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Behaviour management needs a lot of work

December 30, 2020
December 30, 2020
They advertise themselves as the school of choice but their behaviour management is seriously lacking. My son was bullied during his time here and nothing was done about it. He was told by the deputy principal that he should just avoid the playground and got to the library because the library is monitored so really just shifted the blame onto my son for getting bullied. He also suffered a couple of nasty assaults and the other kid pretty much got away with it. It also seemed that if he reported bullying to a teacher and the other kid and his mates lied and said they didn't bully him, they would get away with it because the teachers couldn't be bothered getting to the bottom of what happened. We ended up removing him from Kirkwood as his mental health was suffering and he also had post traumatic stress disorder from the months of continued threats, physical and emotional violence and loss or damage to his property that he suffered from while at Kirkwood. On paper they say all the right things such as being anti bully and respecting of students but my son did not feel safe at this school and I as a concerned parent felt like I was not being listened to or having my concerns about the bullying taken seriously.

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