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Aug 24, 2023

Not good at all

The school is run down, they need better teachers and need to take care of the kids and not just let kids get bullied. I recommend this school if your kid is a little shit.
Apr 8, 2023


Good school

Good students and a few good teachers
Mar 1, 2023

Mid school

Teachers are mid, good school.
Feb 20, 2023

Don’t recommend

The school does not care about anything other than the student’s appearance or attendance: they don’t worry about the hardcore bullying and harassment and only care about the academic value you add to the school.
Feb 15, 2023

Our principal is a good lad

W for the principal
Former Student
Feb 11, 2023


James Hargest cares more about how they appear to the public than their own students. There are more important matters than extra earrings or a bracelet. Mental health is one of those matters. I would like to see suicide stats of schools in invercargill, I know of three students from James Hargest who've committed suicide in recent years, they seem to get swept under the rug though. There's so much more as well.
Oct 28, 2021

This schools a joke😐

The school is a joke. Half of the teachers are bitches the other half are the best teachers you'll ever meet. The school only care about smart or sporty kids. Although I'm a rather smart and sporty kid my friend is being treated like she's a joke. The only time they are actually scared is when someone points out something that can get them in shit and backs the school into a corner. (Noticed from experience)
Former Student
Sep 19, 2021

Good Experience

Great school! Except the teachers *****.
Jun 1, 2021


James Hargest is the worsstt

Such bad attitude from teachers
May 30, 2021

James Hargest College is the WORST!

This school is the worst school in invercargill! They condone bullying and they make the victims out to be the bad guys.
Mar 8, 2021

Bad mental health and list all my friends

I was tormented and bullied my friends got put in different classes to me and then they ditched me and claimed it was my fault now I am depressed and just want to be young again. It is not the teachers fault most of them are very nice and supportive.
Mar 7, 2021

Hargest is not great

Would not reccomend unless you like bullying teachers, repressed kids and staff that couldn't care less about the students. 0/10, didn't even last a term before changing schools.
Former Student
Nov 14, 2020

Poor pastoral support

Poor handling of bullying, mental health, disturbances between teachers. Shocking stances on LGBT young people. Senior management seem to not give a stuff about anything unless involving money.
Nov 14, 2020

Not the best

Don’t enjoy my time at hargest anymore they don’t deal with issues well and primarily focus on students who are smart and into sports. The councilors are a joke and basically tell students just to take weeks off school and do nothing to help deal with the extreme level of anxiety. They make younger students put their phones in boxes and I have heard of students phones getting stolen and the school doing nothing about it. There is also issues with bullying where the bully’s get a slap on the hand and told not to do it again while the victims of the bullying basically get told not to come to school. Overall generally a bad school. Most of the teachers are good but the school and the way it is run is very poor.
Oct 7, 2020

Not great.

I actually hate it here. The school gives me severe anxiety and the counsellors do absolutely nothing to help your mental state. Sure, the teaching may be good. Sure, the property may be good. But it demolishes your mental health down to a very thread. I currently go to this school and I have noticed multiple students that self-harm because of school. The teachers are homophobic, sexist and generally just bad. Would not recommend.
Oct 7, 2020

I dislike it.

really bad for your mental health, if the teachers see you sad, getting bullied, or crying, they do nothing to help you.
Former Student
Sep 30, 2020


Terrible bullying and the school does nothing. I had to move schools because of how bad it was and the 1 or 2 really bad people didn't get any punishment
Sep 22, 2020

Money hungry

If your kid isn’t extremely smart or sporty they will be forgotten. Bullying is not taken care of, councillors don’t care about students. They don’t care about their students only making money. The make their school seem excellent so kids from other countries come and they make more money. Students work day money was spent on things for teaches. My daughter had sever anxiety and when she tried to explain it to a dean she was told it was an excuse and then belittled. Don’t send your kids here. Not allowed scarves inside even if it’s winter but the teaches can be wrapped in layers of jackets. Uniform is overpriced and doesn’t keep students warm.
Sep 18, 2020

yr 10 kid

its not a bad school if your a city kid but when your on a farm you have limited opeuitys
Former Student
Sep 15, 2020

Mediocre and Bureaucratic

The school has great potential with a few amazing teachers, however Senior management is dogmatic at best. The overlying theme which runs through this school is to keep their stats up and not cater for the individual. There are power hungry teachers and miserable people pushing their burdens to their students. Obviously this is Shambolic. Rights are disregarded as “getting in the way”. Overall, if you are in Southland, I recommend looking at another school, it will be for the better of your child.
Stephen Potter
Former Student
Sep 1, 2020

Terrific teachers, terrible leadership

The teaching staff at James Hargest are amazing. The college as a whole is amazing. However, the senior management team are horrifically authoritarian, trans/homophobic, sexist and downright awful. They put down any student voice for change with the schools outdated policies with an iron fist, using threats and intimidation. It is a terrible shame that such great and influential teachers have to work underneath the fascist rule of the senior management team.
Aug 25, 2020


good enough some creepy male teachers beware
282 Layard Street, 9810, Invercargill
Mike Newell
03 217 6129

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