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Aug 22, 2023


it is very bad, i taught here for a while and no one cared about bullying
Jul 8, 2023

Kaikorai valley college

This school is grand, absolutely nothing to complain about, just kidding the Māori class always smells like cat meat or fish or something that’s rank. If you come here, DO NOT Sign up for Māori.
Jul 1, 2023

Kaikorai valley college

Don't send your child to kaikorai valley college

My 12 year old son has ODD has behaviour Issues he has been kicked out of this school last year but was referred back to kaikorai valley college, he had so many support people involved to help we all had a plan in place. This was not followed and my 12 year old only a week ago was stood down over a teacher aid that was for my son but would call my son nasty names. First day back and only a hour into school I was called to pick him up and not to come back till the meeting. We seen the principal and damian who have now put my son against the board when what they done is there fault they did not follow his plan. That principal is nasty and I'm glad he is leaving. They don't ring you and tell you what has gone on to. This school sets child up to fail in my eyes and they just wanted him gone. Well I have removed my son from that shit school and I wouldn't send any of your kids there if they have behaviour issues. Kids a bullied all the time there. Principal is nasty and talks rude. It's his way no matter what you say. Please careful sending your child here please.......
May 31, 2023

you might wanna read this

this school is not a way to put your child in a great education . this school does nothing about bullying , harrasment , EVERYTHING . teachers are rude disrespectful and completely insane . do not send your child here unless you want them to get severe depression and anxiety of the way they treat students . do the right thing !
May 24, 2023


this school fucking sucks

hii my name is anon bc i dont wanna get sent to the office, so pretty much half the school is full of wannabe hoodrats that say "do you wanna scrap?" 70% of all the time they speak, legit one of the teachers unalived her husband, like who srs does that, this school is full of vapers, legit, all of the teachers in kvc dont even give a shit about those who are getting bullied, this school is the worst, the art teacher is one of the only genuinely good teachers in kv, the dean is okay tbh, but fuck this school, fuck most of the teachers, and fuck the hoodrat wannabes!
Apr 29, 2023

KVC fucking sucks.

It is THE worst high school in Dunedin, The toilets are rancid, the teachers, most of them are old pieces of crap, but some of their new teachers are more appreciative.
Former Student
Apr 10, 2023


Terrible school

Terrible staff! I was bullied all through out my school time I spent there and they didn’t care at all! The art teacher constantly swore at students and threatened them. The social studies teacher told me once “you’re broken but we won’t fix you” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? For real I don’t think half those people are even trained teachers I think they plucked up drug addicts and home less people off the street and gave them a job.
Sep 1, 2022

absolutely horrible

blatantly racist language used by the teachers, nothing is taken care of as there is a hole in the boys toilets, obvious favoritism and sexist teachers who treat you like shit yet preach the opposite of what they do 0/10
Apr 30, 2022

thanks kvc

They only pay attention to the really smart kids and give zero care about you unless you got an award and the school lunches are half raw someone got food poisoning last week from a half cooked burger i get it's free but jeez and half of the teachers find something to joke about you the only good teacher in my eyes is the music teacher.I have even seen a student with a disability been hit by one of the teachers that teach in the braithwaite center for yelling and he cant help it he barely says anything now.And the black mold and clogged urinals and toilets is appalling you can barely use a toilet anyways because half of them are locked.Half of the students are depressed and snap on teachers or bullies which is terrible.Rick geerlofs your a trash principal.
Mar 7, 2022

dont come here for ur own good :)

literally terrible what the actual hell is wrong with this school its bad. bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad terrible disgusting its so bad
Jan 17, 2022


Ah yes, All students enjoy the black mood in every corner and the bathrooms that were LOCKED for all student use 24/7 for a while. They watched me almost die and laughed at my mother for wanting the teacher to get his non existent teaching license suspended. Teachers are rude, Racist and Homophobic. They are highly sexist and they don’t care for students well-being. Almost all kids at this school are depressed and this school is SO good with bullying. Unless your the receiver of the bullying. Worst school in dunedin. Don’t send your kids here
Nov 12, 2021

Not good enough.

This school does not cater kids with mental health struggles. They expect every kid to be performing at top capacity whilst most of them are mentally drained and a high amount of students are depressed. This school sucked the life out of my children and I can’t say I would recommend.
Former Student
Nov 12, 2021

High school

Don’t come here, for your own safety

A school that barely has respect for anyone but the smart students and deals with mental health and bullying very poorly. don’t come here.
Former Student
Nov 12, 2021

High school

The worst high school in Dunedin.

A school that loves to seperate and have a bias towards the smart children and never hear anyone else out. Also a very corrupt school where they let money and your social status influence the way situations are dealt with just to add a new tv in the staff room. They also have neglect and don’t care when it comes to the students mental health, and barely take a stand towards bullying but uses the term very loosely in silly situations. Speaking of situations they poorly handle them, again especially towards the students they are bias to. The only good thing is that some of the teachers are nice and agree with what ive said. don’t. come. here.
Mar 11, 2021


absolutely amazing school! they LOVE to help us with our mental health! they 100% care about whether you have been hurt!!❤️❤️❤️the delicious smell of 5 year old vomit in every single bathroom really takes a kick! 10/10 amazing school!! they handle bullying SOOOO well!!!! no one gets called a f*g at all❤️❤️ KVC also is VERY accepting of transgender students and when you come out to the guidance counsellor, she 100% doesn’t use your deadname❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
all of this was sarcasm😘😘😘😘
Mar 8, 2021

horrible 😘

most teachers are racist, transphobic, homophobic and ableist 🥰 the school doesn’t give a damn about any bullying and manages mental health issues badly. inclusivity is a topic they LOVE to not talk about. there’s only two gender neutral bathrooms at the school, both in really inconvenient places 1000/10 😊
Nov 18, 2020

disgusting :)

they don’t really try and help your mental health. whenever you tell a staff member you’re having a bad day they just ignore you completely and don’t go easy on you. this school has some great teachers but is VERY sexist!! whenever someone says something homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist etc. the school does pretty much nothing. the only good part of KVC is probably the fact they hardly give out homework during years 7-10 and lunch time is everyone’s favourite time. would personally love to move schools although i’ve met some great people there are some horrible people too that no staff member does anything about. also this school is quite against mental health issues from what i’ve seen. a teacher recently today yelled at my friend, who has tourette’s syndrome, for saying something as a vocal tic that they COULDNT control and considered it “attitude” which is not acceptable. my friend recently got sexually assaulted by an older boy, we reported the incident and the school has done absolutely nothing!! -3000/10.
Former Student
Oct 1, 2020


The teachers/staff are super friendly and approachable and it is usually a fun experience to attend unless you are the receiver of bullying
Sep 3, 2020

It’s a no from me❤️

Amazing school, absolutely divine black mold in every corner of the crumbling school, crying every night because the school preaches about mental health but doesn’t ever help which is always a plus!, the S block bathrooms which smell like a mix of vomit and poop mixed together😍, overall great school as I’ve shown in the points, 110% recommend (if you want to get clinical depression)
Kaikorai Valley Road, Unknown, Dunedin
Richard Geerlofs
03 453 6035

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