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Former Student
Dec 18, 2023

Terrible School

I went to this school from Year 7 to Year 13 and saw many changes including online school through lockdown, a new principal and new classrooms. MAC prides itself off of looking like an amazing school with its Pride Pledge, outdoor pursuits and “excellent” education but in reality the school is all talk and no action.

This school is a hive for homophobia, racism, ableism, sexism and pretty much every terrible thing under the sun. Not a day went by at MAC where I didn’t hear a student shout the n-word or scream a slur, even the teachers would say them too. I’ve sat in front of students talking about having a “bring a gun to school day” to use on all of the “gays” but when I spoke to the new principal about it they were only given a warning. The Year 9 boy that graffitied MAC with disgusting homophobic phrases wasn’t even expelled for his actions. Students aren’t disciplined here at all.

Younger students are influenced by their older peers which has impacted the school significantly. Kids as young as 12 years old can be found at break times vaping in the bathrooms. I’ve missed out on valuable learning time on multiple occasions because someone has set of the fire alarm while vaping in a bathroom stall. Many of the bathrooms are also locked during class time because of this which means that you have to walk around busting for 15 minutes trying to find an unlocked bathroom. Reporting the vaping doesn’t work either, teachers don’t care and simply shrug it off saying: “It’ll be interesting to see how they react when I teach them about the effects of vaping in Health class.” Instead of “upgrading” the high school they should’ve put the money towards an intermediate school in Wānaka so that younger students aren’t influenced by their older peers.

I was bullied at MAC during my last year of school and didn’t come to class for an entire term. The school did nothing but say that I had no other option than to go back otherwise I wouldn’t pass the year. I’ve spoken to many students throughout my time at MAC and they all agree that if there was another high school in Wānaka they would go there instead. All MAC has done is provided me with a deep desire to leave the school and this awful community.
Sep 11, 2023

A good school in a great community

MAC has had its share of troubles a few years back, but with the new principal taking charge it has really turned the corner. No state school is perfect, but our experience with our kids has been super positive overall. Excellent communication from the school and if something is not going well, just talk to the teachers. There's the usual dynamics between kids, but that's life ...
Mar 15, 2023

Great school

My teachers are really nice and understanding. They try to make learning as fun as possible and are open to new ways to teach us. I have seen some bullies and fighting so as far as the no bullying policy goes it’s not the best. But other than that I think Mt Aspiring College is a great school.
Former Student
Feb 19, 2023

honestly cr@p school

did not really care about students, would sweep allegations under the rug and just let all the bullying happen i had teachers talk about students and get involved in their personal life to “help” they never did they just wanted gossip and to bad mouth them to the rest of the year groups even. and imagine putting “drunk goggles” on 15/16 ur olds and make them put a condom on a wooden dick??? like hmmm?!!! ur showing us pretty much how to do it under the influence to say oh it doesn’t matter u can have sex while drunk even though the teachers would always talk about consent in health classes!!!?? and not to mention the inappropriate behaviour many staff would have towards the female students and some male, how they would create fake allegations and not even TRY to investigate actual ones! From what i went through MAC just cares about image and doesn’t care about ANYTHING else.
Feb 13, 2023

shit hole 🥰

i have been at this school since year 7, and am in my last year this year. i have watched everyone in my year group become addicted to drugs, nicotine and more. kids smoke in the bathrooms, vape on the field, bring vodka in drink bottles. the school cares more about earrings, your socks or the make up you’re wearing more than their students general well being and mental health. people get unconsentually searched just because they might not be doing well in school or because they hang out with certain people. the new principal makes us feel like we’re not in school but rather a prison type environment. not even the year 13s who are 17 and 18 may i remind you, aren’t even allowed to touch their phones on school property. she has enforced a new policy that we are strictly not allowed to use the bathroom during school hours, which i’m 99% sure is in fact breaking the law. we have rights to use the fucking bathroom it’s such a joke. they prioritise sporty people, disregard mental health and focus on the small things rather than attacking the big things that need the most attention. maybe my school shoes aren’t regulation because my family can’t afford it, maybe i’m wearing a non regulation hoodie for the same reason. it’s a fucking joke and everyone agrees.
Former Student
Feb 6, 2023

Just not it

Would not recommend. Terrible for mental health and self confidence. Sports stars are praised above all else and the same type of netball girl/ rugby boy is always head student. Apart from a select few the teachers are disrespectful and abuse their positions of power. Vaping and alcohol use everywhere because the teachers can’t enforce proper discipline. Went here for 6 years and the school is such a joke with a ton of seniors dropping out.
Former Student
Feb 4, 2023


some staff have shown discrimination and blatant disregard against mental health problems and the copeing mechanisms of students because "your not showing school spirit"
This was said to me while I was in the middle of a strong anxiety attack in Wich I put a hoodie on for personal comfort. I was stripped of my hoodie and shouted at. It's honestly j disgusting when authority figures treat people like that in a place where they are ment to be cared for and looked after. This is not to say it's a bad school I did have a mildy ok time, but taking a good look at the staff on campus is something I highly recommend as a past student
Mar 30, 2021

Public School

Biased and teach students with potential, no one else. Sports orientated. Teachers are either new, straight out of school, taught our parents parents or come from other schools and expect their authority to transition, this means they get angry at students for not respecting them when they try their best. It doesn't work, respect goes both ways.
Aug 27, 2020

the school really needs to change

the teacher are making school really hard recently. it’s honestly he’s been drinking students mental healths straight down. there is so much yelling and so many undeserving punishment. the teachers have favourites and treat all the students differently. there is a few teachers who actually do a good job of keeping their students happy while teaching them. there is honestly no empathy towards student’s wellbeing. there is so understanding for the student whom can’t afford to buy the correct uniform or parents refuse to buy them. teacher have been caught searching through student jackets for vapes. teachers have no room for any jokes in their classroom or no new or exciting ways to teach students. it proiritizes sports far more than academics which is disgusting, children are supposed to learn. streaming classroom isn’t even in the table so it is honestly dragging so many excellent or excelorated students behind and not providing them with the learning they need.and students are being aloud into different option classes just to mess around.
101 Plantation Road, 9305, Wanaka
Wayne Bosley
03 443 0499

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