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Nov 1, 2023

End of an Era

This was a top school. But like always with a new principal things get changed and now I would not recommend sending your kids here They are still accepting kids from out of zone even though the school is so over crowded already just with the in zone kids. It's only a small school but they keep trying to squeeze more and more kids into it. Classes are way over crowded and teachers have no control because there are just way too many kids in one class. Students are always hanging around in Ngatea town during school hours and constantly swearing and vaping. Does the school know where these kids are? If I was a parent I would expect my kids to be at school the entire time, not down the road. This school had a great reputation but it won't be long before schools like Thames and Waihi will start to look better which is saying something. It's sad to see my school go down.
Mar 14, 2023


Have asked this question already but comment did not appear. MAy be going there next year. Do you actually HAVE to wear sandals at this school in summer?? And if so, how do the students feel about that?
Feb 22, 2023


lots of negative vibes. many kids vaping in the toilets and around school grounds.
Former Student
Feb 19, 2023

Don’t attend hpc

It is the worst place I’ve ever attended. Not only are the teachers absolutely horrible, they also don’t care about your learning. I left after 2 years of constant tears and am now so much happier where I am. The amount of shit people there are in one place it’s disgusting. The amount of drugs and other horrible things that go on that gets ignored because all the teachers are lazy and “can’t be bothered sorting it out today do you think you can forget about it over the weekend” I hate it and wouldn’t recommend to anyone.
Feb 12, 2023

Kids in year 12 are still unable to do basic multiplication if this doesn’t show the school how it is I don’t know what may

Only a couple flaws of hauraki plains college

Teacher was touching students and students wrote letter to principal but he is still teaching. 14 students got touched inappropriately

All boys have had to use portaloos from mid year 2022 as one student smashed a sink, no progress has been made but they are painting buildings that are new.

school has to many students and not enough resources, heaps of classes have over 35 students and not enough chromebook’s or even seats for kids to sit on.
Feb 5, 2023

Wouldn’t recommend xx

Hopefully new principal is better old one was awful and genuinely just rude to students and you could never have a laugh with her or a normal conversation. Stupidly strict rules like i don’t think a couple extra piercings in my ears are going to distract everyone from their learning (Plus we get service consequences for having more than 1 piercing in) We’re not a private school. Would be lovely if we got treated like normal human beings rather than a heard of cows. We should be treated like kids and we should be allowed to express ourselves. Very outdated school. We’re not even allowed to bring phones to school at all if our bags get searched and they find a phone you’ll get it taken off you for a week + a consequence. 80% of the kids at our school are depressed or have other issues. School should be school not jail. Genuinely have never heard anyone complain about other schools as much as the students at our school complain about the school. The school cares more about their reputation than the actual students and their well-beings. Only person I know that actually cares about our well-beings is the school nurse. The boys at our school have to use portaloos as a punishment for a couple boys messing up their normal bathroom. Love some of the teachers but even some of them have admitted how miserable they are teaching there.
Feb 5, 2023

Would not recommend to others xx

Hopefully new principal is better because the old one was terrible, whenever you’d say good morning as you’d walk past she’d look at you and ignore you. Rules are stupidly strict we’re at school not jail and I don’t think a couple extra piercings in my ear is going to distract everyone from their learning. Not allowed to bring phones to school at all which is pretty unnecessary. School cares more about the reputation then the actual students and their well-beings. Needs to be a little less strict and let kids be kids and express themselves. 80% of the kids at our school are depressed, would be lovely if we could get treated like real humans instead of a heard of cows. Thanks
Former Student
Apr 30, 2021

9/10, could do with less mullets

yeah it's a good school but there are too many boys with mullets. it needs to stop.
Sep 20, 2020

Excellently managed secondary school

I am a senior student and Hauraki Plains College's motto "more than a school" has certainly held true in my experience. The teachers are excellent, career programmes are offered and leadership opportunities exist for students. Although my experience is unique, I feel most pupils have the ability to be successful with the school if they get involved in extracurricular activities such as student council, sports teams etc
2 Kaihere Road, 3503, Ngatea
Ngaire Harris
07 867 7029

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