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Feb 7, 2024

A great start

Our daughter has been at Oaklands for a year, starting as a new entrant year 0. She is loving it and has been well supported by staff and has made many friends.
Jul 6, 2023

I feel sad for the kids that go hear

This school is really mean to my kids
May 28, 2023

oaklands supporter

Awesome, fun, this is a great i go there
Former Student
May 18, 2023


to much karens stay as far away as possible from this school it is the worst ever do not sign up your just signing a torture contract to meet the karens
Former Student
May 18, 2023

Do not join if you have leave ASAP

to much karens stay as far away as possible from this school it is the worst ever do not sign up your just signing a torture contract to meet the karens
Mar 22, 2023

🙏get high on life not on drugs

shit school 🫶 there was this one pedo teacher who would throw only girls in the pool and refused to throw boys in. The school was ramraided a couple times and people kept threatening to bomb the school, so we'd always have lockdowns lol Teachers didn't teach properly because once people finished primary they'd be behind on workk

also the principal should be sacked because she let kids almost kill someone and didn't do anything about it
Aug 1, 2022

My experience

Oaklands was an amazing school to grow up at, kind teachers, good ethics, who could ask for more?
Former Student
Jul 27, 2022

Loved year 7 & 8

Mr brown what a great teacher.
Aug 23, 2020

Hell hole 0 star if I could

If I could go any lower in the ratings I would. Worst school ever. Absolutely hated it and I’m glad I’m out of there. Teachers don’t actually care for the students all they care about is how the school looks to the outsiders. I was severely bullied physically and they didn’t do anything at all until my family threatened to call police. They then started to do more but still not enough. I was the one getting punished and the bullies carried on. A lot of people I know who went there describe it as “a he’ll hole” and honestly I couldn’t agree more. My learning is behind because they didn’t do a good job teaching at all. Their school uniform looks like a Christmas decoration. I’m so glad I am in high school now. I was in Oaklands primary from end of year 3 - year 8 and honestly choosing that school was the worst mistake I could have made. Only good thing I got out of it was meeting my best friend. DO NOT send your kids here and it is basically sending them to hell. Absolute horrible school that I would not recommend. Only two teachers I actually liked there and they were actually nice to students. I swear the teachers think that just because we are younger means they can treat us like crap. So glad I go to a good high school that actually makes me feel safe and happy where oaklands made me feel at risk and sad all the time because I knew that if something were to
Happen they wouldn’t give a 💩.
Cunningham Place, 8025, Christchurch
Margaret Trotter
03 322 8735

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