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Jun 8, 2023

amazing school

It's soo good I have had my kid in it for 2 years he loves it and always tells me good story about it
Mar 3, 2023

Don’t come here

Has no bullying policy,teachers and deans are racist asf. Bad vibes from most teachers.
Mar 2, 2023

Year 10

Newlands college is a hell

This school has no idea how to teach they’re just a bunch of middle aged white people who have sad poor lives and out their anger on the kids no kid likes it at newlands college and miss mills has saggy tits. Trust me y’all never step foot anywhere near this horrible place it’s for homos
Mar 2, 2023

Mid school

Someone smashed up the toilets in 2022
Feb 6, 2023

dont ever come to newlands college

shis school the uniform is very sexist, aswell as the school itself. if you get bullied very few of the teachers will actually do something about it.
May 28, 2021

Supportive place

Very supportive of LGBT community, as well as other groups!
May 8, 2021

Cool College

It's a nice place, very nice teachers, plenty of good people to chat with too. The curriculum taught is alright as well.
Feb 17, 2021

Is an amazing school !!!

I’ve been here for 4 years and I’ve had a great experience in general. The teachers are very supportive and helpful on the most part, and the entire school has a positive spirit to it. There’s lots to be worked on for sure, but it’s a pretty lovely school to be in as long as you be nice and friendly to everyone !
Oct 29, 2020


This is such a good school and there are so many great teachers there. There are great options for subjects and opportunities to improve your skills.
Oct 18, 2020


Not bad but not good, literally has some crap teachers who see bullying and doesn’t do anything. To have a good experience you must have a friend.
Sep 28, 2020

pog champ

school sucks, some teachers are good but only like 3, I have lost motivation to attend because of toxic teachers lol poggers
Aug 31, 2020

Pre cool, pre bad

I’ve been in luck with my teachers, they have great teaching styles and I can see myself growing. The place is pretty good but the main thing I hate is the students in general and having to be stuck with the same toxic people for 5 years.
Aug 24, 2020

Disgusting people

I hate all the students there. They’re so full of themselves and they all dress and act like sl*ts!!! I hate Newlands College!!!
Aug 21, 2020

Do NOT go to newlands

dosent care about its students, i am unsafe in the class I am in and have been told I can not change bc of class numbers but they don't give a cral and arent helping. Literally said if all students who felt unsafe changed classes kids would be changing each week which mean they know kids aren't safe and don't do anything. The school is full of homophobes, transphobes and students woth horrible superiority complexes. The councilors are so bad, tell me things about other students and the other is a snitch amd forces me to go to evolve which pushed me around and did nothing but waste my time.
68 Bracken Road, 6037, Wellington
Grant Jones
04 473 4136

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