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Former Student
Oct 17, 2023


This school does nothing about Bullying.
My son got unenrolled from the school because he was getting bullied.
Former Student
Oct 17, 2023

Send your kid here if you want them to get bullied

Literally the worse school for bullying. No teacher/dean do anything about it.
Oct 11, 2023

bad school keep kids away from a bad education

their education sucks because they have bad teachers that don't listen to their students and if you don't that's what you get
Jul 19, 2023

judge your own school.

Current students here!
Howick College is like any other school, the bullying allegations are all just Karens online being dramatic. The fighting video stemmed from a racist remark until he snapped (and both students have already been dealt with accordingly)
And every school has drugs?? can we all agree? It's just Howick kids talk so it gets out. I bet if you looked around Howick would seem a lot like your own school and tbh we are all here for education- howick cares about students who want to learn and succeed but LIKE ANY SCHOOL, cannot help students who don't want to be helped. have people got nothing better to do than judge this poor school, like goddam, maybe educate yourself, come to some of our events and see for yourself what we do, because I PROMISE you, it is nothing like these news articles are making it seem like.
Love Howick and am gonna miss it when I leave
May 23, 2023

so much bad culture at this school.

why is everyone who goes here either vaping or a druggie. gym and field and classrooms are all dirty.
Former Student
Apr 11, 2023

Attended Howick College

I was a student who attend Howick College in 2021. I think Howick College is a great school, I was able to learn very well in my classes. The teachers I had were very kind and understanding. A problem that Howick college has is vaping, during my time there I have often have seen students who look and are year 9s and 10s vaping in the bathrooms. Some students have had a very bad attitude towards others. Other than those two things I think it's a great school to send your kid to.
Former Student
Mar 2, 2023

hate it

pretty sure this school traumatized me; teachers are mean, students are mean, staff are no help and the counsillors treat you like youre five. i had to leave this school because while i was there i constantly was anxious and depressed as heck but as soon as i left for another school my chest instantly felt lighter. 0/10
Feb 11, 2023

NCEA level 3 student

Howick College is ok

This school was okay not super amazing but not terrible. Some teachers help you learn while others just give you work and hope it works out. The awards are fake for year 9 to 10 because teachers pick a kinda smart student that they like to receive an award. This means that awards are given to teachers favourites when there are clearly smarter students who deserve the awards. This was also the same for my sibling. People have also sold drugs here which is kinda funny.
Feb 5, 2023


DON’T send your child to howick collage

majority of the staff members - this includes deens, principals, teachers etc, treat you horrible and treat you as a lower form of being compared to them. they treat you with no respect, are extremely passive aggressive, say unnecessary comments towards students that make you feel extremely uncomfortable in a angry/confused way. all staff members act as if they don’t like any of the students, like they hate their jobs, and have a negative attuide. the school grounds are disgusting, nothing gets fixed, it’s dirty on the floors, walls, furniture. nothing every gets cleaned, except for poor vacuuming and wipe down of the desks…. majority of the bathrooms are locked and will be until further notice… meaning there’s only 3 bathrooms for each gender to go use out of nearly 1 thousand students. everything is broken and disgusting bcs it’s not clean. the school has no funding to build and repair things around the school, or buy new equipment for the students. at winter there’s no heating, and when there is the machines are broken always. this means it’s absolutely freezing, in summer there’s no air conditioning at all. the school is more focused on correcting uniform then their own education. everyone has an extreme bad attitude, including the students. i would not send your child to howick collage due to fact the school is poor in every aspect, students are horrible to each other, very clique towards groups, messy and disgusting environment, no proper funding at the school. i’ve been there for nearly 4 years and it’s a crap school to go to, it ruins your mental health. the school has a shit mental health program, and can’t help a lot of students due to hardly any counsellors, and there crap aswell. nothing at howick is enjoyable, lots of students come out if howick with a negative aspect on the place…
Dec 7, 2022

Howick College review

Good school, students are very welcoming of everyone. Vaping is an issue at Howick unfortunately, and a small lack of discipline regarding student appearance such as hair, makeup, jewellery, etc.
Feb 16, 2022

Howick College

Great School, great programs especially sports and even academics and students, great sports like rugby, netball, touch and hockey
Former Student
Jan 16, 2022

Pretty average

Howick college probably has the worst toilets I have ever seen they are disgusting, especially the boys the ground has pee all over the ground, the ceiling has toilet paper all over it, the toilet paper dispensers are broken, there is graffiti all over the walls. The teachers there are quite good. Wednesday is probably the worst if you are year 11 to 13 you can leave early on the 5th period on Wednesday which is unfair for the Year 9s and 10s. The teaching system is amazing and the teachers are quite spectacular, the punishment guidelines are alright. Overall is pretty average.
Jun 15, 2021

Horrible school

As a fellow student here at howick college PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE. The amount of bullying is insane the deans just push it off. The punishment system is horrible. The bathrooms are disgusting kids just trash them, the school close it for a day for repairs meanwhile the school do nothing about it and do not look in to who actually broke it. They have CAMERAS outside the bathroom and do not check them. Even when the bathrooms are open people just vape in them and step you out if they see you going to the deans and as they do not get a good punishment you will just get a hiding…… as for the teachers I have had many teachers not show up to class and I went to tell another teacher they said it’s MY PROBLEM NOT THERES. This school is a disgrace to New Zealand. After the teacher does. It show up she marks you as present even if you were absent the day for being sick and then you get sent to the deans for “ wagging classes “ and they refuse to believe that the teacher did not show up. Teachers swear at us and say many things to put students down, many students are itching at the bit to leave as am I… and I really hope the school sees this. The changing rooms are dangerous kids put holes in the walls do drug deals and just step you out if they think your going to the deans… even if they get caught they only get suspended and will just give you a hiding anyway.. I remember term 1 last year ( I’m year 10) that someone drew a massive penis on the wall and it’s STILL THERE. There’s no door handles from that year too. This whole school is disgusting. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD/REN HERE
May 18, 2021

Staff, Teachers and Facilities

Admin staff at this school are terrible, completely unacceptable behaviour including foul language towards students. The teachers at this school are okay, but the facilities are disgusting. Recently, someone smoked in the bathrooms so all students are not allowed to go during classes, forcing kids to hold it in. Unacceptable, especially when you see how the bathrooms are flooded with urine and broken toilets. DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE.
Apr 18, 2021

this school doesn’t care about student welfare!

this school has little to no support if you are not an excelling student or a top sports player. the arts are left unnoticed and all the school cares about is the public reviews. student help is next to nothing and there are few teachers who enjoy their job and care about the students. as for the facilities all the school cares about is renovating the field and improving the sports areas, the school bathrooms are DISGUSTING and many of the classrooms leak and haven’t been fixed in years. there are no heaters or air conditioning in the classrooms and it is extremely hard for students to focus is boiling hot or freezing wet classrooms. girls have begged for a longer skirt and shirt option but have been denied and told to wear the men’s pants which is horrible as they are not made to fit the female body. boys have a long shirt and pant option yet the school does not care about doing the same for the female students and many girls are left extremely cold in the winter with a skirt that only just reaches the knees. do not recommend this school to anyone.
Sandspit Road, 2014, Auckland
Iva Ropati
09 534 4492

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