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May 15, 2024

npghs sucks

not being a hater but the other students and staff all suck
id rather repeat primary school than be stuck here 5 years
Nov 5, 2023

Year 12

Well supported leading up to NCEA exams

We finished school last week in preparation for our exams. I was worried about my ability to pass and get the credits I needed. The school were very supportive of me and my teachers and deans worked with me to push me as hard as they could. I feel very supported in my learning and am lucky to have a good group of adults behind me supporting me. It is nice to feel like they care about my learning and my future and that passing is not only important to me but also to the teachers.
Aug 31, 2023


The teachers at New Plymouth girls high school are horrible. They don’t care about the students and don’t teach them what they really need to know. If any issues with other students come up, they don’t care and make the students just “ignore them”. Students have to have passes to go to the toilet, they can’t have any privacy. The teachers also make learning boring for the students and don’t make an effort to try to make it fun so the students will want to engage. the classrooms are dirty and cold with no good heating. They are run down and gross.
Former Student
Aug 19, 2023

bad experience - former student

some of the staff are amazing and actually support you, while over half of the teachers at NPGHS treat students with absolute disrespect and take out their anger on the students and will talk down to you like you are 4 and don't know how to go potty. yeah, the vaping is bad but where does that not happen, how else do u expects the teens to manage their anxiety while at school. this school is full of catty girls who have no regards for others and no self-respect. the cafe is also very expensive
Aug 8, 2023

12 disgruntled former students

Interesting to read all these reviews. It seems School Parrot is a platform where disgruntled students come to express their frustration. True that schools are not without flaw but the very low number coming here to express themselves among the many who attend the school speaks volume. Not sure if i wish to take School Parrot very seriously.
Mar 20, 2023

Worse school ever

The worst School ever. My math teacher who i will not name, exposed all my personal information to my class mates and nothing was done about it and the teacher just ignored me for the rest of the time i was there. We had smoke alarms going off nearly twice a day everyday for a month because of people vaping in the bathrooms. People there are so toxic and disgusting and draining, mentally draining. The mental health system there is shit and the educational system is fucked and they choose to only praise the “smart” kids there when there’s lower class people like myself struggling with no help from teachers even when asked for and no well done once i’ve figured out a problem. This school is shit for new plymouth and this school is shit for your kids to attend to. There are or were a couple good teachers who made it worth while the security was shit, people ditching classes left and right. nearly every time i walked into a bathroom it stunk really bad, nearly made me throw up a few times.
Former Student
Feb 28, 2023

Nasty school!!!!

This school was absolutely horrible, I left mid year 12, I got nothing but mental health problems from the school it’s self, some of the teachers were incredible except for one of the English teachers who were very racist against Maori people, There bathrooms were absolutely disgusting, They didn’t care about the bullying or the fighting nor the knife threats but more about THERE UNIFORM and piercings I remember having 2 nose rings, and being told I have to take them out cause it wasn’t a school regulations I absolutely hate this school! So parents please be weary! This schools nasty
Feb 25, 2023


They care about the uniform more than the actual teaching
Former Student
Feb 25, 2023

Review of npghs

This school is particularly not the ideal school for culture or prosperity. The amount of rasicim that happens on campus and classrooms from white female/male teachers is absolutely disgusting and deans,principal and the board do not take enough care into students well being let alone any, students who suffer greatly over mental and physical illnesses are not supported to what the school make out for them to be,many students self harming themselves and none to which are received any help from waiora (school public nurse ect) other than to go back to class and suck it up. The fight rate in this school is disgusting and npghs allows it because they never do right by students and blame victims to abuse from others on them. Students who defend themselves are stood down and potentially kicked out due to the fact that they have been on watch already because of their background and ethnicity, This school is a descust to the community who edge parents to send their daughters here and “gaurentee” their motto to ensure safety for students who do attend, plenty of girls don’t get the opportunity to speak up for what’s right because if you do your straight to a pink slip in the deans,that shows npghs does not let their students speak for themselves. You walk in that school you cannot gaurentee your safety everyday. There is a reason why spotswood college is thriving and excelling within school because they care about all students and allow them to embrace their race aswell as bloom their strengths. As a former New Plymouth girls high student who has gotten many awards through school aswell as lived both a day girl and boarder it is safe to say I would know about these facts I have givin. Manipulation, tedious lies and false information from npghs is what you receive. Being a day girl is a complete different story to being a boarder and I can definitely say the two are not level, fights stealing betrayal contraband abuse all take place in the hostel aswell as school, a whole drug business was being run inside the hostel and the school didn’t do anything about it,girls getting rushed by other students for small reasons it’s not okay. The principal is the problem not the students, all these high expectations from her onto students, being singled out,having to deal with racism when you put ur foot through the gate when we’re supposed to look to our teachers for help and support except we receive nothing back in return. If your daughter is being bullied abused stuck in sticky situations from the school, you will not receive the support in any way from Mrs brown herself alongside her peers eg the board of trustees and the teacher on grounds. I hope you all make the right decision for your daughter/daughters and choose them over the effects they will endue in their time at npghs
Yours truely, former year 13
Feb 6, 2023

cmon staff

Most staff care more about my second lobe piercing rather than my education
Jun 20, 2021


Fix your uniform problems

Uniform rules strict as hell, next year won't even be able to wear a JACKET to keep me dry while walking to school and around school. But it's fine because they are adding a new jacket that isn't even waterproof.
Do you just expect me to walk to school and drenched just to sit in your classes that are not even fit for my needs, because no.
Apr 11, 2021

Not a welcoming place

alot of the teachers were really good, bonded well with students and make a comfy environment but then you move to the counsellors and its the most unsafe peer pressured environment you can find. alot of the students are horrible bullie
Feb 12, 2021

Awful experience, go to a different school

This school is only for the smart popular students, otherwise you get no where. It’s obvious most teachers hate their job and working with kids. It’s very hard to get a hold of any staff member to talk about bullying, course changing ect. They are a money grabbing school and the classes are only catered to the top few. The buildings are falling apart, the courses need updating ad there’s never any information. Counsellors and Medical staff are definitely underpaid for what they deal with, I will say that there are 1 out of 15 teachers that enjoy their job and listen to the thoughts of their students. The school as a whole does not take mental health as seriously as physical health when a student cannot do something. If you’re not athletic, dyslexic, struggle with mental health or are neuro diverse save yourself and go to a different school.
Nov 6, 2020

Kia ora

good sports and good p.e teachers. Some good teachers for other subjects but if you get a bad teacher you don’t learn anything. some really nice people but otherwise lots of vaping and bad behaviour
Sep 8, 2020


I hate New Plymouth Girls High. I left this year and I have gained so much anxiety because of the staff there. They are the worse type of staff a school could ever have, they’re pigs. They’re racist and pick favourites and they definitely don’t hide it. While I was there I was in the lowest class, they didn’t teach us anything or let us do anything fun in science. It’s not fair how they treat kids who aren’t that academically smart poorly. I didn’t read or write while I was there.. all I did was crappy work books because they were lazy.
Aug 26, 2020

Not happy

The school does not really care about the environment and how the teachers act towards the students and whether the students are actually being taught what they should know to pass ncea
Former Student
Aug 23, 2020

Your average high school

Bullying occurs and nothing is done about it. Some teachers are committed and kind and others obviously dislike working there and take it out on students. Those who are academically gifted are catered to and those who aren’t receive support if they actively seek it out. The careers counsellor and the Wai Ora (medical centre) staff are lovely and work harder than they’re paid for.

You can only expect so much from an underfunded public school, with that considered, I guess it’s okay.
60 Northgate, 4312, New Plymouth
Stella Bond (Acting)
06 757 3899

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