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Student · September 5, 2020
Student · September 5, 2020
Alright school, don’t give learning that is needed though

Marian College experience

Student · August 29, 2020
Student · August 29, 2020
A pretty good school. Nice for people who have social anxiety and want to go to a smaller school that is less overwhelming. Opportunities for subjects however are not as wide at this school, because of its size. But it does what it can for the size of it.
For students wellbeing like many small schools, options for counselling within school are not very vast, there is one guidance counsellor, and they are good for the most part, but are not exclusively a counsellor and teach a few classes within the school as well. This person has been known to not follow all confidentiality contracts, so to be safe it may be better for individuals to seek mental health care outside of school if they have bigger problems (eg. Struggling with self harm, family violence, severe depression ect.) and wish to be cared for by people who specifically specialise in the counselling field.
However, for smaller things many of the teachers are fabulous at helping out and making you feel safe and cared for in the school environment, you can openly talk with them if you are feeling a bit lost or just off in any classes or areas of your learning.
Because Marian is not a co-ed school, teachers and anyone who talks to students in the school tend to use extremely feminine gendered language. If you identify as something other than female on the gender spectrum certain parts of this can make school feel a bit uncomfortable and alienating.
However, the teachers are for the most part extremely good at their jobs and there are multiple teachers in my school who I will remember for a lifetime because of their kindness, and their encouraging attitudes.

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122 Barbadoes Street, 8011, Christchurch
Mary-Lou Davidson
03 385 8449

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