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Jul 31, 2023

Year 11 NCEA level 1

Worst school ever, if you can go elsewhere, please do.

Before I start dunking on this pathetic shell of a school let's start with a few good things about it
+ Some really good teachers

And that's about it. That's the only good thing. Now let's go for the bad stuff
- The boys here are just horrendous, everytime you walk into a classroom you will hear racial slurs at least 30 times. They are also super racist towards south east asian people, I've had people calling me "curry muncher" and "F***ing Indian".
- If you are queer, stay the hell away from this school. The boys will chew your soul, turn it into a mush and spit it out
- Because of the boys here you can't even concentrate in class properly. And then when you go home you will be too tired from all the crap you have to deal with from this school, and you won't be able to do your classwork.
- This school markets itself as this super good school for your boys cause it promotes brotherhood and blah blah blah. But to be honest this is a breeding ground for sexism, homophobia, racism and all the other stuff that you would want your kid to stay away from. There is no brotherhood, if brotherhood means to collectively disrespect teachers, collectively vape in toilets, collectively harass kids who are different than them. Then no thanks, I don't need this brotherhood.
- Students are super disrespectful to teachers.
- Some of the students started vaping in the library to the point where we had to close it off forever during lunch breaks/intervals
- The toilets are a complete disaster, broken toilets and vapers are super common.
- The library, which is a place meant to be for people to read books and enjoy peace and quiet, is infested with boys who vape, run around, watch tik toks and pollute the noise free environment and turn it into a fish market.
- This school pretends to be culturally inclusive but I have not once heard a Maori karakia done before eating lunches. This school is rather semi-catholic and still stuck to the old ways of how the colonisers set it up.
- Strong focus on uniform and the school's image rather than fixing the internal problems and the quality of education.

Just please don't come to this school. Single sex schools are bad in general, especially if it's an all boys school. Look elsewhere, turn your dreams into realities. Don't come to this dumpster fire, go child go. Chase your dreams.

And say this with me, Kelston Boys High School sucks.
Archibald Road, 0602, Auckland
Adeline Blair
09 818 6185

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