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Former Student
Jun 5, 2024

Worst School in New Zealand

Terrible school. Ministry of Education should cancel this outfit.
Jan 3, 2024


Full of bullies and smokers. Also, the principal seems to not care about anyone other than him self
Oct 31, 2023

No regard for human life

School disregards bullying and even victim blamed a student who could not continue to live with the treatment from faculty and students. Zero regard to human life. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN HERE!
Former Student
Jun 1, 2023



bad worst nothing good never come back
Jun 17, 2021

Naenae College is Awful!

NAENAE COLLEGE IS A TERRIBLE SCHOOL!!! It is awful, I go there and it sucks I threatened to kill myself because it is so bad. I get bullied - and I’m white. The toilets are atrocious and disgusting. No one is nice here I do not recommend, give your kids a good childhood and send them anywhere but.
May 13, 2021

Great school

School is great, ********************. Not much bullying, said as part of the visibly nerdy whi** group. Very diverse culturally having over 40 different cultures in the school. Teacher are hit or miss. Lgbtq+ is well represen**d and accep**d.
Former Student
Apr 9, 2021

Naenae college is an awful school

This school is awful. I went there for 5 years being bullied a ton with nothing done about it. The toilets are awful and haven't been redone in the past 5 years I've been there. Instead they did a useless paint job when they got money from the government. There are lots of fights there and people pull the fire alarm for fun interrupting classes as well as bother 3 fire trucks when they could be somewhere else where its more needed. They base themselve around the value of "The whanau tahi" which is a complete joke. I wasn't getting any of that when I got bullied or sexually assulted by another student which was a prefect. They did absolutely nothing about it instead it seemed like they sided with him which is a joke. I do NOT recommend sending your child there by any means. Its a bad school and a complete joke.
Mar 30, 2021

It's pretty good

It's pretty good. Bullying doesn't really happen. If someones being a dick just stand up to them and they'll piss of. Teachers are either very good or pretty bad not much in the middle. Tons of sports on offer one of the biggest pros of the school. Range of classes is not brilliant but alright. School culture is great. once you're a senior class atmosphere becomes amazing. Everyone is mates and joke around. School is diverse and prides itself on having over 40 nationalities represented. I would recommend going to this school.
Former Student
Mar 30, 2021


No matter where you go...

Good ideals, passionate teachers, sub-par environment, uninterested students. I attended for 5 years, was overall satisfied with my experience, but not overly happy. I was unable to learn at my full capacity due to lack of excelled teaching abilities, as well at teachers who weren't able to recognise when students are excelling/falling behind.
However the issues are the same in most schools, unmotivated students ruining classes for hardworking ones, a couple of bad teachers taint subject learning, timetabling sucks and students miss out, homophobia, transphobia, rampant bullying and bad communication with students and whanau.
but, they hold good ideals, the "One Whanau" framework, while cliche, is good. If you and your child advocate for your rights, begin the difficult conversations and engage with the school staff, especially senior leadership, you can get the best out of the school.
Dante Harbors
Jan 21, 2021

Gangster paradise

I was Bullied nearly everyday because I was white like many other white students by Māori and islanders who think they are gangster.
Jan 21, 2021

Terrible school. Please destroy it.

A majority of the kids are big strong Māoris or islanders and many of them are VERY racist towards the Europeans and aren’t afraid to VIOLENTLY show it. Do not go here if you are white. Every single day a european is severely bullied here just because of his skin colour. Many of the kids at this school LOVE to behave like animals and love to swear at the teachers.
Aug 23, 2020

2017 to

Horrible toilets, lack good teachers, cold,
910 High Street, 5011, Lower Hutt
Nicholas Richards
04 567 7175

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