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Former Student
Apr 6, 2024

bad school tbh

so bad, this school makes you feel unwanted (staff and students) i hated it at kelston girls. everyone makes you feel unsafe and puts girls down because of jealousy. over all this is a bad school.
Jan 15, 2024

Not recommended

Since writing the an honest review about this school on here will get rejected my opinion isn’t valued when its been rejected .
All I will say thats its not a school I would recommend for anyone. My daughter was neglected by the staff members when she was sick. My daughter had a brain bleed and was passed out in the bathroom while in the care and “safety “ of the school. her cry, her pain wasn’t taken seriously. if you do go ahead and take your daughter to the school I highly recommend that she has a cellphone on her for safety reasons.
Jul 15, 2023

its okay but...

if you want your kid to be exposed to as much experiences, this isnt the school, they dont offer many subjects to ALL year lvls. this school is well underfunded and is falling apart and the only thing that looks okay is the school taking pride in the students cultures however, the school isnt that diverese. half the school are pacifc islanders (nothing wrong with that) and the rest are filos or muslims. the girls here all have the same mindset istg. going here, made me so uninspired everyday because everyone felt like there was only one way to do things, many girls there make you not want to succeed and its kind of sad. on the bright side, the carrears advisors were so helpful, i think they were the only ones who helped me get great opportunities with things i knew i wanted to persue. without them, i wouldve carried on being a follower and a bum tbh. overall alot of girls i say have sm potential in that school, but it gets hidden even more when a school like this fails to provide quality education to them, that are alrdy propably having a hard time with guidence outside of school. its not like the teachers are all bad, cos its jst some of them who have looked down on many of the students and expected nothing out of them, but the whole school systemm needs to be remodeled because kelstons reputation has been like this for so long and i could go on about the bigger issues but i know this would be enogh to show yall what kind of school it was. anyways, everyone's experience is different so take this how yall wanna but unless you went to kelston, from another school that is more privileged, youll see how grateful you shouldve been with ur old school (if you are deciding to move to kelston from another high school)
Former Student
May 8, 2023


I went to Kelston girls for a term because a friend of mine who attends this school wanted me there. It's full of bullying and toxic behaviour by students who could care less about their education. I didn't take the academic test for the school so I believe they put me in the class with the lowest test scores. The students in my class were borderline illiterate, incredibly arrogant and rude. It wasn't until I completed a maths test that they realised I was placed in the wrong class. I didn't even bother waiting for them to move me to a different class, I just asked my parents if I could change schools and I am much happier now. If you want your children to get an education without having to deal with continuous mistreatment then don't send them to this school.
Mar 3, 2021


consider other schools

they start fights for no reason and the students poorly behave most of the time as you see after school
Nov 16, 2020

I’m not really sure.

It’s really hard having to go to a place where I am supposed to feel safe and loved where when I am there I only feel the opposite and I do not like going I try to avoid it so much and my family won’t let me moved and i have been suffering for a while because they kick everything under the rug and only take care of their star students when all the ones needing help mentally or with bullying are just getting told to see the guidance counsellor when they make it so much worse and drag the situation out longer than it should be.
Nov 9, 2020

Yeah theres bad apples

I just wanna say that the school's poor reputation is because of the students with poor behaviours. The ones that disrespect teachers, the property, rules. And the sad thing is they tend to drop out.
Nov 9, 2020

It's actually not what you're thinking...

The staff are all friendly and supportive. They're really encouraging and what you to do your best. As someone who has achieved a lot at this school you can definatly make something of yourself and get involved through leadership and cultural groups, it's a very welcoming environment.

The truth about our reputation:
I am aware our school has a bad reputation but listen to me, that's only because of the girls that choose to act out, starting fights and just really not thinking, I'm trying to put it nicely but basically that's not in the schools control.

There are services here to support the students with our hauora centre including nurses, mental health workers and a guidance councilor. There is a teacher aid system that is really effective. There's a prayer room avaible. There are homework centres, in art subjects you're allowed to stay after school to do work. If you want to voice your opinion about something you can voice it to senior management too.

Why did I rate this Excellent?
What I've seen is the biggest and most impactful difference between this school and others is that because...
-it is a small school
- There are a lot of perk of attending a small school, like more attention and support from teachers, it's easier to do well without the pressure or intimidation of a big competitive school, easier to get to know people...etc
- The school environment is a big factor so no our school isn't made up of just islanders, surprisingly our school is very diverse and that creates a more inclusive school.
- Single sex school. Because it is a female only school it reduces pressure,anxiety, and intimidation-I'm sure I don't need to explain why that's good.

My compliants
So yes I believe because I went to Kelston Girls' College I have gained a lot and overall become a more confident, independent, and intelligent person however, there are things I really think they need to re-think.

Discipline is non-exsistent and I believe that is a big problem for why there are so many problem from our school like wagging, incorrect uniform, bad behaviour, and a bad name.
There is a program that
enforcea good values in a
positive and fun way that
starts in year 9 called peer
So I think management NEEDS to be stricter in a reaaonable way.

Overall (yes I'm finally done)
I still stand by my rating I do believe that if you are someone who wants their daughter to do well in academics without all the pressure of a competitive school environment, without the interference of males and whatever pressures that come with that, would like her to have options with trades, sports, cultural involvement, leadership starting from any year level, enjoying passions through committees, while learning life lessons in a supportive environment, then this is a school you should give a go.

It's not as bad as you think. I'm part of the class of 2020 and I have achieved a lot and I should add that they have changed the way that classes are structured (timetable-wise and form class-wise) and I don't completely agree with it however time will tell. I've also seen a lot over my time at the school I've seen the bad and good. And the fact that I took time to write this, shows that the good outweighs the bad.

Good luck choosing a school, hopefully this review gives you enough insight.
Great North Road, Unknown, Auckland
Sarah Stenson
09 827 6063

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