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Aug 11, 2023

Don't go here.

I hate this school. I went to food tech and there I had gotten kn*ves to my neck by a student, been cussed out by a student who also threw a f0rk at me, not to mention the teachers did absolutely nothing about it. We had student support , STUDENT SUPPORT watching that happen and I didn't get any support from them. I got told "they're boys," as if it's an excuse?? Th teachers failed at teaching to be honest, I didn't learn anything and the classroom I was in destroyed my ability to learn, we could barely get any work done because the teacher NEVER did anything about the kids who misbehaved. Not to forget, the people that worked in the office, I HATE THEM AND TO MY LAST BREATH I WILL ALWAYS HATE THEM. They never understood my problems, never took issues seriously and always had an attitude. I hate this school and the staff even more.
Former Student
Aug 11, 2023

Terrible School

Not good school. Awful, some of the MALE teachers were heavily misogynistic towards me and probably other women too and when my friends got bullied, the staff NEVER took it seriously, they told them to forgive and forget and when it kept happening even after, they did nothing. The office staff are awful people, I once couldn't walk in pain and they didn't care. The kids are disrespectful, they swear, and I've heard mentions of r*pe from male students, and the teachers don't do ANYTHING. I learnt nothing at this school, the teachers don't even teach properly and the kids don't even get the correct discipline, in fact they don't even get discipline at all!! It's an TERRIBLE environment for a child to work in and it's messed me up real bad. Don't EVER send your kids here unless you want messed up, dumb ones.
Aug 9, 2023


Bad school, dont go! Everyones so annoying (mainly everyone)
Former Student
Aug 4, 2023

bad education, if I could give a 0 I would.

education is SO BAD i have learnt little to almost nothing here, even youtube helps more. Science was so bad, the test had almost nothing thta we actually learnt. Very confusing. Mrs Dawson's a Karen (Performing Arts Music teacher). This review is my revenge on how terrible this schoool is. The students there are also very annoying (most of them)
Former Student
Jul 27, 2023

Bad school stay away

Some teachers are extremely kind, and I love them so much so they deserve that one star. (I loved Mrs Gurau, and Whaea Rosie the most, they are extremely sweet, and pretty, and kind, and perfect teachers). Most teachers are ok, but some are not so kind. Beware, there is a Karen at this school, they are rude. This school also doesn't take theft, and bullying seriously at all!!! The classmates are ok, The girls are kind, some boys are OK if your lucky enough. The school is also extremely broke, they cannot afford air conditioners but are able to afford good things for their staff, the school also cares about their reputations alot, they will do anything to maintain their "good" reputation. There was also a racist teacher!!!! EW.. Also, the boyzzzz at the school are so annoying, they like to make innapropriate jokes of women. Like hello, you go home eat ur moms dishes, and cant do anything without your mom, shut up... DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!! Its sucha broke school.
Former Student
Jul 27, 2023

Bad school

Only a few teachers are actually good, so they deserve that 1 star. The school cannot afford air conditioners, and a good heater, they do not care about their students very much they care about the staff more and put them selves first, and will do anything to maintain their "good" reputation. There's a (MALE) Karen at the school that is very rude and annoying. Classmates are usually OK, the girls are usually kind. This school doesn't take bullying very seriously and doesn't take theft seriously at all. The boys at this school are annoying, I hate them, some boys at this school like making inappropriate jokes about women, but go home and eat their mom's cooking and cannot live without a mother figure because they are extremely lazy, and stupid they also cannot cook for their lives so that is exactly why they need to say "go to the kitchen" embarrassing. Get a life they need validation so bad, its actually annoying and unfunny. One MALE teacher cannot accept compliments. The school has a insane littering problem. Also, most teachers will blame the whole class and make the whole class stay behind just because one student did something wrong. The school will also make the whole school say behind alot when it is assembly, so alot of people might miss their bus, or their parents may be worried. This is a very honest review. I dont reccomend this school at all, especially if you are a female. This school is so annoying and most people who are calling others ugly are the ugliest things to ever come into this earth, they look like they just sneaked out of whoseville, like what are you doing here i found your tiktok you need those filters so bad...
Former Student
Feb 18, 2021

former student

wasted two years of my life

awful school, boring facilities. I did not learn anything at my 2 years of mris. the student enivorment is awful, two faced people who talk smack all the time. higher management is also corrupt. This school just gave me horrible mental health problems. don't go to this school unless you have no other options/better choices. this school is a low average at best.
Denbigh Avenue, 1041, Auckland
Kristen Walsham
09 620 8508

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