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Jun 1, 2024

ew i hate so glad i left

ew ew ew ew literally is horrible moved schools sucks SO bad and the principals are useless
Apr 25, 2023

we hate this schol

I'm on a search for the fountain of youth so I can go to this school forever.
Mar 13, 2023


My schools the worst do t go there

Please search on google what the worst school in new zeland is 💀
Mar 2, 2023


hoable place

this school is very bad and i dont like it here the best part is the fights
Feb 17, 2023

Just bad

its Just bad Fr like really bad Fr
Former Student
Feb 13, 2023


Many of the “higher ups” are incompetent. They get power and act like complete tools who don’t can’t be bothered doing their jobs so they deny, blame, insult and go back on their word. I don’t think I have seen a more unorganised environment ever. Students are arrogant, pathetic no lives who think they’re cool. I find it crazy that a kid who defended himself against a bully got suspended, genuinely baffles me, however this is Hillcrest so are we really surprised? I tried to make change in the school but got shut down on so many different occasions.
Don’t send your children there parents.
Former Student
Apr 15, 2022

No sugar-coat

Well in the last month I’ve been working from home, I have busted out 6 assignments, and I’ve achieved more work here than I ever could at Hillcrest. For me, that’s a success. I have been funding my mathematical education since my math teacher refused to because after 2 years of covid lockdowns, all of a sudden he doesn’t assign online work to his students that are struggling MENTALLY… If a school wants to display that they have great support for mental health, they need to take some measures in doing that. As a student, it affected my education. As a human being, it made me feel worthless. It started as teachers not replying to emails regarding work, to them marking me as ‘unjustified’ and now in less than 20 days, I will be removed from the roll. I was treated as if I was an invisible problem in their system. Every school gets provided with set police officers and mental health concealers, and I will say this with a full chest that Hillcrest high school doesn’t use them. The teachers try to handle these situations themselves, instead of leaving it to the people who are certified. Teachers are there for teaching, but at Hilly they seem to be getting a bit confused by their role. An example of this was when I mentioned an incident involving a boy who S.A me to my concealer, and instead of leaving it up to the cops... they pulled the boy aside from class and gave him a presentation to watch on consent. This caused his whole friend group to bully me for months. Hillcrest does not handle situations correctly and it shows.

I apologize if this was confrontational Hilly.
Apr 3, 2021

hi ok

they didn’t let me shit in class

plus they confiscated my lightsaber(s)
Nov 8, 2020

it’s true

big chungers; for serious
Sep 23, 2020

Unsatisfied student

I have not had a good experience at hillcrest high school at all. I got beaten up and nothing was done, they told me I would fail level one when I had no na credits (I passed with a merit endorsement). A lot of the teachers don’t care, it’s too easy to ditch class, and the learning environments generally aren’t well controlled.
Aug 24, 2020

high school more like lame school

it is a very lame school for very lame people
141 Masters Avenue, 3216, Hamilton
Kelvin Whiting
07 857 0297

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