teachers staying late into the night to help students get there work done and even coming in on the weekends. the science department is great at all levels so was the woodworking department until they stopped offering it to the senior students and most of the equipment has been untouched since 2010 because they do not have a teacher qualified to teach metal work. They have implemented a “rule” stopping students who hold there full license from taking their sibling to school and issuing them detentions for doing so (reminder it is a country school and petrol costs a lot). The junior school is a great place though with amazing teachers who care about the individual and have an extensive library. The sporting side is good but not allowing students to reach there potential by not allowing students sufficient time to train and not providing the opportunity to enough students. The ara selection process also seams vary biased to academic students rather than the practical ones. there is little to no Māori culture past year 8 and before that is is vary much baced from the European perspective.

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