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Former Student
Feb 5, 2023

they don’t care

the teachers would never listen to me about mental health , i was struggling so bad with my mental health and the teachers would just yell and scream constantly not even listening to what i was saying , i would be sitting there crying begging them to listen to me but they wouldn’t do i ended up having to drop out , they basically told me i needed to
Jan 31, 2023

Not worth putting your child or self though this experience.

I went to school here from my year 9 to half of my year 11 and it was the worst experience of schooling I have ever had teachers where rude students where rude lots and health and safety issues and with learning disabilities they didn't help I asked for help starting year 10 all the way through and they didn't help till start of year 11. I say help because that's what I was told it was, I have dyslexia and after a year of asking for extra help or special classes or anything they put me in a art class and getting told it's to make sure I don't get depression. Depression is not like that I do not have it and if someone did and got told that I don't think it would help at all. Basically I don't think its worth putting yourself or your child through that experience, and yes I left after afew months of the art class.
Jun 9, 2021

Be ware #2

Thank you to the parent who wrote on April 2021, I had the exact thing happen to my daughter, I thought I was the only one that felt the staff were bullies, there are some good teachers but management staff is very poor
Former Student
May 14, 2021

Don't send your kids here.

Had a horrible high school experience here, especially in my last two years. Teachers don't actually care about you and your learning. Had many friends who went through some pretty difficult times and the teachers didn't ask once about why they weren't turning in work or whatsoever. Not one teacher at MGC had an impact on my life or helped me with my studies.
Apr 9, 2021

Be aware

Beware have just had to pull my young girl for this school because of staff daughter was getting told to dropout and go too community school if not told will get failed in all subjects ...shame on you marlborough girls collage
Mar 19, 2021

incredibly average school.

it is an average school probably leaning closer to the bad side. in winter it is always cold and we aren’t allowed puffer jacket indoors, the head teachers in charge are not very understanding at all and although the school prides itself on being bully free, there is A LOT of bullying which barely ever gets resolved. the school is very accepting of diversity which is nice and it encourages being different amongst the students (within school uniform). this school is not awful but they definitely aren’t as great as they make out that they are.
Nov 6, 2020

Great School

I moved from another school to here in Year 11, I am Year 12 now and the school has been great. Going to an all Girls school has drastically helped my mental health, and they have SO many good academic chances. The only complaints I have are:

-The food is a bit pricey, they put up the prices by 50cents in summer which is weird

-I’ve never been bullied but I’ve heard of Yr13 Girls who are harassing some Yr12 girls because they think they are “older and superior to them”, I might not have the details right but thats what I heard

-Most schools allow Yr12’s and Yr13’s to wear mufti, which I think would be a good idea. Also on the topic of uniform, I think they should add school hoodies as they are more comfy and stylish and students would like them

Apart from that the teachers and students are very pleasent and they do a great job accepting diversity of religion, sexuality, race etc which I appreciate. I do recommend:))
Oct 8, 2020

Principle does care

The principal care about no one but herself, she has put no effort into the senior school. The teachers feel as if they being walked all over, as a senior student I would not recommend this school as I have booked meetings with my deans and guidance counselrs and have always had the meetings rescheduled or cancelled. The only thing they care about is uniform and attendance.
21 Mclauchlan Street, 7201, Blenheim
Mary-Jeanne Lynch
03 520 8448

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