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Feb 11, 2024

Do NOT enroll here

* The school has too many friend groups: Eshays (trouble makers yet gets easily suspended), Emos/Alts (they smell like cheese), International students (sucks at english) and pretty/popular girls (desperate for attention)
* Teachers are incompetent and unprofessional (theyre Gen Zs wannabe)
* The first three years in HPSS (Year 9, 10, and 11) have too much freedom and lack academic focus
* HPSS cares too much about LGBTQ+ like sthu
* There are social media threats and lots of students sending nudes to each other
* Relationships don't last and cheating is common (not everyone is is loyal lmfao)
* There is a lack of dress codes (no wonder theres too many pedophile teachers and them sleeping with students)
Feb 11, 2024

Do NOT enroll your child here.

As a dropped out HPSS student, I do NOT recommend attending this school. HPSS is absolutely the WORST high school you could attend to. "Why?" "How?" Listen up y'all, I'll list you some things. Parents and students, please take the time to read this.

1. Friend groups: Too many damn friend groups. Here we have;
- Eshays; these are some troublemaking students at school who vapes, smokes, sneak out, threatening others, and acting like they're so ghetto and gang wannabes. They believe they're more important than the school. Most of the ones I know are in Year 12, with some in Year 11. In 2023, one of them got suspended for threatening a teacher, was caught with a gun, and got into fights with other students.
- Emos/Alts; these people have got to be the most cringeworthy and annoying bunch ever. They're either drawing, talking about anime, acting like 'know it alls' in class, and hoarding up a space during lunch that ends up smelling like piss. One of the students mom is supposedly the "Japanese teacher and international teacher.”
- The International students; ya'll should really focus on improving your English. No wonder why they can’t make friends with the English speakers in the school. Speaking of English, some of the teachers who work with international students teach talk to them as if they're autistic children. They’re not children. You'll often find these students hanging out in the library during lunchtime.
- The pretty/popular girls; I’m referring to the current Year 11s, some in Year 12. They wear big pants small tops, applying makeup on every day, always spraying perfume, judging people, TikTok famous wannabe (those cringe thirst traps they make) and desperately wanting a boyfriend. Some of these students are the most stupidest in class, like they care more about themselves and looking good rather than their work. No wonder they can’t get good grades nor a job.
2. Teachers
- As one of the reviews say “incompetent teachers,” that is true. They don’t even be teaching properly, and most of them are so unbothered to teach they’ll attach a doc on Google Classroom and say “turn it in once you’re done.”Also, these teachers would sometimes sit beside the “popular” students and talk with them, as if they’re also wanting to include themselves in the drama. They ALL try to act Gen Zs, stalk students on social media (yes, I have heard teachers looking at peoples beach pics) in which this lead to the increasing amount of pedophile teachers in this school. Male teachers; some have kept students pictures in a file hidden on their laptops, or perhaps their phone. Female teachers; I’ve heard that a few had sexually harassed students, don’t know how many slept with student but apparently these teachers have.
3. Year levels
- Year 9, Year 10 Year 11, absolutely the most BAD years. What do you even do? There’s too much freedom in these 3 first years. You don’t need to care about workload neither NCEA in year 11 (Level 1 doesn’t even exist), it’s more important when it comes to Year 12 and Year 13 because its when you prepare for university and work. Year 9, you just shush. Year 10, you guys stop being whores. Year 11s, stop impregnating each other, kinda goes for Year 12s and 13s. Ya’ll need to stop being freaks and doing stuff in the gender neutral bathrooms, take it home.
- HPSS cares too much about LGBTQ+. This goes for that ginger lesbian teacher and the tall gay teachers. Majority of the teachers probably say they support it, but trust me, they don’t (I’ve heard). If you’re an Emo/Alt, or a part of the LGBTQ+, you’re fucked up. The Eshays are gonna bully the heck outta you, and you’ll be judged by so many people.
- A whole lot of social media threats. People be asking you for your Snap, and when they get really comfortable, many HPSS students will send each other nudes. They even be keeping them in an album.
- Relationships and couples in this school, they don’t even work out. Longest relationships that can last here is AT LEAST a year. It’ll last less than this, so don’t even try to get a boyfriend or girlfriend, because nobody here is loyal and will cheat on you secretly.
- Ya’ll need dress codes. The reason why people be having sx in the gender neutral bathrooms is because of what students wear. I have heard way too many things about guys getting head and doing it with girls. Is that why there’s always semen on the toilets and used condoms on the floor? The cleaners don’t clean them up.

Thanks ya’ll for reading this. This is everything I can tell.
Former Student
Feb 15, 2023

Good School for good students.

HPSS is genuinely a good school, they encourage students to be creative
independent, and self managing. Its a good school with a fantastic enviroment for students eager to learn, but the enviroment is wasted on bad students who dont care to even try to utilize the space to learn. The staff are friendly and many are passionate about whatever subject they teach, but also passionate about teaching in general. As far as student drama/fights go these do not typically happen at this school, occasionally a fight may happen or some serious student drama may pop up but I can almost guarantee that compared to other schools this school is considered significantly better in this regard.
And no, students do not walk around drunk or high as one of the other review says. That review says more about the peole they know rather than the school itself.
Former Student
Jan 28, 2023


Experimental school, I prefer good old style
Former Student
Feb 13, 2021

So bad!

Lol this school was so shit. Please don’t send your kids here, it is an absolute shambles with hardly any structure. Kids are awarded on stuff like how nice you are straight after pulling all nighters to pass exams that they hardly prep you for.
Oct 27, 2020

Good school

My crush goes here so it must be good ☺️
Oct 3, 2020

in my person experience

the teachers and learning techniques are good but don't work with everyone, their school bases the children's learning off devices which can be difficult sometimes.
they let kids get away with too much and kids walk around the school intoxicated with drugs or alcohol and get away with it too much, fights and drama is constantly a problem for everyone and i wouldn't recommend sending your child there.
Sep 3, 2020

Good school

It’s a really good school , very independent
Hobsonville Point Road, 0618, Auckland
Maurie Abraham
09 975 7400

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