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Jun 14, 2023


I am being bullied constantly and the teachers do nothing they only send you to Aria
Dont send your kid here
Apr 3, 2023

Hillmorton is baf

Its a bad school the teachers dont do anything about bullying they had this kidvhe bullied me and when i bullied back i got in trouble
Feb 28, 2023

stay away lol

bullying is a huge issue here. i get harassed almost every single day, as well as many of my friends and none of the teachers have done anything about it. a kid who has several s/a reports has been allowed to stay because it's just his 'mental health issues'. yet when we have our own mental health issues, they don't care or do anything to help or accommodate us.
Former Student
Feb 21, 2023

Hillmorton <<<<

Highly would not recommend, seriously.
Teachers lie to us and say we’re the best school while in fact we’re obviously not. Teachers also are more concerned if you’re wearing a nose ring instead of a stud or wearing necklaces,hoodies,jerseys, the list goes on, yet they aren’t concerned about the harsh bullying that’s going on. Literally saw a teacher walk pass a student getting bullied.
Parents/ people who support this school by donating money all say it goes to sport, stuff etc, but this schools been on for so long yet there’s only 1 new building… other schools already has a new better environment for students yet it’s hillmorton who has to squeeze kids in a narrow class and does nothing about it.
Former Student
Feb 2, 2023

Terrible 6 years.

My 6 years here was a terrible experience. If you have an alternative available, please consider elsewhere.

Violence, bullying and harassment goes swept under the rug. While on some occasions police will be involved.

Some teachers shouldn't even be there in the senior levels, it's an appalling! My digital tech teacher is always found on Facebook and only did the bare minimum "teaching". We didn't even get our final grade marked except from one favorite student.

A math teacher didn't even teach at all, and instead just gave us a text book for the entire year and told us to go through it all. Because "that's how they do it in university".

Like, seriously... Some relief teachers were better than our regular!
Dec 2, 2022

Student Activities

As far as student activities goes since the phone ban, there is either: vaping in the bathrooms, bunking or crime.

I tell you what though, I saw some year 9's doing a sick burnout in a car they stole. (Not good for the environment, so for that 1 star!)
Former Student
Dec 2, 2022

Poor Administration/ Policy!

Asides from complaining about the students (crime, bullying, vandalisim & violence etc.) The school lacks in good or adequate administration and policy.

Students hardly get information (in timely fashion OR at all) regarding events or important dates. And I often got asked to pay for trips / fees that I had already covered on several occasions (which did get sorted out).

There is a total lack of knowledge found in few teachers in senior levels of teaching. Some teachers do no more than 'facilitate' classes. And particular teachers can be found distracted browsing Facebook or scrolling on their phones.

On the note of phones, the whole phone ban / policy is a joke! And is just there for publicity. They promoted it to students as if it would solve bullying, reduce fighting and improve grades by having less distractions... Following the survey of senior students (which resulted in favour of NOT proceeding this policy beyond the trial), they continued it on anyway.

From a students perspective, this perspective of its impacts has only gone backwards! As grades are dropping, fighting becomes more common and people find distractions in other ways. This only really creates complications and hastles for students wanting to contact recruiters, employers, parents etc that are about to leave to the workforce!

This redundant ban doesn't even apply to staff's personal use, and often is a distraction to the teachers!

To end on a positive, I would love to credit the careers department at Hillmorton Highschool. The staff are incredibly helpful and are the kindest people around. They're all passionate about the students futures and always are there to help with advice and guidance. The Gateway and careers dept. was my best and only good experience in the school. And the team has really effected my life positively! I'd like to thank them for making Highschool bearable.
Sep 12, 2022


This school is absolutely terrible. I DONT NOT RECOMMEND GOING. I am leaving the school next year because its the worst school ever, they take any little excuse to have the day off and most of the time there was no reason to have the days off. I thought that this school would be good but I was so so wrong DONT GO TO HILLMORTON!!!!!!!
Jul 27, 2022

Dont go

The rumours are true, if you are unlucky and have to go here keep your head down.few to no sporting or clubs.
Jan 25, 2022

Worst school

Had to remove my daughter after been bullied so badly. She was bullied over her appearance and other stuff. With no help from the teachers or the dean. I witnessed a video of a teacher watching two children fight without trying to break them up. My daughter struggled with most of her work and suffered with anxiety. She had no help from the teachers she was just given the work and told to do it
Worst school I've come across in my years
Dec 1, 2021


Children get bullied every day and the teachers smell and do nothing about it. People smear shit on the bathroom walls and throw tampons at eachother.WOULD NEVER RECOMEND!
Dec 1, 2021



bad school, My child has been bullied multiple times and teachers have not taken action! The food they give the children is absolutely foul and I wouln't give my dog that! NEVER GO TO THIS SCHOOL
Aug 3, 2021

Very dissapointed

I as a currently attending student I am really dissapointed in how the school has turned out. So far this year ever since the new students have come to this school, there have been fights all over the place because some students don't know how to control themselves. A lot of the new students show very little respect too others, which is concerning.

The school is looking really run down at the moment, which makes the school look poor. Overall I think that the current society that we live in is being overruled by lots of direspect from the younger students that think that they are better than everyone else.
Jun 9, 2021

bad school

such a terrible school, never come here its so bad.
Former Student
Apr 4, 2021

Not worth looking at

Where to begin... the school itself is in a run down condition, most of the drinking fountains don’t even work, there is rubbish everywhere. Graffiti is prevalent, the toilets stink of weed and cigarettes.

Constant fights, most of it going under the radar. Administration treats students with very little respect. NCEA results are shocking. If you want a good education for your children, from a former student with top marks and big involvement, please do not consider Hillmorton as an option.
Feb 17, 2021


Haha as someone who has been at the school for 4 years I hate the school and the new stuff they are doing they are trying to make it better but are just making it worse there is fight nearly every day and some of the teachers are horrible.
Feb 12, 2021

Great School

Hillmorton has a lot of rumours around it, but most of them tend to be fake news. We don’t have many fights, and when we do they are taken very seriously. The teachers care about our education and make sure they have taught us enough to get high grades. We have many councillors and a school health nurse, and we have access to a free physiotherapist once a week. We are given lots of opportunities to do extra curricular activities and are encouraged to participate. We are currently part of the government funded, free school lunches to make sure everyone is fed. Hillmorton is a great, all inclusive school where strong bonds are created and everyone is treated as an equal.
Sep 25, 2020

Horrific learning experience

I would not recommend sending your children to Hillmorton High School, they have horrific fights, bad academics and do not take serious issues properly.
Sep 17, 2020

Overrall Good School

It is a good school, not the best but not the worst! The staff and very kind and strive for us, students, to do our 100% all the time! Also plenty of support that is offered at this school as well to support students in any way, with a health nurse and plenty of councilors there is always someone that will listen and support you to make you feel safe!
Sep 1, 2020

Terrible school experience

I most definitely wouldn’t recommend the school, it is filthy dirty and the violence that goes on is ridiculous. The board and management have no care for respect or order and overall does not meet good standards
Aug 29, 2020


the teachers are so kind and helpful
Tankerville Road, 8025, Christchurch
Ann Brokenshire
03 338 5119

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