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Oct 2, 2023

Kristin School

Kristin School

Many teachers don't seem to care about the student's academics and there are barely any helpful resources and books the school gives to the students to help them learn. Also, many of the teachers here are not good at teaching.
Aug 23, 2023

Kristin school

In all honesty the school is very good in terms of education. However in terms of school support and education support for neurodivergent children nothing is done. And the bullying here is horrendous. It’s a great school if your neurotypical but that’s all.
Aug 4, 2023


Do not send your kids here unless they fit the Kristin mould. Think twice also if you are starting your child there part way through their schooling - the original "Kristin Kids" who have been there since Kindy or Year 0 wont be welcoming or accepting and act like they think they are better than public school kids. Pitch for a high intake year like Years 7 or 9 when there will be lots of new kids starting. Our daughter experienced horrific bullying here (physical assaults, verbal abuse, told to commit suicide, online bullying) and the school was incompetent to stop it. I would give the teachers an excellent rating but the learning environment is so unsafe that no learning went on. Our daughter is now safe and happy and succeeding academically at a new school.
Feb 12, 2023

Year 11

Not bad not good

I have a mixed relationship with this school because on one hand it has great teachers but on the other, most of them don’t really care
Sep 12, 2022


$$$ Too expensive

I can't afford to go here, so it's not very good.
Nov 12, 2021

Kristin school, more like drugy school

Kristin school is by far the worst school i have ever reviewed. ESPECIALLY because all the kids in the school are not taught well by their "teachers". One example of this was when i was at the middle school area and this boy with mushroom hair just ran up to me and said and just started pointing and laughing. I heard later that this boy was called Gayudon or something along the lines. Overall the school is very bad and i do not recommend going there, its a waste of time and money.
Mar 7, 2021

Let's go doves

My school. the best school
Former Student
Nov 16, 2020

very bad

had to be the worst school ive been to. waste of money and a waste of time.
Jun 20, 2020

Kristin teachers go above and beyond every day

Kristin is an amazing school with incredibly dedicated and hardworking teachers who go above and beyond for the students every day! The “Future Ready” and “Progress with vision integrity and love” mottos encapsulates the forward thinking and well rounded ethos and culture of the school. The campus is large and grounds beautifully maintained. The facilities and resources are generally very good and it’s likely the school will redevelop or renovate the last of the tired buildings in future years. The school is well renowned for it’s amazing productions which compare to professional west end shows. The IB programme is a particular strength and Kristin produces a large number of IB top scholars every year. It’s a good school to teach in - I don’t think there’s anywhere else I’d rather be.
360 Albany Highway, 0632, Auckland
Mark Wilson
09 415 9566

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