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Former Student
Jan 31, 2023

no no no and no

i was at nghs for 1 year and 1 term and it started off great until you got to know the other girls. one of my friends constantly got sl^t shamed, and bullied because she was “borderline an0rexic” the environment was so toxic. all us year 9s got bullied by the yr 10s for how long our skirts were at the start of the year, once we started rolling then we got told they were too short. in conclusion i think they’re a very bipolar school
Oct 28, 2022


Hello I am a current student at this school. The rules are fine but something did happen today. One of my best friends got called a sl^t and got verbally abused by the deputy principal today, now my friend isn't the best student but she's definitely not the worst. All this because my friend can't take out her nose piercing nor nails, she has just gotten her nose pierced and nails done so she has to wait for them to come off. But just because she bent the rules slightly isn't a big enough excuse for a teacher to verbally abuse a student. No kid nor person should be treated this way. Also they should be worried about our education NOT our apperance
Oct 18, 2022

Napier girls

I was at Napier girls for not even a week and got kicked out. It was for the most stupid reason too, for s/h. I understand I was in hostel but this gives them no right to kick me out. Their exuse was "we dont have any help that we can use outside of school". when My mother had offered to drive me to threapy everyday.

May I add there was intense homophoiba in the dorm rooms and nothing was done about it.
Only good thing was the acutal education. Do better
Oct 17, 2020

get me out

i hate it here. dumb rules. waste of time.
Former Student
Sep 8, 2020


The school was good, pretty standard and pretty chill people, only mild homophobia. Hostel not so great, mad homophobia, felt super alienated from my peers.
Aug 25, 2020

the best

love it! nothing bad to say about the school

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