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Former Student
Feb 15, 2023

Good School for good students.

HPSS is genuinely a good school, they encourage students to be creative
independent, and self managing. Its a good school with a fantastic enviroment for students eager to learn, but the enviroment is wasted on bad students who dont care to even try to utilize the space to learn. The staff are friendly and many are passionate about whatever subject they teach, but also passionate about teaching in general. As far as student drama/fights go these do not typically happen at this school, occasionally a fight may happen or some serious student drama may pop up but I can almost guarantee that compared to other schools this school is considered significantly better in this regard.
And no, students do not walk around drunk or high as one of the other review says. That review says more about the peole they know rather than the school itself.
Former Student
Jan 28, 2023


Experimental school, I prefer good old style
Former Student
Feb 13, 2021

So bad!

Lol this school was so shit. Please don’t send your kids here, it is an absolute shambles with hardly any structure. Kids are awarded on stuff like how nice you are straight after pulling all nighters to pass exams that they hardly prep you for.
Oct 27, 2020

Good school

My crush goes here so it must be good ☺️
Oct 3, 2020

in my person experience

the teachers and learning techniques are good but don't work with everyone, their school bases the children's learning off devices which can be difficult sometimes.
they let kids get away with too much and kids walk around the school intoxicated with drugs or alcohol and get away with it too much, fights and drama is constantly a problem for everyone and i wouldn't recommend sending your child there.
Sep 3, 2020

Good school

It’s a really good school , very independent
Hobsonville Point Road, 0618, Auckland
Maurie Abraham
09 975 7400

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