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Former Student
Sep 12, 2023

Ball bags

I left the school a while ago, I wasn’t the best or most achievable student. However the school itself isn’t as bad as people say. Most of the negativity are just lazy kids who hate school and think everyone, including authority, should follow their standards instead of what’s right. I’ve met so much teachers, some who’s names idk and vice versa, and none of them were disgusting, “racist”, or horrible. Of course some teachers aren’t as kind as others, but they are doing their job. They are human like everyone else, with feelings. stress can come through when looking after kids all day everyday, dealing with disrespect and hateful comments/actions. If i were a teacher, i’d definitely get fired for hitting a student, i can’t handle what teachers go through.
Stop being a c*nt of a child and grow up. Nothing is cool about being an egg in class.
Jun 4, 2023


It is average boring and just sadddddddddd
May 30, 2023

Why you shouldn't attend KKHS

Teachers are annoying as fuck. Bathrooms are always dirty, and they care much more about having "correct uniform" than about students' learning. Most teachers are under-qualified for the subjects and year levels that they take. The principal talks about upholding values but minimal action is taken against the more serious offences of students. The money raised by the students to improve the school is never used for anything that actually needs fixing.
But at least the international program is good.
Mar 14, 2023

Shit principal

The school shit the new principal use his power against the students. He did the same when he was dp the man need to be fired
Former Student
Mar 2, 2023

Yeah…. nah

Indescribably bad, so bad I am incapable of articulating the full extent in which it is bad, it has left me discouraged traumatised and mentally incapacitated. The only thing worse then the school it self is the students that occupy said shit hole, absolutely incognisant primates. Then again this is just my experience, everyone perceives these realities from different perspectives. I’m just kidding of course, it is fucking atrocious.
Feb 28, 2023

Adults need to hear us

The school could be alot worse to be honest. Now, i'm just a kid, so what do i know? But, there are a couple of things school could work on. For example, I feel that our "WAKA" values are pushed on us students alot, and I don't think teachers realize, but it makes us feel like we are being forced into those values, instead of choosing them ourselves. Additionally, I feel students should be taught alot more outside. Let me elaborate: In my opinion as a student, I think kids should be taught alot more amongst nature and the earth, not crammed together in a classroom. Also, I believe that we need to expand our learning, to things not just like Math, and Science, but the things that are more spiritual, such as meditation, yoga, calming things, things to keep the connections between humans and our earth. I also would like to say that I feel school is unnecessary stressful. When teachers say things like "oh, it's good to get out of your comfort zone a little", and, "we are just pushing you the right amount" what they are really doing is causing students to over think, panic, and feel unnecessary pressure that they aren't enough. And, by the way, I am only brushing the surface of how many students feel. I graded my school as an average because most schools are the same, not because it isn't that bad. Also, I would like to state that the dress code for kerikeri high-school is ridiculous. I'm not taking about the uniform, I'm talking about on mufti days, and the school ball. At the ball, girls aren't allowed to wear backless dresses, spaghetti straps, or god forbid she wear something that is "too revealing". I think girls should be able to wear what they are comfortable in, and what makes them feel good in themselves. Take a car from 100 years ago, and compare it to one today, very different. What about a phone from 100 years ago? Again, a big difference. But when you take a school from 100 years ago, and a school from today, there is not much of a difference. And yes, even though they removed hitting the kids, that doesn't make the classroom a happy and stressless enviroment. At all. School needs to update with the generations, not keep the same curriculum forever, it's not working anymore. But of course, I'm just a kid, so what do I know?
Feb 11, 2023

Horrible school don’t send your kid here

Really bad school, no teaching, all students are on phones in class, heaps of bulling heaps of people get beat up horrible school don’t send your kid here
Jan 30, 2023

⚠️ don’t come to this school ⚠️

If you send your child to this school, there is an average wait time between of 2-3 months before they will end up depressed. If they aren’t being manhandled by the teachers, they’re definitely getting plenty of psychological abuse, you best be wearing those black shoes otherwise i’ll be metaphorically curb stomped into submission. I hope you don’t have a problem living in the 60s because the racism, sexism and homophobia hasn’t changed since then. Foods rubbish too and hella expensive. Someone please invent a 0 star because this hell hole doesn’t deserve 1.
Former Student
Nov 4, 2022

Worst school I’ve been to

A very disgusting school. Very dirty place and everyone there is not polite at all. The teachers r very rude especially the lec ones and they don’t help anyone at all in there. I think any other school is better.
Don’t waste your money on this school. The uniforms aren’t that great either. A lot of things have happened at this school. Several people have killed themselves and people have lit the school on fire it’s not safe at all.
Aug 16, 2022

The actual

Just not what I have expected compared what I saw online. The staff are not engaged with specific student . The bullying problem is also really bad in here as well
May 17, 2022

Dont go ehre

Just garbage. Done go here. Its shit its bad and everything dont
Former Student
Mar 11, 2022

Review about the school.

There is so much bullying and just overall negative events. Homophobia, racism, fighting, the list goes on and on. Few teachers are nice and that's about it that is positive abt the school.
Apr 28, 2021

Just don’t ever come

Teachers are racist to students , bad school, no support for the student , never saw the principal except the prize giving
Apr 21, 2021

Kerikeri High - Warm and Personal

The school was very welcoming and I always had a great relationships with my teachers which I felt was important and they made the effort to not make me feel like a number. Overall the academic standard is not as high as somewhere like in Auckland however for northland I thought it was very high with a lot of high achievers leaving it. There are a lot of easy access support systems for students as well. My only criticism is that the leadership system in the school felt quite outdated and impersonal - if you weren’t a student of ranking the chances were you would never have a conversation with the principal in your whole time spent there. I have many fond memories of the school and really appreciate all the skills it gave me.
Nov 4, 2020

Bad school

Some junior lit the school toilets on fire, and also the staff are racists and homophobic
Sep 11, 2020

kerikeri high school is the coolest school for me

i started Kerikeri high school on the 20th of July 2020 and in the last few weeks I've been here and i have fitted in among the school students real nicely. Than i had ever did in my other schools Okaihau College, and Mount Albert Grammar School. the deans and teacher's service here is really excellent with dealing to problems like bullying and is a very welcoming school to new students.
48 Hone Heke Road, 0230, Kerikeri
Elizabeth Forgie
09 407 8916

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