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Former Student
Feb 23, 2023

Lac review

Hello I am a former student at lac.
lac is a great school lac has its ups and downs like many schools.
But one thing I noticed at lac was the lack of education and lac is prone to bullying
But apart from that lac is a great school and I would recommend lac if you're child likes a chill environment.
Nov 27, 2022

change our foood

i like lac but i think they could change our food to meat and give us right in the dorms. and change the way we could do stuff
Nov 25, 2022

longburn adventist collage is bs

hello I am the father chloe french and she had an horrible time at longburn adventist collage she hated to so much it drived her mad she came to me in tear's one day saying she hate's that school she got bullied by the deputy Principal Rosalind Burnett at first I didn't belive my daughter but after me hearing her side of the story I belive her now I just want to say if you want your kid to go to a good school with nice people and no bully's don't send them to longburn adventist collage you will regret it badly.
Mar 5, 2021


Longburn Adventist College

LAC does have many faults as well as good things. Faults I would like to point out about LAC is the lack of good education, I felt as if I am hardly learning anything at the school as far as academics (***** **** *** ******** *******,*** *). It also has quite a lot of drama and bullying which doesn't get handled well and mostly ignored by teachers. It is kind of ancient.. rule-wise and we get told off for the stupidest and minor things ever. I think hospitality should also have an excuse to use meat in there because meat is an every-day thing and if it is not cooked well can cause serious damage to health, so I think LAC should let that slide although I KNOW it is a vegetarian school. They need to also update the cafeteria food which has been the same since I started. The school overall is very pretty and spacious and has many things to do and also good camps. It has been a very welcoming school for me over the years and I don't regret moving here. When I first started I thought it would be hard to make friends as the friend groups were introverted but the people are family-like and very welcoming. Been here since YR10 and thoroughly enjoy it here :) Thankyou LAC.
Former Student
Aug 20, 2020

Longburn Adventist College Review

L.A.C is a school which needs some major improvement in the academic home front. The teachers are caring and all but that does not make up for their lack of teaching skills. It is definitely not worth the tuition for the quality of teaching which is quite poor. The uniforms are very gender specific which is another issue that needs to be addressed especially as we are in the 21st century. The campus itself is quite picturesque even though the teaching is simply not. Overall do I regret attending this high school? Maybe it depends on what you prioritize education, scenery, sports or caring teachers. If it is education then I would definitely not recommend it.
100 Walkers Road, 4477, Palmerston North
Brendan van Oostveen
06 354 1059

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