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Mar 9, 2022

Boys club culture

Initially there were things here and there to be positive about. Fast forward 2nd year and you really get into what the school culture is all about. My daughter currently attends Kelston Intermediate.
Just this week as the kids were assembling they were informed that if you are not into your culture you are at the wrong school. This school is mainstream right? In reality not so much. My daughters teacher is pro her culture and has been known to say Maori is more important than anything else (can't fault her love for our culture). Only thing is it's a mainstream class that she teaches. My daughter is always complaining how regular topics are not being taught just Maori. I had informed the principal already. Note: Maori and samoan immersion classes are available upon application. You maybe thinking so what's the trouble. Which drives me to our drawn out problem. My daughter is a fair looking halfcast maori. She is very tall. The bullying she first experienced was a collaboration between a euro girl in the ear of a poly boy who is extremely popular (star athlete) with everyone including teachers, to physically assault my daughter. He tried to make it look accidental but when my daughter said you're hurting me everyone just laughed. The girl then said he was not doing anything wrong and that it was my daughters fault he was being like that. Next to them was a group of boys who said to my daughter if you were raped we wouldn't care we would just laugh.
It really appears to be quite the boys club there as since discussions have been made and people spoken to my daughter is now worse off. Sneers and whispers are everywhere she goes now and the biggest bully has his sights set only on my daughter now. She is constantly being told she is ugly and the popular boy is well..still popular.
I called the principal today to follow up. He is as expected just over it. I'm being told to have a conversation with the teacher but I get the sense now that its a systemic problem. Leadership and changing the culture of the school is desperately needed or is that how those cultures live and breathe? I have difficulty being proud to be Maori when on the ground level there is so much hate thrust on my daughter by them. History repeating itself unfortunately.
The bullying continues in her class and during lunch break too. She is constant being singled out for trivial things and many break times are spent in the bathroom to avoid the small section that all students go to during break. Counselling was offered but her teacher stopped her from using the chromebook to check her appointment and consequently missed the appt. The teachers coerced my daughter into saying everything is fine its sorted there's nothing wrong.
BUT we all know how very real bullying is when you're on the receiving end of it.

Zoning is a thing. Jump ship you're thinking. To where? I will add another review toward the end of the year. I plan to spread the truth as it comes.
Ending on a good note the art teacher is an exceptional human being.
Vanguard Road, 0602, Auckland
Phil Gordon
09 818 5544

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