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Apr 26, 2024

Amazing school

I love the school alot I removed myself from my old school due to it being toxic and when I moved I found such a Change I'm currently in my year 12 and in my year 10 I ran into a problem with another person it was very serious and they ended up being removed from the school nayland takes care of these bad things that happen to you the courses are great too I highly recommend this school
Oct 5, 2023

Not enough teachers

Under staffed overall meh..........
May 24, 2023



th teachers suck 🙏🏽 AHAHVAAHVDAHGSHAHSHSGSS smd
Mar 13, 2023


This school pushes there political agenda on children.
Former Student
Mar 12, 2023


It is a school that is pushing a woke agenda on children and has no room for any debate on there political view
Feb 7, 2023

The silent sad mime

I did science and nearly burnt the school down. I also learnt how to play the guitar and went back to 1985 to the Nayland dance and recreated Johnny b goode.
Jan 31, 2023

Nayland review

Nayland college has good classes. I loved cooking, woodwork, carving leadership and other classes. Most of the teachers are very friendly and nice. I'm currently in my 3rd year at nayland college. I'm not very excited for exams but I think that everything else will be ok. To anyone in year 9 you don't need all the math books they make you get, I got 3 math books in year 9, I'm currently going in to year 11 and will be using the third one this year. You will be using the laptops more in year 10 than year 9
Nov 9, 2020

Nayland College

I've only been at Nayland for a year but when I started I was really bad a marks but I'm average now so yeah
Former Student
Oct 20, 2020

Not bad, certainly not great.

Teachers were okay, sometimes.
Some are mean and will waste your time sending you to their higher-ups without even taking the time to just talk to you about things, which I found sort of childish?
They need to start treating senior students (mainly year 12/13s) with more respect and freedom, I found that as a 17/18 year old with some degree of maturity and independence that I was still treated like a child and or criminal :)
Not sure if that’s just a general high school thing or not but it still sucked, I was miserable in high school however some teachers actively made it worse while others were understanding and helpful. A real mixed bag of emotions and respect. I don’t ask for much, I simply want to learn the content and pass my tests and forcing students to sit through assembly’s and school events made my experience 10x worse because none of them were of any relevance to me and all it did was drive me away from the school and being involved with events, essentially forcing me to become even less willing to partake in school activities due to the lack of choice in participation. No offence but nobody wants to sit in the hall and listen to a bunch of suck-ups talk about “SOAR” for an hour. PS: I know that if any of the teachers were to read this they would probably chalk it up to some kid with an attitude problem or just deflect the blame to somewhere else, like usual.
Sep 20, 2020

Nayland Collage

I feel like Nayland College is one of the best colleges in Nelson
Sep 15, 2020

Good school

Good school nice teachers.
166 Nayland Road, 7011, Nelson
Daniel Wilson
03 547 9769

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