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Feb 1, 2024


Horrible school worst 2 years of my life before I moved, The teachers are absolutely disrespectful especially that new dean that looks like those little white dogs, and the deans are always yelling and giving you detentions for the most unreasonable reasons ever.
Feb 24, 2023

ma stockton

dont not come. there is a teacher named ms stockton and she is the whole reason for my 1 star review. besides that the school is fine
Feb 23, 2023

would not recommend Kapiti college for you or your child

The school seems to care more about the presentation of their students more than the mental health and education, the teachers/deans are uninterested in allowing students to attend if uniform is not 100% correct and some deans have said they do not care about mental health and they are only interested in academics, I honestly do not recommend this school and would suggest you go elsewhere if possible
Feb 13, 2023


shit canteen food the the drinking fountain walter is white
Former Student
Feb 4, 2023

Worst 4 years of my life, unsafe and badly managed environment

Absolutely horrible experience. Not only were teachers one of the main causes of issues with students, nothing was ever done about students actively causing real trouble (e.g verbal threats, physical threats, sexual violence etc). Many teachers hired are absolutely not fit for the job for numerous reasons ranging from abusive actions to predatory behavior. Most of these teachers have been reported in the past and nothing has been done about them as far as I know.
Former Student
Dec 8, 2022


Most teachers here are amazing, the deans and management are okay assuming u don't have any real struggles but as soon as things in your life get more difficult the support is not there. I had a friend that was bullied by drama teachers and the deans because of her adhd and chronic health problems and I personally had a sexual assault at the school which was not handled appropriately at all.

wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else, kapiti college meant a lot to me
Nov 26, 2022

Pretty Decent

the staff and [most] students are amazing, and the school has a big focus on diversity and equality. The facilities are variable, with some being state-of-the-art (like Te Raukura and the new gym) and others constantly smelling like mouldy cheese and with air-conditioning that feels like it belongs in the 1800s. It also has a huge vaping problem, but most schools are probably like that so idk.

Other than this, it's a pretty good school overall. 4/5.
Mar 13, 2021

great!! 10/10

kc is a great school to attend - provided that you get involved. there are great facilites to cater to a large variety of interests, and the staff are very actively involved in supporting extra-curricular activies.
Former Student
Feb 22, 2021

don’t recommend :(

honestly made my mental health so much worse. barely any teachers care abt students, and the deans just grab every opportunity they can to yell at students for things instead of being supportive. dress code is way too strict, and deans pick and choose who to tell off.
Oct 7, 2020


Every single one of my friends who go here now get drunk every weekend and smoke marijuana at 15. Wayyy to much drugs going around. Pc is a lil better tho.
Oct 4, 2020

The Truth About Kapiti College

The School facilities are decent however there is no allocation for athletes such as myself. We have spent literally millions on a performing art centre for the drama kids. We have established trans friendly bathrooms for the pupils. Yet there is still no quidditch pitch for me and my fellow competitors. We, no shit, have to use a fucking mandarin. Imagine Harry Potter chasing a mandarin. Fucking ridiculous. On top of that tragedy Kapiti College has fake subjects to allow certain students to prosper despite their incompetence. I am not bull shitting you reader, dance is an option. Dance is a fucking option. Prancing about and getting jiggy with it has no correlation to education and dance is by no means a sport. If you get credits for shaking it all about then I want credits for buttering toast. Oh wait! You fucking can! what the actual cunt. Cooking is a course at Kapiti College. But it isn't what you think, it is the most bottom of the barrel bottom feeding shit of all time. I just busted my ass for 3 hours doing my trigonometry test for 3 credits, meanwhile Samuel has just bagged 12 credits for making a pulled pork roll! Lastly the teachers are a bit weird yk, terrible role models like these dons have no clue about social skills.
Sep 10, 2020

Worst school north of wellington.

Christ almighty do not go here, I honestly would rather got Aotea than this hell hole. You've got a few great teachers, and more than a few not so great teachers. Send your kids to pc, they've got a more robust sport system, and a rapidly improving education system.

The title seems overdramatic but I really do believe my life would be 100x better if I had not gone here.
Aug 29, 2020

Not that good

teachers are bad, they just drone on, alot of them act better than you. Would much rather stab myself than actually try and its a toxic environment alot of the time.
Margaret Road, 5032, Raumati Beach
Anthony Kane
04 902 5121

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