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Jun 19, 2023

Marist is driving me crazy

Unfortunately i'm writing this from a student perspective, I am a student of Marist college and although I haven't been here long god this school makes me wanna kill myself. That's not an exaggeration, these teachers are so strict and judgemental to the point where it feels suffocating. A teacher of Marist has said racial slurs during class and then at the same time raising blm awareness? I don't think you can do both of those at the same time. A friend of mine went to a teacher with her concerns of a teacher mistreating her and yet she proceeded to do nothing to stop it or at least help the situation. Honestly, these teachers are bloody hypocrites, i don't get why they tell us to do like 5 laps around the gym knowing damn well when they jump the ground shakes. Im not one for body shaming but why are all of these pe teachers built like hippos. Also MARIST DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT. TO CALL THEMSELVES A CATHOLIC SCHOOL WITH THE SHI THAT GOES DOWN HERE. There have been graffiti all over the god damn stalls about people being raped and expelled, racial slurs being sad, drama happening, fights, and yet barely any of these are being stopped because marist doesnt give a shit about ur daughters. Id say they only care about getting paid but lets be so fr marist dont go the money for that. They get money and they buy fkn stairs for the office..Okayyy then. AND A TEACHER TOLD THE CLASS SHE GOT BREAST IMPLANTS?? So. Another teacher told us that we should love and cherish our body, never to wear make-up and shi like that, while another teacher talkin abt injecting her titties..Okay wtever. Dont get me started on these bloody students. People talking about rushing each other, ramraiding, jumping and everything yet they never do it, theyre all talk istg. And literally everyone knows everybodys business and nobody knows some chick showed her ass to everyone on insta then started crying when ppl laughed at her abt it like be so fr ur 12. Then she blamed her sister for it? now her sisters being bullied over it and marist once again has done nothing to fkn stop it. They care more abt our uniforms and following the dress code then our actual education. Why the hell is the only social studies topic we have the treaty of waitangi, ion gaf bro. BROO AND MS TAULU RIPPING OFF BLM POSTERS? JST STOPP. AND HER WIT THE "small incident across the road" DO YOU MEAN MURDER? be so fr. This school made me fucking suicidal, hope it gets burnt to the ground. Also, our old priest was a pedophile, fuck you marist and fuck you crazy ass teachers. I hope to leave here the second i get the chance, this isnt even a school its a fucking insane asylum
-100/10, send ur daughter here if ur an abusive fuck
Jun 18, 2023

hate it here tbh

(PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE I AM (SADLY) A STUDENT HERE)As a student of this school i am VERY ashamed to be going here, i get so embarrased when someone ask's where i go because of this schools reputation. The teachers suck and grade you on how much they like you, they dont do anything about bullying- if they DO do something tho its always giving horrible advise and decisions. This school is the WORST please do NOT send your kid here (unless you hate them).ALSO there is so much drama with the students and i cant do this, for the love of GOD do NOT sne your children here, please.
Mar 8, 2023

My experience at marist college

I feel so embarrassed when someone asks me what school I go too and I have to reply with marist college. I'm not gonna get into depths of just how much annoyance this school brings me but I am going to mention how unbelievably crazy it is how the staff behavior is. One of the teachers mentioned how it wasn't sexy to have her job to some year 6s? Don't think parents were impressed with that. Neither was I when I saw just how badly one of the teachers treated me compared to all the other students in my class. I thought him targeting me was all in my head till my classmates started asking if I was okay and comforting me afterwards. He's scolded me for many things and they were all inconvenient reasoning. I'm not giving his name, but he's just one of the few reasons why I just cant with this school. A teacher was caught saying a racial slur, another teacher slapped a student? And our principal is known for tearing down blm posters, not to mention she also called the murder across our school a small incident? Not exactly the marist spirit. The amount of drama with the students is to much I'm not even getting into it. The guidance counselor tells ur parents stuff that they promise to keep quiet. They say that they're students work best when happy but hardly any of us are. They once expelled a student a while ago because they got pregnant which most likely was becsuse of rape. Thats absolutely disgusting behaviour from a catholic school. There was proof in emails of teachers gossiping about the students of the school. None of the teachers understand and I don't trust any of them. They need to do better especially with staff.
Mar 8, 2023

A pov of marist from a student

No cause honestly I came to marist college thinking this was gonna be an algds school, but then it wasn't. The amount of drama that goes down here is unbelievable, a teacher apparently said a racial slur? Another teacher slapped a student, some of these students are crazy, 2 girls went missing, they need help really.
Feb 19, 2023

This is a school with heartwarming people

Although the school is strict, we focus a lot on sister hood and community. I feel like everyone is very inclusive and welcoming.
Feb 18, 2023

Test result: 5-

I am currently enjoying my time at Marist, I moved up a math class this year but my teacher isn’t that great though, she sorta just expects you to know the subject already and doesn’t really teach it, I’m definitely stressed about internals and they haven’t taught me how to write an essay, they had one lesson in year seven where they taught us how to write one but I was away that day and have no idea what I’m doing. Some feedback for the school would be to have a restriction for how many assessments you can have in one week, at the moment I’ve missed a lot of school due to the flooding+cyclone Gabrielle+inaugural mass+ photo day is coming soon (and for some reason that takes up the whole day)+ athletics day is also coming soon, so I haven’t had much time for schoolwork and learning stuff for my internals and yet I already have 7 internals due in week 7 already, I am going to be in literal 🔥🔥🔥🔥 that week and I am already stressing just thinking about it in week three, I think the school needs to find more ways to properly support students- however I don’t have any ideas on how just yet. Also I understand that homework is good but your students also need to get to bed early so that they can actually function in class, I currently don’t have enough time in the day for all my homework and end up making it to bed around 11:30 and then have to get up at 6:00 for school the next day, by the time I get to school I’m practically brain dead and my only purpose in life is to try and get through the day it’s not healthy for growing teens to not be able to get the right amount of sleep, I think informative classes on the benefits of sleep would be good in year 7 or 8 when we’re just learning how to adjust to college life. Besides everything that I just mentioned Marist has an amazing family spirit and kind students and I’m very lucky to be here, but they definitely have some faults as well which will hopefully be improved soon
Former Student
Feb 8, 2023

0/10 y’all suck

0/10. y’all bullied the shit out of me and no one did anything about it. also the teachers in general just aren’t good at their job. i had a teacher that literally never handed back assignments that we’d all worked so
hard on but with the excuse that she had other students work to mark. overall you all suck.
Oct 7, 2020


Marist was amazing, fun and excited until we got a new principle, now the school rules are horrible and she is serious and dosent like to have fun.
Sep 11, 2020

Bad morals of marist

As a strong supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and BLM protests I highly discourage people from attending marist. Out of the the incorrect statements the Religious teachers are teaching such as ‘You can’t be gay’ or ‘we don’t support that’ , also teachers saying ‘White privilege isn’t real’ and ‘Black lives matter dosent apply to NZ’. As well as only educating students on straight sex and disregarding student questions about sex between different genders apart from Male to female
Sep 11, 2020

Marist college is not a good school

One of the worst high schools in Auckland, I feel ashamed of going here. Lots of other schools hate Marist especially known for carrying the first covid19 cluster and the racist principal we have that has changed everything, the teachers are absolutely the worst they gossip about the students and the parents of the students (I’ve seen proof in emails), the teachers don’t understand you and the guidance council talks to your parents and the teachers there about things you’ve said when they clearly state that it’s confidential which is horrible, the school once expelled a student for getting pregnant which was possibly caused by rape which is disgusting of the school to do that because it obviously wasn’t the students fault. In conclusion please don’t send your daughter here there are many other things wrong with this school that people don’t see, so please take my advice and don’t send you or your daughter or relative here:)
31 Alberton Avenue, 1025, Auckland
Raechelle Taulu
09 846 8311

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