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Oct 28, 2023

Great Teachers

Wonderful staff who go the extra mile
Oct 28, 2023

Awesome culture

Loved the Celebration of Success
Sep 20, 2023

Learning Support


DO NOT SEND YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN THERE! Especially any vulnerable kind!
This was a school with raving reputation for decades, but unfortunately NOT ANY MORE! There are too many problems everywhere from leadership down! The school culture has been ruined inside out!
There are some good teachers but never stay for long!
Vulnerable students are in threat with full of prejudice! They are NOT protected! Not been listened to!
Not valued! Not respected!
Not treated well!
To our own experiences, There NEVER been a genuine INCLUSIVE EDUCATION environment there! Unfortunately!
Former Student
Aug 16, 2023

Onslow has slipped

If you have kids don't send them to Onslow. The principle does not care about the female students. but will believe the male students. Wants a high culture there but then has no way of helping those culture students when it comes to a way of learning that does not work. Majority of the good teachers have left. The ones who actually cared have left. There only like 3 good teachers left. In the last year of school i basically taught myself and barely got NCEA. Onslow needs to get rid of the new principle.
Feb 27, 2023

Avoid at all cost, toxic culture from the top

We have watched the school deteriorate significantly over the 8 years we have been connected with it. There are some exceptional teachers but we are not sure how much longer they will stay. The culture has changed significantly to one where sexual harassment, bullying and intimidation is no longer addressed making it impossible for effected students to stay. If I was looking from an international perspective the pastoral care is non existent and significant harm can occur. We will be actively encouraging anyone we know to stay away until a change of leadership occurs
Former Student
Feb 8, 2023

Not good anymore

This school has gone downhill for everyone, all the teachers are leaving and being replaced over and over because of the principal and the hostile environment she has created. The school cares too much about its image and not the health and safety of its staff and students. Your kid will learn but it's not worth it, send then to Wellington High.
Former Student
Jan 31, 2023

Focused More on Image Than Their Students

Wellington High School's wannabe younger brother. Performatively accepting and supportive but falls short on actually doing it. Mostly good teachers, mostly good staff, but just sort of a mess below the surface
Dec 4, 2022

School review

Good teachers, inclusive school . very good science and art department although, building are a bit old and run down, and the canteen isn't great.
Feb 1, 2022

Poor School Leadership

Since the new principal started in 2018 things have deteriorated to an alarming level. Staff turnover is very high, indeed 5 staff resigned over the 2021/2022 summer holiday, and that does not include, those who left during the year, nor the more than 30 who left during 2020. These numbers include many who didn't last for a full 12 months. So, staff moral is poor. Others have commented on the state of the buildings and the physical campus environment (including cleaning or lack thereof), but I will pass on one anecdote where the principal was asked about the cleaning of the sports facilities and her response was "if you think it is unsafe stop practice". Hard to believe but true. Someone else may have addressed the cleaning !!

Sadly a complaint to the board chair went unanswered.

There are some individual staff who working extremely hard for their students.
Nov 22, 2021

Onslow has lost its uniqueness

Over the years they've been slowly taken away all of the extension classes that made me choose this school in the first place. The staff turnover rate is abysmal. Also the new bathrooms were trashed within 6 months and the principal doesn't seem to care about the 10 times (as of writing this) the fire alarm has been pulled this year (only the first two times were actual fires). There don't seem to be any consequences for this kind of behavior. However there are still some really passionate teachers who have helped me learn a lot. It's a shame knowing how great my experiences could've been.
Former Student
Jun 13, 2021

Becoming worse and worse

This school is very run down and of poor quality, there are countless issues with the buildings yet they pay to paint it to make it look nice from the outside. The teacher turnover is horrific as the school seems to replace every teacher every year since they can't seem to stand the new principal. Up until the school got the new principal it was great. Since no one seems to want to work here the quality of the teachers has gotten worse and worse with some of them actually teaching the class once a month. Would not recommend going to Onslow anymore.
Jun 2, 2021

Very Poor Principal

I can only echo a number of the previous comments. The principal who started near the end of 2018 has been a disaster for the school. Staff turnover has been extremely high (at the end of 2020 is took 3 assemblies to say goodbye the staff who left at the end of the year there were so many!). That does not include those who left part way though the year, nor the large numbers who left in the previous 2 years. A number stayed for less than one year.

Maintenance and cleaning have been neglected, and some essential maintenance does not have a start date. Some would argue these create safety issues.
May 10, 2021

I love my school ❤️💚

Best 5 years of my life, without a doubt. Ultimately, I grew so much as a person from going to OC. Forever greatful for everything I learned and went through in my time there. I’ve made and developed so many friendships that’ll last a lifetime. As someone that had/has so much passion for the school, it’s a shame to have been sent off in our final assembly last year like we were, it was a terrible feeling. However, that’s to do with the principal, as opposed to anyone else. Will always remember every moment of my 5 years there, and wouldn’t change it for the world.
Former Student
Apr 13, 2021

Once unique, now an ordinary high school

For my experience in this school up until 2020, I personally had a really positive experience. I largely managed to avoid the drama that unfolded surrounding the principal, and it wasn’t until the final year where I felt her affect.

What made the school so good was the way it puts all emphasis on the student to push themselves to learn. The environment was that if you wanted to learn and thrive, there were great facilities that allowed you do to this. And if you wanted to sit and waste time, the teacher isn’t going to force you to learn. Ultimately, its better for most people in the long run. After high school, there is no teacher spoon feeding you the answers.

The new principal did not understand this way of learning. She looked at our results and decided from that there needed be an over turning of the way we do things. Without considering the actual consequences. Onslow scores below comparable schools for a reason. WGC and WC spoon feed their students and they get better results, which our principal has decided to replicate.

Unfortunately, the principal is making Onslow into just another school, depriving the future students of what made the learning so beneficial for us long term. Currently at uni, I am definitely grateful for the system that pushed me to learn more independently and the teachers that made me love the subjects I pursued here.
Former Student
Mar 9, 2021

Year 9-13 Highschool

Once a Great High School

For my first three years at this high school I had a great experience. My teachers were great, I learnt a lot, the Principal was interactive with every student and acted on fair recommendations/complains from all students, families, and staff.
However in my final two years a new Principal came along. Didn't get the best first impression, and it just went downhill from there. Activities cancelled, really good teachers leaving because they couldn't deal with her anymore, telling off students for the smallest things, creating ridiculous policies that no-one enjoyed. I am extremely glad I finished when I did in 2019, and from what I've heard things have just been getting worse since. Horrified to hear about what occurred in the Year 13 Leavers Assembly in 2020, no Principal should act like a child in front of 100 students when only one of them went too far in a prank.
Feb 20, 2021


It’s pretty good

The school is fine, it’s large enough and there are enough people to just avoid anyone you don’t like. The school is very open and accepting to people from all walk of life. Some of the teachers are pretty poor but that’s the same with any school. Also the principal is bad currently but it doesn’t affect us on a daily basis
Nov 17, 2020


Good compared to most, not great
Nov 9, 2020

Epic school

Poggers epic school we love the canteen. The classrooms are cold and smell. Principal sucks
Nov 6, 2020

Onslow College Leavers Ceremony

Some great staff and leadership over the years that my 2 sons attended however, the current Principal is appallingly lacking in communication and relationship skills for someone in a leadership position. Her rant at the Leavers Ceremony yesterday because of a prank that only a few students were involved in, lacked good judgement. The Principal had nothing positive to say to the more than 100 Year 13 students. Further she left immediately after her speech. I felt so sad that this is a memory that our fine young sons and daughters will leave Onslow College with. Whatever had happened, should have been dealt with quietly behind the scenes. Publicly denouncing the entire Year 13 group because of the actions of a few students was unacceptable. To the students credit, they showed remarkable restraint and self control in the face of such insult. A big thumbs up to the other staff members who turned the occassion around. A big thank you.
Former Student
Nov 5, 2020

Great School that may be losing its appeal

Spent 5 of the best years of my life and chose to send my kids here as well. I love the way the school encourages independent learning and not relying on spoon feeding, teachers really understand the importance of learning of oneself. Though, current principal is a tyrant. Used the year 13 leavers assembly to tell them off for some kid who did a prank too far. Such a horrible thing to do to the entire year group, made the day more bitter than sweet for my son. Hope she learns to be kind to her students, rather than purposefully putting them against her. But great school, my son loved his time here.
Oct 5, 2020


Kinda average but ok I guess
Former Student
Sep 9, 2020

Not the best school for learning

Shit whole filled with druggies and other people like that. The people in the school are ass holes with no respect for others and there belongs. The amount of time I have been caused at for haven’t my own beliefs is astonishing. The teacher try to help but are two focused on stopping one kid from hitting another. This being said I have not learned anything from the school and for going into a very academic based Field I think that going to this school has stunted my Growth as a teen. I would not recommend and there are way better schools in the Wellington region.
Sep 6, 2020

Better option for females

Only school that females can do maths accelerated, highest receiving science scholarships in Wellington.
Burma Road, Unknown, Wellington
Sheena Millar
04 478 8189

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