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Former Student
May 28, 2023


Horrible I left last year because I got into a fight with 3 islander girls. That I didn't cause
I left the fight with a chipped tooth, a bloody ear and a small bruise under my ear after being punched for at least 5 minutes once at the office I told my full story the girls tried forcing their way into the classroom that they weren't allowed in I pushed them away then they tried forcing their way back in started punching me getting me to the ground and continuing. I believe only 1 of the girls got 1-3 day suspension. I also got a 1-3 day suspension. We got the same punishment. Also other problems too much stress, not enough options, I had a problem with one of my science teachers who used alot of the beginning of class to talk about himself. He also caused me to cry due to the stress he put on me he always pointed me out for ANYTHING he didn't get any punishment and all that happened was I was put in a different class now that teacher was a 11/10 that teacher deserved to teach at a better school
Feb 6, 2023

Massey's issue with Bekis

Massey High needs some more bekis. They don't have because they all ratchet or hoodrat
Aug 15, 2022


drug problems, trashed boys bathrooms, stinky blazers, cringy morning assemblies, mentally challenged year 9s ruining the school, 99% of the students are crackheads and too many karen students, got suspended without any evidence because i got falsely accused of black mailing and cyberbullying
May 26, 2021

Massey high school

It’s alright haven't gone for awhile but seemed fine .
May 3, 2021

More smoke detectors and more security plz

The bathrooms are unusable because the year 9 smoke in the bathrooms and the smoke detectors aren't working, bathroom so filthy that the students don't bother to use the bathrooms, that the students develop bowl problems because they don't want to use the school bathrooms.
Feb 13, 2021

mediocre to bad

the music department and the english department teachers are swag as but the school is falling apart. the music block has a room blocked off due to asbestos, the math block is falling apart (literally), the air conditioning doesn’t work in most of the classrooms that have it, which is unbearable in the summer even without the blazer. the uniform code is strict and pointless, and it only seems to apply to certain students. also the ********* ** * ******* ******, go buy a suit that fits instead of yelling at us about ours. i just wanna be able to wear a generic hat in the wintertime, it’s cold as shit. also, maybe the school should get the drug problem under control, i swear i can’t use a bathroom without interrupting some kids who’re smoking pot.
Feb 12, 2021


Bad and Horrible

it’s alright a bit boring can’t wait to leave and stressful teachers don’t leave enough time for completing the work
Former Student
Sep 23, 2020


a waste of my time the 1st XV coaches were bad 1 has no idea what he's doing and I wasted 5 years of my life there just to go be a tradie where I could of dropped out at age 16.
Sep 22, 2020

Don’t enroll unless you’re academically well off

honestly it’s draining and most students don’t get the same opportunities as others unless they’re “smart”, it’s fine i guess but not the best or very good.
274 Don Buck Road, 0614, Auckland
Glen Denham
09 831 0500

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