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Former Student
May 14, 2023

Highland’s experience

My teacher in year 7 was absolutely useless and she made class unfair with having her favourites I was completely miserable as was other students in my class due to the favouritism she held in our classroom. She often did not know how to handle situations and relied on our dp (deputy principal) to sort out her own issues. She is an unqualified teacher and I’m glad she left and moved far away. Due to issues in yr 7 I had trouble with other teachers in yr 8 such as teachers having trust issues towards me because of my other friends actions and not been given the same opportunities other “ good students” would have. It seems that certain teachers have a problem with me and are straight up impolite. Also I can not defend myself in situations when I know I am not in the wrong or genuine mistakes due to the lack of sympathy some of these teachers have. There are very few teachers that let you off the rules and are a good vibe to be around but other then that this school just felt like I was learning to ride a bike, but it had no peddles and it was on fire because it was hell and I learned nothing
Former Student
Feb 4, 2023

Worst school ever.

Absolutely worst school I’ve ever attended. Unnecessarily strict, made me black marker the yellow stitching on my docs martens because it “wasn’t pure black shoes” and “didn’t look like leather shoes” even though they are leather. Made me take me second ear lobe piercings out. They always degraded me as I stuttered alot on anxiety. I got a “pink slip” which sends you to the principals office because my hair tie wasn’t black. I was just plain out bullied by students and teachers. I didn’t even learn anything because school values are more important apparently?
Feb 2, 2023

Year 8 student 2023

Highlands is quite a good school some of the facilities ig. Toilets where quite bad with some not even having locks but teachers and students were quite nice 😊
Former Student
Jan 25, 2022

Awesome school!

I really liked this school, Nice facilities, I had great teachers both years. One teacher who helped me the most has got to be Miss Adlam. such an amazing woman. :)
Sep 19, 2020

I'd Recommend this School!

Great School, Teachers are very kind. Wish School Café would open again, Talented Students :)
260A Coronation Avenue, 4310, New Plymouth
Mark Luff
06 758 4162

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