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Apr 2, 2024

My honest review

As a year 8 student currently attending this school, I want to write my honest review.
Too put it shortly, this school is attrocious!
First year of school a kid in my class that I'm not afraid to name but I wont due to privacy reasons, bought 2 pocket knives to school and would threaten my classmates including me on a daily basis until we spoke up, for all we know he just got stood down for a day, they made up excuses for the parents blaming it on his "Autism" like no? Hes a phsyco and needs to be in a hospital! He would punch and kick one of my friends who I will also not be naming, everytime he threatened to speak up!?
Vaping, every single day in the bathrooms from ehsays? I know the school cant do much about it, but still? Install some form of smoke detectors or something I dont know? And dont get me started about the bullying that goes on! Go on the news, schoolparrot, twitter, facebook or even tiktok! Its atrochious to see how horrible people are to eachother when this is suppose to be a "Bully-free" school, they try to cover it all up by telling the kids that guidance is avalible, yet it takes 2-4 weeks for them to email back?
With the guidance, kids usually go because they dont trust their parents just yet, so they have given enough trust to the guidance people just for them to email your parents after? Then the school wonders why nobody trusts them.
All the time telling kids trash, instead of telling the kids to speak up about bullying, harrasment or anything along the lines, they simply tell the kids "Just dont record it" in short words, "Dont let social media know, our reputation needs to go up" Well guess what? Your reputation is 1.5! Nearly as bad as Whangaparoa.
Some of the teachers are horrible, putting kids down or telling them lies, such as rejecting girls when they ask to simply use the bathroom because "We should have gone at break" and if the girl says they are on their period, sometimes the teacher changes their mind, but if its a Male teacher he will simply shrug it off and tell them "Just hold it in" like, how immature are you in order to tell a girl that?! Youve been alive for like 50 years, atleast 2 wives in with 3 daughters and yet you dont know how a period works? Maybe you should go to school and get educated.
The whole school is just bad, I understand the new principle might try and do something about it, and it is hard for teachers to do things, but somethings they CAN change.
Nearly every single child that has came out of this school either addicted to nicotine, a drug user, in the phsyc ward, or all 3 of them! Coming from someone who needs to be in a phsyc ward (😂)
School used to be fun but now its a chore and a danger, to any parents reading this, please consider taking your child here.
Mar 19, 2024

vehry bad schol

Do not go here. Teacher made a innopropriate comment saying her cheeks claps when she walks. Then she showed a visual representation of it to me. #whangabetter #cancelorewacollege
Dec 5, 2023

This seems like a horrible school

This school seems horrendously horrible, one of my friends sister had a stalker at this school based on the reviews this is one of many bad colleges to attend. I'm a student at a nearer school to this and it seems dreadful, now at this point I don't understand why my close friend is moving to this school they should've stayed at my school not move to Orewa College but I do understand why they want to move but personally my college is really not even that bad aside from the students and some teachers in my opinion most of the teachers are actually really really nice. Anyways DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS HERE 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️ look at the reviews and go to another school.
Former Student
Oct 20, 2023

summary of my years at Orewa College.

I hated this school when i first started and i still do in my last year... when i was in y7, I had to have an Incorrect Uniform Pass for my taonga. My mother had to book an appointment with the previous principal so i could have permission TO HAVE this "Permanent pass". I'd also get side-eye by two teachers in y7 because they would try to catch me not having that pass on me.

in y8 i got into a fight with another girl who was throwing racial slurs at me it ended with me getting most of the blame and she got away with it as well as being pitied by most of the teaching staff. i got into the most fights this year because the teachers never did anything and it ended with me having to stick up for myself.

y9 was by far the BEST year at this school, I only have good memories cause of my friends and the only year where i had the most fun...

y10 everyone in my year level was treated like a lab rat with us having 5 subjects (periods) a day and with 3 of those subjects we had 6 classes. i only had te reo once a week that year, 2 science and 2 maths etc. That year recked my mental health, my friends' mental friends and my teachers as they all left the school because of that year.

y11 was starting to get a bit better but a few of my teachers were racist as one would pick on all the brown kids in the class, and call me dumb out loud when i couldn't sound out a word. basically degraded the whole class when we didnt know what a metaphor was instead of teaching us what it is. another teacher would sneak up on me and clap/yell in my ear "to see if im doing work" That year i got PTSD to the point i never showed up to class and had a breakdown even just sitting there...

as someone who has gone to this school for 7 years DO NOT SEND YOUR KID HERE, i cried almost every day, even walking/busing here because of how this school treated me, even Westlake is better than here. they focus on issues that aren't that important like the uniform and when we are "failing" in school they put the entire blame on us and say we won't amount to anything.
Oct 12, 2023

dont... Just Dont.

they dont care about you, they only care about there reputation
Aug 27, 2023


poo school poooooooooooooo scholl hate hate hate don't come here
Aug 21, 2023

Orewa College is the forefront for a flawed system,

Orewa College has integrated systems designed to bring down the student's learning capabilities. One of the teachers. forced Lies after lies on us students throughout my entire learning period. Forced to do 3 subjects in one during year 9, Mai time and Ako time which destroyed my learning. The school somehow keeps getting worse and worse, the teachers a predominantly useless with many relying on slides made years ago by former teachers. The learning opportunities are poor and not done properly. Since 2020 they have constantly changed the system and criteria. Constant bullying/ Vaping. Eshays run rife doing what they want due to a lack of punishment and discipline. Bathrooms are constantly being locked due to vandalism and other reasonings. The poor grounds keepers have to deal with constant floodings fecal matter all over the floor and other appalling things seen in the bathrooms, due to the lack of discipline. Orewa college does not promote learning it teaches kids to be a slave to society with no real thinking involved in doing the tasks. Students are not set up in any way for NCEA causing many to drop out. Recently a wellbeing survey was sent out to students. We were told by our teachers that it was to be confidential, however we were lied to. I was called up to the guidance councilor as I had answered completely honestly, they lied to all of us and many were called up to the guidance councilor. This will be the last time I and most people in my year will do a survey by the school as the corruption is shown in the fact that we were blatantly lied to. The system is flawed and Orewa College is the forefront for this flawed system. Do not send your kids here.
Former Student
Aug 21, 2023


There is bullying every day
Aug 17, 2023

This school sucks

This school is the worst school I’ve been to. A lot of teachers are mean and rude plus there’s people being racist like this happens to everyday to me some mf calls people including me something bad and making people feel unsafe.

Aug 9, 2023

OUr school sucks

Mrs G____n Is not letting us play rugby even when we had supervision and another teacher is told us that we can with supervision and that teacher Mr G_____S over rides her
Aug 7, 2023

This is fucking bullshit

When it’s cold during winters the jackets aren’t meant to help so I brought my winter jacket and some motherfucker
Former Student
Jul 26, 2023


Worst school I’ve ever been to, teachers are mid students suck, fuck orewa college.
Jun 27, 2023

Me Grummer Grdofd

Me go 2 Orawa and me be lern lot of grammar. me go to batroom to vape evry day on me usb stuck.
Jun 21, 2023

Orewa college review HONEST

Orewa college definitely deserves the bad reputation it has. There are so many people who have mental health problems such as kids and teachers. I am a student and currently attend orewa college. If you have read the reviews that some kids that go here have written that they hate it and its infested with horrible people. The girls are self centered and bitchy the boys only care about their drugs and how they look and attract people. And everyone vapes it's true yes. But there's so much worse stuff going on in this school. fights and threats on a daily basis so many people all ages getting ausslted for no reason and the school does nothing . girls get sexually harrased and assaulted school does nothing they say "he just likes you" and that is not something girls need to be taught- to go for a guy whoIis abusive. all the school cares about is their reputation which is bad enough as it is. Please don't send your child here their safety and innocence will be gone. I want to move so bad help me please .
May 30, 2023

Send your child somewhere else

Im writing as a father of a year 9 student attending this school, I want give my honest review and overall this school is a total mess. Always in the kids asses and are super petty towards them. Every assembly has started off with negative news and what the kids have done wrong and nothing good. I know the school wants the best and try to push them but they're pushing them too far and expect far to much from these young students. So many bullies and fights they aren't taken care of. I recommend sending your child to another school where they will be in a safe environment where the teachers care and look after the students and listen because this is unacceptable and I expect better from Orewa College due to them having Gregory Pierce as their Principle.
May 30, 2023

this school is ass (literally)

this is a very bad school, a teacher licked my bum once because I was being "naughty" in the bathrooms :((
once the teacher asked for this yr12 vape and took it t the stall and had a puff which i thought was very disgraceful of her.
I think this school is fun if you want to get licked in the bum but that's all if not I think you should go to Whanga #whangaontop!!!!!!!!!!!
Former Student
Mar 9, 2023

Do not look at sending your child to this school

Its been around a year since I went to this school but things have gotten worse.

Multiple sexual assaults and rapes have happened here and the staff has done nothing to stop it. Constant bullying happens every day, and this school claims they have a "no-bullying policy". Rumors spread like wildfire in this school and if someone doesn't like what you're saying you better watch your back. Fights happen every day it's incredibly bad the teachers have put no effort except making the field out of bounds. The school culture is so terrible and no one has put an effort to change it. The school only cares about money and its outside reputation since if most people saw what's going on in this school it would possibly be shut down. Another thing is that most schools in the area such as whangaparoa are the same and it's really disgusting how this has been going on for so long. The mental health services are horrid as well they barely do much and despite saying stuff is confidential they will tell everything to your parents which could cause stress for a child. The education is pretty rubbish with teachers telling you off for asking questions, a teacher's job is to support and teach a child not to put them down for them being curious.This school and the staff should be ashamed of how long this has been going on. I personally moved to a school away from the hibiscus coast area and I've been improving my mental health slowly. Please don't ever send your kids here sadly most good schools are out of the zone for the area but it's worth every dollar to send them to somewhere where your child can flourish and enjoy themselves or even just homeschool them.
Former Student
Feb 20, 2023

Please just don’t..

Yeah there was a lot of bullying at Orewa College mostly from peers but the deans and deputies were almost worse. Being told by deans to “give up on my career dream” because “no female has ever done it”. Well screw you all, I did it, and I’m fucking flying… the deputy principals would harass and bully students for no reason, and the school cares more about uniform than the well-being of the students.
Former Student
Feb 14, 2023


Terrible school, terrible principal, terrible teachers. Just the worst school I’ve ever been to and I’ve travelled around a lot. -1000 out of 10
Feb 7, 2023


No kids like going to school but orewa college makes that even worse, They have no support in place for struggling students physically mentally or even to do with learning, It is appalling
Former Student
Feb 4, 2023

do not send your kids here

horrific. absolutely horrific school. there was literally a knife fight one time
Former Student
Feb 2, 2023

Don’t send your kid here

The opportunities and education were about the only good things about it other than some of the teachers. a lot of students will complain about the teachers but most of the students at orewa are toxic assholes and don’t respect the teachers in the first place. my teachers were about the only good part of my day. the kids at orewa simply bully and tease to no end that i simply gave up in my last few years and didn’t give a single fuck. the higher ups did jack shit and the schools still toxic as all hell.
Former Student
Feb 2, 2023

Bad environment

Orewa sucked for the first few years and the only reason it didn’t suck towards the end was because i simply gave up on giving a single shit. the peers at school were toxic as hell and caused waaay to many issues which the teachers ignored. a lot of my teachers were very nice each year, only the occasional dickhead. most people hate the teachers but i found if you treat them nicely and mind your damn business they’re really chill. that being said a lot of teachers were twats and didn’t seem to give two shits about us. really didn’t change much over the years, really sad
Former Student
Jan 23, 2023

A long history of bullying unchecked

It was a really terrible school with unsupported bullying when I attended, and has not changed. I feel for the teachers who are doing their best with the resources they have. Historically not a good school socially, academically it seems to have improved if nothing else.
Former Student
Dec 1, 2022

An Okay School

Orewa College was good for my learning journey, but lacked in real support.
Nov 22, 2022

Sh!t sniffers

This school is very sh!t and are full of prospects like jago and cooper they locked me in a bathroom and threw wet toilet at me and once a teacher and asked for a vape and was perving on the students this one time this teacher walked in the bathroom and sniffed the toilet I took a sh!t in.
Oct 19, 2022

Please don’t send your kids here

Please do not attend this school the students here are lousy, fake, toxic and cyberbullies. The teachers do not put enough effort in to preventing this happening, they ignore our mental health and constantly ignore the victims.
Former Student
Oct 19, 2022

Orewa College

bad as

Absolutely terrible everyone here is awful and toxic. I hate this school you should leave as soon as possible, just like me and NEVER EVER send your kids here it’s that bad.
Former Student
Oct 18, 2022

Nothing has changed!

So sad….nothing has changed since 5 years ago. My child was intimidated and socially bullied cos different from the hood rats. Huge impact….teachers and principal need to stand up and create a positive place!
Sep 20, 2022

bad school

This school is bad some sports trails cost money and there is a low chance of getting into one unless you pay your way in or are the best, also all of their manaki stuff is fake they don't even listen to it.
Once I bought a pie and it was "warm" apparently but I took it out of the wrapper and it was ice cold.
The food is extremely over priced and garbage.
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76 Riverside Road, 0931, Orewa
Kate Shevland
09 427 3833

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