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May 22, 2024

Don't waste your money

Middleton Grange SUCKS. This school is full of teachers who only care about how they look and how the students are presented. The teachers here like to dictate and feel as though they are above the students - even though we pay your bills. The school is overall dirty especially the bathrooms. In the girl's bathroom graffiti is found in every stall. This graffiti is usually directed to students who have been written on the walls and are being bullied. Fun fact Middleton will put its uniform standards before your children! Bullying is quite noticeable in the school as it is filled with students who are stuck up and get everything handed to them. Honestly the school is way overpriced for what you get out of it - and the uniform prices are crazy. The teachers here like to wear their hair out, show off tattoos, piercings, etc. Yet as soon as a student has an extra earring in, or they are not wearing their blazer in winter there are consequences, and they will immediately get told off. If the teachers are going to set such high standards for the students, why can't they also follow them??? The drama teacher at this school is SO WERID - lowkey touchy. The school also lets a rapist go here and seems to have no problem with him after what he did, as a Christian school this behavior is appalling. Don't come here
Aug 22, 2023

Avoid if you want your child to be treated fairly

If your child is bullied by a child whose parent teaches at the school - just know that nothing will be done about it. They look after themselves.
Also, once there is an opinion of your child, as in a teachers child has a problem with your child (especially in the primary) it spreads like wildfire amongst the teachers even if it's based on a lie.
It's very obvious who the teachers like and don't like. If you don't help out at the school, your child will be treated like second class.
May 1, 2023

A culture of homophobia.

If your child is gay, do not send them here; there is a culture of blatant homophobia (amongst several other forms of xenophobia).

I way asked by the school dean whether I "experienced symptoms of homosexuality," was subject to a Christian focus day where homosexuality was likened to pedophilia (as a mode of justifying its immorality) and pulled aside by a teacher to explain (using his nursing experience) why anal sex is dangerous. I did not live my life openly as a gay person at this time and these comments were extremely damaging to my development as a young person. It is noteworthy that this behaviour enabled and perpetuated homophobia amongst my other classmates whereby I would often find myself in the sick bay to escape homophobia.

Irrespective of your personal views on homosexuality this culture does not foster kindness and a positive learning environment. Please take this into consideration before selecting Middleton Grange as the school for your child.
Former Student
Mar 12, 2023

Some teachers leave a stain on the reputation

The school was okay, but the head of senior college seemed to have it out for everyone. She did not want to let anyone enjoy themselves, calling my friend a hoe. Another one of the teachers was too friendly with female students, often messaging them outside of school hours. Although it was on Microsoft Teams, it still feels inappropriate to message students unrelated-to-school messages at 9pm at night. Apart from experiences such as that, there were many teachers and courses that greatly helped me.
Dec 2, 2022

Middleton Grange is a terrible place for high schoolers

Middleton Grange school lives up to its name - it is mid or worse in every way. Despite receiving large amounts of money from overpriced uniforms, partial government funding, and high student tuition, they still manage to give their students a pitiful education. Students at Middleton Grange are given very limited opportunities at high school level, have fewer class options than most public schools, including cashmere, hilmorton, and burnside high schools. The teachers at Middleton Grange will pedantically punish students for uniform offences while ignoring rampant bullying. While they claim to be a Christian school, the overall culture of Middleton does not seem very Christian - students and teachers alike are judgmental and show a lack of mutual respect. With the exception of a few good teachers, most of the teachers at this school are bad at their jobs and don't know how to deal with high schoolers. Graffiti is all over Middleton's toilets and desks. Renovations are being made to the library even though the bathrooms, many doors, and lockers are in a depressing state. Many of the teachers are ignorantly racist and blatantly homophobic, and despite legal requirements for semi-private schools they still refuse to let trans students wear the uniform they are comfortable in. If you expect your child to be sheltered at this school, prepare to be disappointed since there is heaps of drug use, bullying, and gossip. The only good things i can say about Middleton Grange is that there are a lot of chill gay stoners who are being forced to attend. Also, there are some lovely penises drawn on the field and bathrooms. I guess Middleton's art department teaches their students well.
Joseph Freeman
May 3, 2022


Just sitting in physics learning soo much. The teachers are incredible. Shout out to Mrs Dixon and Mr Harris they are the bomb.
Jun 4, 2021

Bad school, worse morals

This school not only poorly effected my mental health but also showed no concern or urgency to help when I asked for help from the guidance counsellors when I tried to seek help. This school prioritises looking like a academic and sporty, perfect school more that they care about addressing the real problems of bullying, homophobia, sexism and racism that is rampant. While the school preaches about being light in the earth the only light I saw there was hope of finally graduating and being able to finally get out of that toxic environment. Please do not send your children here. I truely and deeply regret not switching schools as early as I could.
Sep 7, 2020

Good school 👌

Good school the bully either slides or you get in trouble and their is good learning
Sep 5, 2020

It’s school

It’s bad but could be worse
Aug 29, 2020

Bratty school.

Full of spoilt brats. Teachers promote homophobia, transphobia, sexism, and even sometimes racism. Way too overpriced.
Aug 25, 2020

Unsafe and unsecure

Just generally bad, there's no student view, school spies on us through our phones and laptops. It's just generally a bad school
30 Acacia Avenue, 8041, Christchurch
Mike Vannoort
03 348 9826

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