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Feb 28, 2023

God awful

Inglewood is the worst high school to exist. Bad teachers except for 2 of them. Everything else is trash. It makes me wanna kms
Former Student
Feb 7, 2023

It's such a bad idea for inglewood high having the option to be rated.

There's so much to say hahahahaha.


For safety and learning: regular favouritism on most teachers unless they actually cared about their students, which tbh, wasn't alot, but the thought counts. The english department are nice and the science ones know their stuff.

The head department is wildly racist, homophobic, transphobic, and problematic. I would say I love that for her, but I can't bring myself to actually garner enough energy to do so.

If you need help with mental health, I can't stress enough for you to NOT go to the school counselor at inglewood, there are systems in place for high-school students to go to a professional counselor. The one at Inglewood high will do nothing, or will give you advice that will actively harm your mental health.

The library,, to be honest is really great.

Music department is barely okay, there's a lot of variety and if there's an instrument that they don't have that you want to learn, they'll do their best to find a teacher for you or learn themselves so they can teach you. Then again, as said before, there was quite a bit of favouritism, and lack of actually learning music theory. It's safe to say I learnt more in one day at uni then I did in three years of high-school.

The only thing I found useful was a "how to write an essay" guide. Unless we're counting stats, in which case I really enjoyed watching studio ghibli movies during class and listening to music, doing absolutely nothing.

Tbh if I can get away with fully dissociating for 6 months and still pass, it's a terrible school with inattentive teachers who either don't want to handle drama that isn't entertaining, or can't be bothered to actually care about students in their care.

Overall: school tended to put competitions and publicity over the actual livelihood of their students, counselor sucked, and the head of the school sucked.

The food was pretty alright.
Former Student
Feb 2, 2023

It’s a no from me

Very few teachers are passionate about their job and their students. Incredibly homophobic and only care about the “sporty” kids.
Former Student
Feb 22, 2021

don’t do it girl

Some of the teachers are great and really helpful, others are absolutely awful and don’t help you at all. the ********* is homophobic, racist, and transphobic.*** picks favourites.
Oct 9, 2020

Inglewood High School

Personally I think this school is lovely, teachers are very down to earth and kind
Former Student
Aug 25, 2020

Do not go to Inglewood high school

The principle picks favourites
Half the teachers are useless and don’t even know what they’re talking about Or they know what they’re talking about but are incapable of teaching it to students.
The HOD English is more useless than a turkey and received more complaints than the number of teachers at the school yet no one does anything about it
I feel like most teachers don’t actually care about the students, the principle included, they only care about their reputation and how their stats look on paper
Pretty trash school
High drug usage
Useless power, most student receive bugger all consequences for acting out.
The naughty kids get rewarded when they behave like a decent human being and the kids that actually behave and do well in school aren’t recognised
129 Rata Street, 4330, Inglewood
Rosemary Mabin
06 756 8148

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