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Mar 21, 2024


I go to this school right now. And as much as I like my friends here every thing else is just poor. I get bullied a lot by older students and boys and everybody steals my stuff somehow my lock from my locker even disappeared. And the school doesn’t really care much and everything’s always broken. I went into the bathroom the other day and it was flooding from one of the toilets. Most teachers are mean and bossy and they are always going on about lgbtq plus 🏳️‍🌈. Don’t get me wrong I support but teaching year 7s about this and encouraging it is wrong even having a whole pride week is wrong. And the cafe food is so expensive it’s outrageous I’m having such mental health issues here I can’t stand this school anymore. I’m leaving next year do not recommend this school its disgusting.
Feb 26, 2021

Mt Hutt

pretty small school, and also really easy to find a good group of friends because of the small number of students. Teachers are a good bunch and quite easy to talk to especially in senior school. The sport community is amazing and there are so many opportunities in that area, but when it comes to cultural events, there is basically nothing except for diversity day, and it’s quite off-putting for people who come from diverse backgrounds to come to school and not be able to be proud of their cultures and show it off in events outside of school. I know because of the lack of teachers this probably won’t be an option for a while, but I know of students who have moved schools because Mt Hutt didn’t have the right subjects they needed for their careers, so if you are planning on staying at Mt Hutt during NCEA make sure you check the subjects first because there is a limited amount and there isn’t a wide variety. Other than this, I do like Mt Hutt College a lot and do recommend the school.
Former Student
Feb 16, 2021

Great yarns and cool trips

Great school if you’re wanting a student leadership role or extra curricular activities such as sports/athletics, cross country, swimming, outdoor education but if you’re wanting bookwork then you’ll only be taught if you’re any good at it. Most of the teachers are great chats and you can have some decent banter with them in the senior school. Most of the teachers have great knowledge they just can’t be bothered teaching most students. You’ll pass just about everything if you put the slightest effort in.
Former Student
Sep 3, 2020


Good from year 7-10. If you actually want good grades in NCEA then I would not recommend this school. Also if you have mental illnesses, avoid because they might as well have no support system
44 Main Street, 7730, Methven
Jack Saxon
03 302 8437

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