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Aug 22, 2023

Don't send your girls here...

I attended HGHS from year 9-13. From years 9-11, I was a top excellence student. Heavily involved in extra-curriculars, always asking for extra work. Until my parents divorced. I began failing exams, missing classes. The school offered absolutely no support. In fact, I was basically forgotten. I went from "teacher's pet" to getting away with absolutely anything because no one cared enough to ask why I had changed.
Don't send your girls here.
May 12, 2023

hghs sucks

10/10 would not recommend coming here!!
May 3, 2023

the most honest review ever (2023)

they care about if you have more than one earing than your actual mental health, im in year 10 and my biggest regret is coming here. ive asked to be moved class multiple times and the deans do nothing. the only thing i did enjoy is the community the people here are nice but only when your are year 9 or very smart. dont go to this school if you dont want to feel worthless!!!!! also the canteen is so expensive.
Former Student
Mar 19, 2023


bullying and mental health was not taken seriously. most teachers had no consideration for how students learnt or when they were different. also no where to sit inside that wasn't on the floor during breaks even when raining :/
Dec 2, 2022

Good social, poor standards

The social life is good as there but it doesn't really encourage excellence. in my experience there are lots of opportunities to get involved such as house events, sports, etc and the structuring of tutor/whanau groups makes it easy to make and stay in contact with friends. However, there isn't really a push for excellence and teachers encourage students to achieve rather than excel. We only got 6 scholarships this year compared to Hamilton Boys 70 or so which is very dissapointing to see such a difference between the two schools.
Feb 11, 2022

HGHS review

I am currently year13 at HGHS in my 5th and final year. HGHS has provided me with so many opportunities within sports and academic life. I was able to complete level 2 science a year early and allowed me to excel in other subjects that I thought I’d never get the chance to try out. As a prefect now, I want to make the community realise how much our school has improved and continues to do so. The only reason I give it 4 stars not 5, is because I live at the beach, and coming into Hamilton to spend my days almost kills me not being near the ocean. Other than that, HGHS provides.
Feb 11, 2022

Being at HGHS

I’ve had a lot of fun being involved in the HGHS sports community over the past 4 years. I’ve made a lot of friends and made so many new connections to teachers, coaches and different players from other schools. I think that i’ve grown so much as a person thanks to this school. Just being able to get out of my comfort zone and trying different things that i wouldn’t normally try.
May 18, 2021

fuck hghs honestly

I have been attending Hamilton Girls’ High School since Year 9 and I am now Year 11. My mental health has gone down hill ever since I’ve started going here. The teachers say they’re here for you and will help you if you need. But the next second you’re getting a consequence for having incorrect uniform. Also telling them my problems made me feel even more stressed, and I felt as if I was getting no help at all.
So it is compulsory for Year 9’s to do this thing called song fest in most of the school houses. Song fest is something where you sing and dance, honestly I wouldn’t know because I’ve never turned up. Anyways, my tutor class was forced into song fest even though I am Year 11. I have severe anxiety and hate the feeling of singing in front of others and being on a stage. But I was forced into singing today. Clearly the school does not think about students mental health and put them down for things WAY out of their comfort zone. Either way, I tried my best in the practice even if I was just whispering the words. Then a student running song fest came along. Came
up to me and told me to sing louder. I quote “I CANT HEAR YOU SING LOUDER” as she continues to put her ear up to my mouth. I later on went to morning tea and had a panic attack. I hope nobody sends their daughter here as yes, most classes are decent but a lot of the teachers can’t teach or have favourite students and don’t care about the others. The only thing keeping me here is I do not wish to disappoint my parents by dropping out, and I want an education. But being forced into something like songfest will affect my education greatly as it makes me not want to come to school.
Mar 10, 2021

Not too bad

As long as you know what you want out of the school, you’ll do fine. It’s a matter of which crowd you get into and what kind of environment you surround yourself with. It’s not always ideal to take the bus to school because the transport centre is where most of the bullying and the fights happen. Plus it’s just a negative atmosphere overall at the transport centre. But the leadership opportunities are great there. The teachers haven’t always been the best but there are tons of learning opportunities and learning resources that are great. I would recommend taking a language as usually they get to go overseas. Even the arts department get to go overseas usually. Scholarship opportunities are great here too as they prepare you well in this area. Again, it’s really about who you surround tous with at the end of the day that makes up pretty much most of your high school experience. Students here usually hate our school but at the end of the day, most of us are usually grateful that we go here instead of a terrible school like most of the ones in Hamilton.
Mar 9, 2021


Be Aware: Hamilton Girls High School

Not organised. Very very poor communication, struggle to get messages and notices out have to rely on friends to share the message around. 90% of teachers suck at teaching, give up on students or explain things badly. Due to full class sizes of 31 kids teachers don’t know whats best for each student and may not even bother learning their name. Not many opportunities for students especially junior students as its all aimed at the seniors and too many students in the school. Messy facilities, toilet paper, trash everywhere. However we do have a good selection of classes and options that meet every students interests. We also have a good selection of sports however I signed up for a team and still haven’t heard back from the teacher no information. Schoolwork is repetitive and boring no motivation to go to school. Also lots of drama 24/7 that teachers don’t deal with.

Hghs is in a good location, centre of town close to the Hamilton Lake, bus centre and town. I enjoy going to town afterschool with my friends even if I don’t like them to get frozen cokes.
Former Student
Oct 19, 2020

Very bad

Horrible I was bullied for years.
Sep 29, 2020

It’s alg

Pretty average school with great opportunities for leadership. As there’s no boys, there is no competition for girls trying to get into sport team/student council against male counterparts. School has many different subjects which you can take and many many extra curricular activities for student to meet new people etc.. This is quite a good school, however, the school guidance councillors and nurse are not helpful at all. Not to mention the foul toilets and changing rooms which need a good air out and deep clean. Bullying also seems to be quite a big problem which never seems to be fixed. Other than those things, this school is cool as, especially the yearly ‘shows’ collaborated with hamilton boys high.
Sep 15, 2020

Good if you know what you want

Some teachers are absolute once-in-a-lifetime gems, some have much too big of an ego and are very condescending to their students. Many opportunities to grow and develop your skills, but you must have to choose to want them and force yourself into the effort needed to succeed - they won’t hold your hand and will scarcely encourage you until you’ve already succeeded. Fights frequently occur with no where near enough restriction or punishment for offenders and bullies. Great academics, incredible sports and talented yet often underfunded arts department. Recently changed to remove demeaning names from courses, slowly becoming more forward-thinking. Could use work on supporting minorities within the school.
Sep 12, 2020

Strongly Discourage

Poor educating from majority of teachers however a select few are brilliant. The ones that lack educational skill, 9/10 just decide to give up on a student or get agitated when they cannot grasp a concept the first couple times around. Gross behaviour from students in school and in public. Always drama among the girls 24/7 with no resolving of problems on the school’s behalf. On top of this, bullying is very common. Spotlight is always on the rugby girls and leave next to no attention to other sport codes. I know a total of 2 students of the very many I know that genuinely enjoy attending class at Hamilton Girls High School everyday. Teachers can be disrespectful sometimes but if a student were to retaliate there would be harsh punishment. There is poor communication and promotion of extra curricular activities also. All round poor experience and I have never felt welcome and have never felt I was given the best tools or help to set me up for success at this school.
Sep 3, 2020


The school is ok. I've been going for 4 years now, the education sucks and the people there aren't the nicest but the sports...yeah actually the sports sucks to. I love lunch times though.
Aug 24, 2020

Don't come here

Terrible, bullies aren't delt with teachers don't care and the facilities are gross
Ward Street, 3204, Hamilton
Marie Gordon
07 839 1304

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