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Former Student
Apr 26, 2024

I would choose it again

A top school! It's unfortunate that some negative reviews may be driven more by personal emotions than fair evaluations. 😊
Apr 26, 2024

Good school otherwise <3

Wanna make it clear if you are a GIRL A WOMEN attend the school but if you are another gender do NOT complain about them not making you feel included because it is A ALL GIRLS SCHOOL literally attend a school for all genders
Mar 2, 2023


Going to school

I had a really awful time with my mental health and the school system didn’t really support as much as I needed. But overall the school has lovely staff and tries to stick to good morals!
And it’s Nelson college for girls and I would like to be called a girl because I am, and the students that make a major fuss on not being a girl probably should of chosen another school.
Feb 1, 2023

I honestly wish I didn’t go there not swag

Horrible didn’t get the learning support I needed was treated differently for being a part of the LGBT community, the teachers are horrible and the student
Apr 23, 2022


As I have spent many years away from this school I still remember a P.E teacher Miss Rout being an ultimate bully. The boarding aspect was appalling. Biased treatment depending on who you were, not one rule for all. I could write a book.
May 7, 2021

terrible experience at ncg

teachers have been known to be rascist and homophobic, administration is known primarily for covering up bullying and introducing rules that are dehumanising, especially to older students. uniform is expensive, especially the pants which were introduced partially to accommodate gender non-conforming and trans students and thus are not accessible to many of these students.
my biggest issue with the school is that some of the counsellors are not properly trained, which to my knowledge, has come very close to costing the lives of mentally ill students due to improper care. avoid this school if u can. if not, good luck
Mar 27, 2021

bad 😃

my friend had to leave this school because the bullying was so bad and the administration did absolutely nothing about it other than cover it up. i think that says enough. also the teachers are terrible and when people complain they do nothing, then they get mad when the students don’t do well.
Oct 14, 2020

NCG School

A few racist teachers and other general useless teachers that can’t teach us anything. Otherwise it’s okay, I just don’t like school.
Oct 5, 2020

Lies at Nelson College for Girls

Nelson College For Girls is a school that preaches about diversity but discourages anyone who doesn’t fit into their ideal perfect student box. Most teachers fail to show any empathy when it comes to students mental health. This school expects you to achieve greatness without providing the proper resources to get there. Students are expected to show the PRIDE values
(Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Empathy)
But these things are not showed to students who are struggling in any way. This school has also covered up bullying as to not get a bad reputation, students being bullied are offered no support. Although I have made awesome friends at NCG I don’t feel as if I’m achieving to my best potential there.
Oct 5, 2020

Nelson College For Girls

Nelson college for Girls is a school that preaches about diversity while discouraging students who don’t fit into the perfect student box.
Sep 29, 2020

worst school in the world

i hate it
it sucks
dont go there
Former Student
Sep 14, 2020

It’s okay.

It’s had ups and downs, but overall it’s okay. I’ve heard so much bullying and stuff going on so asides from that it’s just okay.
Trafalgar Street, 7010, Nelson
Catherine Ewing
03 548 3104

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