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Apr 27, 2024

JPC is an excellent school

John Paul College is an excellent school in every aspect. The principal and the teaching staff are amazing and they are very humble. I am truly grateful for the support they provide to my children.
Aug 22, 2023

Pretty good ngl

Great school tbh. Best school in Rotorua.
Jul 28, 2023

Avoid at all costs!

The new principal is bring the school down fast. Even the teachers cant stand him and are leaving in mass. There are teachers that have been at the school for years all leaving and they tell us that its because of the principal. Bring back Mr Walsh pleeeeease.
May 17, 2023


Lovely school, maybe not the best children but that's what we have to deal with!
Dec 8, 2022

jpc - woh

it's.. okay! I mean, it has many many opportunities and many of the teachers are algs and teach well. there is access to counselors and such, but there could definitely be more effort put into mental health and such (: as someone who has diagnosed depression and anxiety it could be helpful to have more support. some teachers aren't very good at teaching also- but that's their own fault. mm
Former Student
Nov 17, 2022

Save yourself the pain and agony

If you want to go to a school that doesn’t care about your child go for it, if not save your child mental health issues and your self of $900 church fees each year which aren’t a donation. As a matter of a fact you can’t claim any of it back and the money doesn’t go back into the church and besides they don’t need it the Hamilton diocese is filthy rich. Also to mention they brushed off the fact that rapist Jayden Meyers went there and was committing those crimes while at that school, they offered no support to students and just covered for him by getting him out. Such a bad school the new principal doesn’t have a good reputation and the teachers don’t even like him, I have heard my fair share or bad things about him and the bad things he has done.
Former Student
Aug 31, 2020

Review of JPC Rotorua

John Paul College is a catholic Christian school. A school that has lasallian values that coax students into becoming “better”. By better I mean well behaved and a formal etiquette with a school uniform to prevent bullying, and societal standards from overtaking the school. John Paul college in terms of education is very driven in making sure every student passes NCEA. John Paul is a very expensive school however. If you don’t have a particularly academically inclined child, don’t waste your money putting them in such a rip off school. Despite their aims to have a bully free, friendly and ethical environment, the standards that we are expected to reach has caused a continuously tense atmosphere filled with negative emotions and anxiety. I wouldn’t be surprised if JPC had the worst mental health issues in the country. It just goes to show with the previous suicide that occurred 2 years ago, and the continuous self harm, depression and in the closet stories (due to issues of homophobia), that I continue to hear. John Paul College is a key contributor to the ever declining mental health of teenagers in New Zealand. In my personal opinion, students should be able to express themselves by atleast being able to style their hair the way they want, paint their nails and do their makeup, and that goes for all genders. For the senior ball in 2018, it was ordered within the ball permission forms that same sex couples were not allowed within the ball. This issue was quickly diminished after some problems arised from this form. This is an example of the homophobia within the school, leading to serious mental health issues for the very secret lgbtq+ community within JPC. John Paul College may guarantee a pass, but in no way shape or form supports the mental health of its students.
Whitworth Road, 3015, Rotorua
Patrick Walsh
07 347 8795

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