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May 9, 2024

Kaitaia college is a horrible learning environment.

This school is very unhealthy. My daughter does not feel safe she has had issues with her science teacher since term one and no one has yet done anything to resolve the problem so she has had to sit out of class missing valuable learning because the teachers have done nothing, myself has even gone to the school during work times to sort out a meeting so my daughter can get back to learning and no one has done anything.

There is constant drama and fights involving many kids, there have even been multiple fight pages of kids getting harassed, bullied and even worse kids getting sent to hospital because of fights getting out of hand.

The teachers here have no respect for the tamariki at this school, there was an incident were her teacher was talking about her attendance and told her that attending whanau tangis is not more important then attending school, And all the drama with teacher and students is never resolved. I’ve put in many complaints and everything is always put aside, the head teacher in manukura was meant to have a meeting with me and my daughter about her learning but that has still yet to happen.

Now don’t get me started on the security for this school, it is horrible there is kids walking out of school all the time. What if a kid got run over or kidnapped all because some lousy teacher couldn’t do their job correctly.

My daughter has informed me that the teacher lock the toilets during school hours may I add, how are kids supposed to go to the toilet especially when they’re busting,
I’ve even heard on this Facebook page me and my fellow mothers are on, that someone’s kid wanted to go to the toilet while it was locked and they peed themselves, absolutely disappointing.

Over all this school is not a place to send your kids.
Former Student
Mar 3, 2023

Students are ignored

There are some really awesome teachers here that genuinely care about their students and want them to succeed. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for them. However, there are some that only put in the bare minimum and are probably under qualified.

The bathrooms are usually pretty gross with wet toilet paper everywhere. I have seen human piss on the floor a few times, and there is generally rubbish on the floor most of the time. There is always food in the sink, usually the school food because it is most of the time, inedible. A lot of the classrooms are old and musty, some even were moldy.

Now what to really makes this school a low rating for me. The school deliberately covers up inappropriate behaviour from teachers. A certain teacher when I went here behaved inappropriately towards female students constantly. He would very often come over and get very close to students and would touch their arm or hand in a creepy way and make it look like an accident. He even would sometimes touch their thigh.

He made sexual jokes about students in his class and just laughed it off when anyone would tell him it was inappropriate. Any complaints made by students or parents were dismissed and completely ignored. Other staff were even concerned and said something which was very obviously dismissed as well. Nothing was done until he assaulted another teacher in front of a room full of students who reported it. Nothing was done even then and we were told it never happened and to stop talking about it. The teacher who was assaulted ended up resigning because nothing was done.

No consequences for the perverted teacher until the end of the year when they decided not to renew his contract and told everyone he resigned. A lot of bad behaviour like this, fights, bullying, and teachers genuinely not doing their job is dismissed with no consequences simply because the management doesn’t want to have to deal with it.

Because of this there is almost no student voice at this school and because of this any complaints or genuinely good ideas brought to the board by students are ignored. Another consequence of this is that students who are a problem get away with a lot and face little consequences. Nothing serious is done until something very serious happens when it could have been prevented in the first place.

Students who are attacked by another student unprovoked are stood down for defending themselves. What are they supposed to do? Stand there and take a hiding? Meanwhile, students who actually are the problem get no real consequences. They just get thrown on pink card with a three day suspension.

This is a better school than Taipa or Abundant life but that sets the bar pretty low.
Former Student
Feb 6, 2023

Year 11

Kaitaia College

The teachers really just expect you to know what they are talking about and you will fall very far behind if you don’t. I barely passed Year 11 there but i only joined halfway through the year (or maybe it’s just a skill issue idk). Some really nice teachers there but also as many teachers who are just unenthused and just hand out worksheets. It’s alright for LGBTQ students with a few supportive teachers and students but a few rotten eggs as well. THE SCHOOL LUNCH IS AWFUL. We have been served coleslaw sandwiches way too many times. Overall it’s pretty eh and not as bad as i thought it was coming from THAT OTHER SCHOOL.
Apr 6, 2021

It's alright.

I've been here for a term and there have already been 2 fights and there have already been 7 times someone has rung the fire alarm. The food tastes pretty good at the tuck shop. The bullying isn't bad. If you want to actually learn I wouldn't recommend enrolling here but if you have no other choice I guess just go with it.
Nov 11, 2020

Kaitaia College

This school sucks. The teachers treat the students like shit and they expect you to know everything they teach. They uninclude the ones in need and expect you to ask other for help but they barely know what they are doing.They dont handle bullying well and one of the teachers child was allowed back to school even though he got stood down many times for fighting. The teachers stand right outside the toilets and look in to see whos in there. This makes the children feel uncomfortable.
Aug 21, 2020

Depression and other great stuff

If you have Depression I don’t recommend attending this school, you WILL end up ending it all (it’s happened before)
53 Redan Road, 0410, Kaitaia
Louise Anaru-Tangira
09 408 0190

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