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May 5, 2024

interestingly bad experience

got touched by a black man in the bathroom
May 29, 2023

Pretty good experience.

Pretty decent. Education pretty good, lots of resources, textbooks, worksheets, etc. Lots of passionate teachers, most teachers care about teaching their subjects, they want to help students. Some upper managment too strict - Just make sure you wear the uniform all right. Campus is a bit ugly - gum on the ground, litter, no nice views, grey buldings. But it's alright. Variety of subjects. Students can be a bit mean to each other, i.e talking about people behind their back, rumors, x talking about x and their friends. Just find your friends and you'll be fine. Lots of outdoors space to walk around, fields are huge. Can be kinda hard to make friends - some students sit by themsevles. Overall, pretty good, if you find good friends, and do the schoolwork. Don't have to be too academic, just use the resources they give you. Some of the teachers are very good. Very caring, I formed close relationships with my teachers. Uniform meh. But not too bad. Not hellish. Decent enough. I would reccomend, find good friends, treat teachers nicely.
Former Student
Mar 2, 2023

Time at MRGS

Horrible school, one off my lowest time in life was due to me being at this school. Horrible teachers (not all staff) that don’t care about how bad their students mental well-being (they just sign you up for counselling), the only thing they care about is the schools reputation. The school claims they care about student/s and student voice ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. DO NOT recommend!!
Feb 4, 2023

Don’t even consider going to Roskill

Roskill is terrible. They care more about their ‘image’ rather than the physical and mental health of the students. Almost all the teachers are horrible, showing obviously bias towards kids that are doing better in their class rather than the ones that actually need the help. Many other students and I have had to endure the horrid experience there. You can not wear a jumper in old classrooms or anywhere round the school even if the temperature is below 5°C but the teachers can bundle up in coats and whatever they want, all to preserve this made up image of the school for the public. The classes are far to hot in summer and freezing in winter and it isn’t fair to the students whatsoever. The food in the tuck shop is overpriced and there is very little variety to any of it. I have been pulled out of classes, therefore missing lessons just to be told my uniform isn’t good enough or my hair colour doesn’t fit their image or that my fucking socks are to short. Being someone that is in the rainbow community seems to make me a target for everyone in that school, including teachers, deans and everyone else. I have witnessed people have panic and anxiety attacks from being yelled at by the teachers. The school also doesn’t do anything to help students with learning difficulties such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, etc. They would rather see them fail and be the laughing stock than help us and teach us that it’s ok to have different brain chemistry, but no, you have to push and push and push just to simply even get an empty class to take a test in because if you are a class full of students trying to focus like that you’ll get overstimulated ti the point of an anxiety attack. The homophobia, racism, sexism and everything like that runs rampant in the school and the management knows that, but continues to do nothing about it knowing that it is heavily affecting the students. There are many departments that have little to no funding compared to others like sports. Please do keep in mind that this is a VERY small list of what is wrong with the school.
Former Student
Dec 20, 2022

Staff/ Culture not in your child's best interest

If i had children i would not send them here.
Jul 29, 2022

elo school

This school is so elo ongg
Jul 20, 2022

My observation so far

The school is just boring itself those “student voice” surveys don’t do nothing they don’t help any students what so ever, we don’t have a freedom of speech, and the canteens are WAY too overpriced, it’s dumb, you could buy something the size of your finger for like 7.50$, they don’t support the rugby team, even though the principle said he loved the sport, some (not all) teachers are extremely rude for no reason at all, and they say WE are the ones giving attitude, not all the teachers at Mt roskill are bad, but they aren’t great either, they constantly care abt the image of the school rather than the students, and even though we were supposed to still be under Covid rules they locked the bathrooms and made us all SHARE the deans bathroom, one small bathroom🧍🏽‍♀️, I don’t get it, there are so perks and downfalls with this school
Mar 17, 2021

Roskill has been a terrible experience.

I've hated most of my time at Roskill. They care more about how you dress and their image than bullying or how your grades are depending on who you are. A lot of teachers care for students who are already doing well rather than the ones who aren't as I've noticed in some classes. Some teachers are extremely biased against males. The information and notices are hard to find. The classrooms are way too hot in summer and too cold in winter and although they have a jumper available, their clothes have terrible material but wearing a jumper from home isn't allowed if it's visible at all under your shirt and wearing gloves isn't allowed even though the school doesn't sell any as an alternative. Have never had a single mufti day in the 4 years i've been here so far. The tuckshop is way too expensive and offers too little variety. Colour scheme of the school/classrooms is extrmely boring and depressing. Front main gate is permanantly locked since covid which just causes more students to go through the other one which doesn't help with social distancing. In alert level 2, school gates open at 8:30 which causes hundres of students to bunch up and then squeeze through the gates which doesn't help with covid either. Assemblys almost always go at least 5 to 10 minutes into break time. Assembly times and day of the week change every year. Form classes changed from all years to single years so Y9 and Y10s cant get help and make friends with older people at the school. No care for the rugby teams in the school, just soccer and hockey. There are some great teachers but the rest and the higher up staff make life at Roskill very challenging. Only time us students are 'heard' is with the 'student voice' survey which only has the optipn to review teachers which are *not* the biggest problem.

Overall, Roskill just care about their image and don't care about their students.
Feb 18, 2021


Not that good of a school

I do not recommend this school unless all your other options are even worse than this school. Average to decent school at best. Only a handful of good teachers. The curriculum sucks and a lot of the students there are obsessed with drug usage& alcohol. A lot of the males here do not understand consent and females are two faced. I’ve heard horror stories of higher management being incompetent and victim blaming students. Don’t come here if you want a decent school life and a good education
Former Student
Oct 10, 2020


teacher was very inappropriate, touched me in weird places but I liked it lol
Aug 27, 2020

Bad management team :(

Management doesn't seem to care about students or their well-being, but instead the fake image that is portrayed to the public/community. Nothing seems to be done about the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and overall unpleasant environment. I have not seen this addressed at all by management. Obviously if someone who is completely aware of this issue has seen no attempt to fix this issue, people who contribute to this toxic environment will not realize what's going on and continue to do so. Not only does management not deal with real issues that happen within the school, they also step way out of line to protect the fake image that is portrayed to the public. Several times have I seen or heard of classmates and friends being pulled out of class to talk to deans or management, and threatened to home to learn online if they don't change their hairstyle because it doesn't represent school values or whatever. If they have that much time, they could be speaking to those who actually need to be spoken to - those who use racial/homophobic/xenophobic slurs, make nasty comments, and bully. At this point, I don't even know if management are unaware of these issues that happen at school or are just choosing to ignore it. Either way, they need to wake up. It isn't just about school image. And it's evident by the decreasing number of pupils each year and increasing amount of empty classrooms. There is a bigger issue than that fake image.

(And all this is just one aspect of how bad things are or can be at the school)
Aug 21, 2020

Roskills the worst

Most male students are perverted and dont fully understand the concept of consent and teachers are sometimes okay some are creeps and ignorant alot of drug usage and gang related activities for wannabes they also seem to be very racist for a multi cultural school tuckshops expensive, honestly cares more about particular students like highly academic students they dont get the same punishment as lower stream students do mainly Polynesian students. If a poly does something bad against school rules they'll get suspended whereas a highly academic student will just get told off and sent to a Councillor
Frost Road, 1041, Auckland
Gregory Watson
09 621 0050

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