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Former Student
Mar 6, 2023

Hutt Valley High

Hutt Valley High School can be a great school if you want it to be. Teachers are great help but only if you want help, there are a lot of students who slack off and there isn’t really a lot of motivation for those students.

Sports are Hutt Valley High aren’t the best, sports at Hutt Valley High used to be huge. Nowadays that have fallen off and most sports teams aren’t in the Wellington top divisions
Feb 21, 2023

Its ok

Very whitewashed school... NO support for kapa haka or poly club at all. Us students have to step up ALOT. We have to coach all the sports teams, take the trainings, run poly club and kapa haka for there to actually even be any of those clubs in the first place. (Which btw ever since 2021 there hasn't been a poly club or kapa haka group.) The white kids at this school think the racist hori maori stero-type is gansta asf... nah yall sound dumb asf.

With over like 1000 students the amount of effort you have to put into studying is crazy, if you really want to standout academically. The badges and ad alters this school gives out is dumb asf.
They pick only 1 student out of the whole school to give students opinions on school decisions.

You have to be a teachers pet hard out to get really any type of award.

An assembly we had in term 1 on the first week of school was about improving the stats of the school. They were only focused on attendance and the school uniform. Didn't mention anything about students mental health at all.

The canteen price is crazy everything goes up a dollar every year. The canteen is a sperate company so the school can't even do anything about them. The canteen doesn't sell any fruit other than apples but you must buy something to be able to even purchase the apple for $00.50

But other than all of that its alright.
Former Student
Feb 19, 2023

fire the bad teachers pls

there are some god awful teachers at this school. you know who I'm talking about.
Former Student
Feb 12, 2023

My experience.

I am a year 11 Student. I have just recently left Hutt valley high school and joined a new school. I went to school scared of other pupils because of bullying and no teachers do anything about it. I have had traumatic experiences happen to me in year 9 and still to this day, 3 years later, I’m still struggling with it. My parents and I went to the school about it and they did jack shit.
Former Student
Feb 6, 2023


I spent 3 years at hutt valley high-school, I wore light makeup to school most days because I felt insecure and felt that it made me a little less ugly. I wore a belt with my skirt and had long brown hair. The first principal I had whilst I attended was very lenient and forgiving and accepting of individuality. He did a good job managing the students and assisting them when they were falling behind. Unfortunately he passed away. The current principal is not so graceful. She tries to push students to fit a certain mold which just doesn't fit the population of the school. I call it cookie cutter. She does not treat students with respect and is not genuine or kind. She presents herself to the public with a big smile and claims that she "embraces students individuality and encourages it", behind closed doors it is exactly the opposite. She also claims that she is very good at managing bullying, though I found that in comparison to the former principal bullying had skyrocketed. She is rarely on school site and when she is, she takes any bit of sunshine away. She is negative and two faced. She does not speak to the students as if they are human beings, just objects to make herself look good. She obviously does not enjoy her job or like teenagers, so why be a high-school principal? I understand that is a difficult job but making school life miserable for the students will only make it harder.
Feb 2, 2023

Ncea Level 2


Bad teacher stupid students midget year 9s
Former Student
Jan 31, 2023

Hutt valley high

Worst school I’ve ever been to the teachers are racist and sexist
Former Student
Dec 3, 2022

Bullies, discrimination and a touch of embarrassment

The school is profoundly bad at dealing with bullying. An enviroment that was constant bullying, that included photos being taken and uploaded to social media. When the issue with the photos was taken to a teacher they sat down with the victim and the bullies together and asked the bullies to show the teacher and delete the photos, the bullies then replied that they can no longer be seen once uploaded, the teacher took this as true and didn't do anymore about the issue. When a student has a medical issue/disability they make no effort to help support or transition that student back into school. The school itself is falling to bits, it's vaping central and teachers have humiliated students in front of the class. The positive sides of the school would be certain areas of science and drama though both have problems. A select few teachers are supportive and great at what they do but learning isoften interrupted by students pulling fire alarms. In my opinion the canteen is really good (apart from the fact that they have sold moldy food).
Overall a "great" school if you don't want to feel safe, supported or heard.
Former Student
Dec 3, 2022

Bullies and discrimination

The school is profoundly bad at dealing with bullying. Constant bullying, that included photos being taken and uploaded to social media that when taken to the teachers they sat down with the victim and the bullies together and asked the bullies to delete the photos who then replied with once they are uploaded they can no longer be seen, the teacher then took this as true and left the matter. When a student has a medical issue/ disability they make no effort to help transition that student back to school. The school is falling to bits, it's appears to be vaping central and teachers humiliate students in front of the class. The positive side of the school would be certain areas of science and drama though both have problems and a select few teachers are really good but learning is often interrupted by students pulling the fire alarms...
In my opinion the overall best part of school is the canteen (even though people have been given moldy food)
A great school if you don't want to feel safe or supported...
Sep 21, 2022

Hutt valley high school

Bad teachers don't send your children here

DON'T SEND YOUR kid here my grandson was bullyed by a teacher in the supported lering center at Hutt valley high school u
Feb 8, 2022

Kinda cringe

Kinda cringe not gonna lie
Oct 22, 2021

pretty good

good school except for some bad students and seating plans
Jun 28, 2021

Hutt Valley All about Stats not Students

Deans don't care about students.
The school Only cares about Stats...
Told my daughters Dean about issues of Vaping didn't really want to face the responsibility of it.
Acknowledge it but literally didn't care.
Last year told Dean about my daughter being Bullied in a parent/teacher learning conversation they totally ignored it...
Didn't offer any counselling or mention of any support network with regards to helping my child stay in school was more than obliging when I mentioned De-enrolling her.
Deans/Teachers cant handle their students because the students pretty much teach themselves..the kids run the school ...the teachers are just the shell of the school which has no Soul, no Aiga, no Whanau, no Family about that school.
Mar 18, 2021


Terrible and bad also the leadership team are the worst and going here depresses me to the core
Former Student
Sep 18, 2020

Send your kids to Wainuiomata Highschool

I was bullied every day by the same people even though I told the teachers they blamed me and never delt with the problem, many fights too teachers can bully and be quite nasty too.
Sep 10, 2020

Great School

Quite a good school for a public school. Principals and Deputy principals really care about students as well as most teachers. I think what you get out of it is what you put in.
Sep 7, 2020

Overall pretty average

It's alright. It's really great for people who are more "out of the box" as it has lots of students who all come from different backgrounds. Since there are heaps of students you will most likely find people who share the same passions and interests as you. They have lots of after school activities and clubs you can join. But the downsides are since it is such a big school you don't get as much individual support . Plus there are many students that are not too well behaved. For the teachers, there are some great ones and some pretty bad ones, it's kind of a lucky dip. For me it is has been pretty average. It's been great for my mental health and okay for academic success. Overall I'd say it's not bad but not amazing either.
Woburn Road, 5010, Lower Hutt
Ross Sinclair
04 566 4584

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